The Green Dragon of Hope

Last time we welcomed baby Hope into the family, and she’s insta-heiress unless a future spare has what it takes to be Good before Hope is an adult.  Hetal and Hysteria had a wedding at the bar downtown, and Baal died during the family’s gift giving party, but the Gods of Thunder and Lightning said NO and blew out a transformer or something near my house and Baal got a second chance.  At the second gift giving party he didn’t die, and he’s stuck around since then.1Justice: *Checks Pulse* “Yeah, he’s still breathing.”

When I’m not doing anything specific with the girls, I keep an eye on Baal.  I guess his close death encounter has made me extra attentive to him.2Hetal: “The oath must be fulfilled, as you owe me your first born child.”

Dee Dee: “Piss off, Hetal, I owe you nothing and will burn you alive if I catch you so much as looking at my child wrong.”
3Hetal: “Whoa that was mean.  I thought you good bitches aren’t supposed to be all violent and stuff.”

Dee Dee: “Maybe my wife can’t but when it comes to my baby I don’t care.  You want a baby so damn badly, why don’t you go make one?  You got a partner now.”

Hetal: *Sob* “You know what, I think I will.”4And so Hysteria and Hetal hokey pokeyed and turned it all around in the igloo again.5Agony across town cannot make her mind up with what she wants.

Agony: “Oof, hot UILF make me wanna slap my baby daddy”

Denied, bye.6Hysteria: “Knocking out potions left and right!  Justice will never catch up to me now!”

Great.  One more want down towards my ultimate goal of getting rid of that fucker.

Hysteria: “…I want to make another one.”

Fuck off.7Justice: “I’d love to have a turn on the potions station, but I am afraid if I put Baal down or have him leave my site for a second, the grim reaper will swoop in and I’ll never see my boy again.”

Baal: “That’s sweet of you and all, but your carpool is here for work, you know.”8Justice: “NEVER!  I will never let you go!  They will have to pry you off my cold dead body, for I have superglued you to my side, forever and ever.”

Baal: “Ok, now you’re getting a bit obsessed with keeping me alive…”

Justice: “YOU CANNOT LEAF ME I mean leave”9Hetal: “I demand the blood of the first born…”

Justice: “And I demand a BMW but we all can’t have what we want now can we”10Hetal: “Please, I want a snack”

Justice: “This witch for real”11Hetal: “Screw what my wife said, I’m sealing the ring in this wall painting for safe keeping forever and ever.”

Dee Dee: “Should I summon a yeti to steal Hetal away so she’d leave my nursery alone?  Awfully considering it…”
12Justice: “Our child will be safe long enough for us to make a spare.  You know, just in case something DOES happen to our little Hope.”

Dee Dee: “Don’t worry about that, I cursed the crib for a while to turn anyone who goes near it into a gnat.  She will definitely be safe.”13Hysteria: “Just going to bang on this broken sink for a while so I can’t hear my nasty cousin in there hitting it with her wife.”

Smart thinking.14Hysteria: *Grumble* “All that stupid military training and what do I get out of it?  The need to be tidy and neat all the damn time.  I want to build a rocket to blow up the capital, but what do I have to do first?  Mop up piss in my own bathroom!  This sucks.”15You got more to mop up in a minute, Hysteria.


Yeah, I’m sure you think so.16Justice: “DANG IT!  Dee Dee!  The witch got our baby!”

Hetal: “Your puny curses do not work on me.  None the less.  You’re lucky, peon.  The baby pooped and I’m not eating a stinky diaper.”

Would be nice if you actually changed it then.17Across town, Arwing got married to one of my best friend’s in IRL sims.

Honestly, I’m not sure who got the worst end of the deal here.18Tyrone found love too, in the form of a sim that was married previously to another friend’s sim who apparently left him the day after their wedding to be with Tyrone.

Got to have something her husband did not to make her change her mind THAT fast.19Justice: “Hi I’m here to…. congradulate you……. please don’t eat me….”

Arwing: “I don’t eat, I FUSE”20Justice: “Please Mrs. Arwing, let me go!  I got a family to take care of!!”

Arwing: “The air is tasty today”21Toaster: “Why the fuck are you running THIS way?!  Get out while you can.  The other way is the exit.”

Justice: “OH”

Tyrone: “I WANT A MCGRIDDLE”  22Oh god, who’s child did they kidnap this time.

Arwing: “Color it with some paint, people will think it’s ours and we’ll have enough people to start a traveling circus.”

Tyrone: “I name him Beef Burrito.”23Back at the house.

Hetal: “I’m not allowed to eat the baby, I don’t know what to do!  I’m starving here!”

Hysteria: “Order a pizza and stop bitching already.  You’re not the one missing strips of skin now are you…”24Most wedding gifts that were in the mailbox were boring paintings and such.  Malcolm however felt the need to send a whole dragon egg.


Granted he’s Dee Dee ex-roomate and friend, I’m giving the egg to Justice as it was probably for their wedding.
25Justice: “Oh!  Who left this thick cucumber in my floor?!  Its so cute!”26The camera panned over.  You know what time it is.

Peace: “Yeah I know what time it is… definetely don’t like it though.”27Happiness: “I sense… my SON!  MY SON IS D-were you watching me sleep again, Peace?”

Peace: “Uh, I might have been?  Doesn’t matter now though, I can see through my own body.”28Happiness: “WAAAH MY SON MY BABY MY BUNDLE OF JOY LAST LIVING CHILD OF MY LIFE”

Death: “Hurry up I have a date at Red Lobster in 25 minutes.”

And so ended the life of Gen 3 Peace Fallen.  Good sim.  Never found his alien daughter, and I will always regret that.  29Justice: “I came as fast as I could!”


Wrath: “hmmm…… death….”30Happiness: “SOB!  HE WAS THE BEST THING I EVER PUT IN THIS WORLD”


Only the important things with these guys.31Justice: “Oh I miss him already!  He never got to meet his grandchild or anything.”

Happiness: “I guarentee he’s watching over here now as we speak.  I’m sure he would be thrilled with his granddaughter.”32Happiness: “Uh I take it back.  She’s not really all that thrilling.”

Justice: “Jeez, THANKS, grandfather.”

Peace came to be with Justice and all while he’s grieving the loss of his child.35Happiness: “This hallway has helped me find my inner harmony.”

Dee Dee: “Who is this fool in my house”

Not sure Dee Dee has ever really properly met Justice’s family other than seeing them at the wedding.

You never MET him

Baal: “Yep, he ghost now.  Can’t wait to see THAT one haunting the refrigerator now.”
37OOPS the egg fell over38Ramiel: “SIKE I just hatched, hello.”

This is Ramiel, which I specifically named after the Angel of Hope, so when Hope is old enough, this is her dragon.
39Ramiel: *Dies*

Justice: “Well that’s a shame.”

Gnome in the corner: “Lol don’t care”
40Hetal: “I feel my sexy corset is getting tight.  I must be with child!”

Hysteria: “K”

And so begin’s the fifth generation of evil.41Justice: “We all know what the purple dragons are able to summon, so let’s see what kind of power the green ones can do!”42Justice: *Is murdered by lightning*

Just kidding, Ramiel actually summoned a ruby gemstone.43Hetal: “Someone locked us in the nursery and won’t let us out!  Please!  I will force myself to pee all over the floor if you don’t open the door!”

Happiness: “I just want to go to the back yard and play in hot coals and I can’t do that :(“44Hetal: “Dee Dee I’m warning you I WILL eat this baby if you don’t open the door!”

Happiness: “We’re all going to die in here.  Is this how it all ends?”

The door was “jammed” because of a gnome, but I had long moved him out of the way and he’s still “blocking” the door.45Happiness: “Well if I’m dying at least I guess to die with a cute babe like you.”


I ended up moving the door.46Dee Dee popped and a spare baby is on the way!

Baal: “Sad 4 Peace, cry”47Hysteria: “She popped AGES ago!  Now all she’s doing is hogging the bathroom.”

Dee Dee: “What me?  Aw, now why would I do a little thing like that? :)”

That smirk on your face, Dee Dee you’re doing that on purpose!!48Hysteria: “This can’t be, this CAN’T be!  I’m the matriarch, I can’t have my first fail be like this!!  I can’t have this mark on my record!  I could just die!!”

Dee Dee: “Then perish”

Dee Dee, DON’T be so smug about this, jeez…49Hysteria: “So I came to the conclusion while I was considering pummeling your wife, that the reason I won’t take a photo with you for the wall is because I don’t fucking know you.”

Justice: “That’s true I think… I don’t recall a time you have actually ever talked to me.”

Hysteria: “Yeah. So, hi, my name is Hy-I mean Agony and I live here.”

Justice: “Yay budding friendship!”50Oh NO, don’t you two do this to me like this.

Justice: “Sexy, but oh no my poor father”51Hysteria: “Oh fucking hell, she’s hot”

Never talk to her ever again, that is your distant COUSIN.52In the end there were no “what’s your sign” wants or whatever, and the photo was taken.

Hysteria: “Nice.  I look good in here.  I look good in every photo, either way.  Now that that was done, never talk to me ever again, Justice.”

Justice: “Sad beans.”53It was hung up next to the potion station to commemorate the one time our heiress’ talked to each other for the first and probably only time in the house.


Good Hope

1Hetal: “Oh the evil things I’m going to do to this shitty wallpaper…”

Baal: “Hello new house resident.  I’m glad to meet your acquaintance.  While I have your attention, may I ask you something that has been on my mind lately?  …Do you think gasoline is vegan?”

Last chapter Hysteria forced Hetal to grow up since it could be another week or two before she finally became an adult.  Knowing my luck she was probably due for a birthday in a day or two but it’s behind us now.  She’s an adult, and Hysteria already got her to move in so have fun with Baal’s stupid questions, Hetal.

Dee Dee got pregnant, and now Hetal and Hysteria are engaged, so now the ball is really rolling at the Fallens now.2Hetal: “Hey fat girl.  You want to see me bounce this head of lettuce on my butt?”

Dee Dee: “Can’t hear you, too busy getting a migraine from these kitchen colors.  Maybe some other time.”3Hetal: “Ugh whatever.  I don’t have to eat this lowly ass salad.  I can conjure my own food, from thin air.  That’s more than you non-witch losers can do, isn’t it?!”

Dee Dee: “Actually can relate, just don’t care.”

Justice: “Don’t worry, I’m making a salad with no booty tossing involved in making it!”
4Justice: “Do baby like salad?”

Dee Dee: “I actually may have died a bit on the inside, I haven’t moved from this spot for a few hours now.”5Justice: “Now that my wife has been fed, time to achieve my dream of mixing chemicals and not burning alive.”

Dee Dee: “Please don’t die over there, love.”

Hetal: “Nah actually, please do die.  This salad tastes even worse than my ass salad.”6Justice: “I DID IT!  I finally DID IT!  I have never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life!  I still have to do my other wish of creating a specific horror potion but this is great!  Now I can wish for anything else!”7And she wishes for the ancient curse that is a new trampoline.

Nothing like bouncing around in the frozen yard at night in your wedding dress!8Justice: “And then I wished to play chess, and here we are now, love!”

Dee Dee: “I see, but what in the world is wrong with this board?  Is this a manufacturing error?”9Justice: “Oh don’t be silly, this is Chess 2!  It’s chess, but with a new rule book, new pieces like Rook 2, Pawn 2, Queen with a Gun, and a whole new board for all around family fun!”

Dee Dee: “Can’t say I’m having fun.”10The next morning, the family awoke to discover something.

Justice: “zzzmmmph, is it that I never wake with morning breath?  Mmmm, my shiny teeth ‘n me, zzzzz, (shiny teeth shiny teeth)”11Dee Dee: “NO, THE BABY IS ON ITS WAY, HURRRRN”


Just don’t look at it and it will be fine.

For the record, I don’t even really check on that side of the street anymore, because as smooth as my game is right now, every time I go over there it chokes up.  I scroll through their icons to check on them every so often to see if they aren’t holding in pee or not sleeping, but so far, as long as they are good, I leave the lot alone.13Hysteria: “Welcome back.  The fuck is that.”

Dee Dee: “This would be our new baby.  I would introduce but it’s cold outside and I must go in and keep her warm.”14Hysteria: “Humph.  This is what I think of you and your newborn baby.”

Dee Dee: “I do not like you.”15New baby time!  This is baby Hope Fallen, baby 1 of Gen 5 of the legacy!

She is a loner and a heavy sleeper so far, and her favorites are R&B, pancakes, and the color grey.  So far not much, but she is a witch.16Baal: “And for her I will protect her with my LIFE!”

Baal is a really good dog.17Alex: “Bah humbug.  The Christmas season.  Can’t stand this mess.  If they think I’m going to put in extra effort this holiday season, they can forget it.”

Define effort.

Frida: “Hey.  Ghost of Christmas Present here.  I don’t really have to show you a damn thing, but considering how much of a crappy person you are I’m just going to smack you in the head with this ugly bench.”18Alex: *Has been smacked*

Serenity: “Ugh.  You know, this is your fault Sabrina.  You let a trashy skank of a maid into this house after all.”

Alice: “That’s Sabrina’s fault?  Wow, what a dumbass.”

Sabrina: “How is the dead hooker maid MY fault?!”19The party is a gift giving party!  Which Justice wanted and now that they work I’m fine with having.20Justice: “As much as I really wanted this party, everyone come open presents!  I’m tired and gonna go on and go to bed as soon as possible, but you guys get started!”

Jin: “Where are my grandchildren?!  The ones the ugly mean pink one promised?!”

Justice: “Uh…”21Jin: “I am here to teach them the ways of the ho.”

Justice: “What”

Malcolm: “Alice, I’m scared”22Justice: “Well, I’m just going to go first after all, and see what you got me for the holidays, so you can go home, Serenity.”

Agony: “Is she still doing that passing out thing at the sign of ghosts?  Lame.”23Justice: “Wow!  A whole Playstation 4!  Thanks Serenity!  You’re the best big sister ever!”

Serenity: *Is out*

And then, BAAL DIED

But instantly 2.4 seconds later MY POWER WENT OUT

so we return back to before Hope was born, and Baal gets a second chance!24It was only a couple days so I’m not completely burned about it.  Though I was planning Hysteria’s and Hetal’s wedding on the same day Justice wanted a gift giving party, so I went ahead and had the wedding the day before Hope is due.

Not wanting the same thing as Justice and Dee Dee, Hysteria held hers at the bar when she and Hetal had their first “date”.

Hysteria: “This layout is acceptable.”25Hetal: “Mother.  I’m glad you could make it to my big day.  I am dressed in a stolen dress, drenched in the blood of my enemies.”

Dee Dee: “Actually I donated it to her since I didn’t use it and she colored it with a sharpie but I’m not in this shot so whatever.”

I’m really liking Jin’s stockings.26Jin: “Bye.  I’ll watch the video when you guys put it on YouTube.”

Hetal: “Mom… why, you’re my only friend…”

She was also the only one invited.27Hysteria: “Forget her.  We can destroy her life later.  Today it’s just about you and me.”

Hetal: “Oh my beloved.  I have been awaiting this day since I grew up, like two nights ago.”28Justice: “Oh… so sleepy.  I still haven’t had a chance to take a nap and I’m about to pass out…”

Hysteria: “You RUIN my wedding, and I will RUIN your life, Justice!  You better whip out that moodlet manager RIGHT NOW!”29Justice: *Whips it*

Hysteria: “That’s what I THOUGHT”30Justice doesn’t need to ruin the wedding.  Hetal can do that for us.

Hetal: “Halfway to the altar I decided that snack time is more important, be right back”

Hysteria: “NO!  I will not tolerate distractions!  My wedding will be just as successful as Justice’s and there will be NO hang-ups!”31Hysteria: “Uh, Hetal?  The fuck?”

Hetal: “Yeah, it’s lame.  More or less when my mom left the party was over.  Isn’t that something shitty?”

Hysteria: “UM.  NO??”32Hysteria: “Here’s the deal.  We are still having our wedding, party with your shitty mother or not.  And if you keep ignoring my asks to come to the altar, they’ll be picking little Hetal bits out of the back dumpster for weeks.”

Justice: “So violent…”

Belinda: “WHO’S CATERING”33Hetal: “Grumble grumble.  Fine I’m here.”

Hysteria: “Of course.”

Justice: “Tell me when you guys are starting.  I’m learning how to make buttered toast!”

Dee Dee: “Hun, just come sit down.”34Hysteria: “And til death due us part-”

Hetal: “There will be no death.  After our souls leave this mortal coil, you are forever bound to me by the will of the Dark Coven Lord himself.”

Hysteria: “Even hotter!”

Dog: “Pardon me for intruding but I NEED SNACK”

Justice: “Aw, you poor puppy… if only I knew a potion that could help you in this circumstance… speaking of potions, I never finished the first want and must go back to doing that want ALL OVER AGAIN”35And with that, perfect wedding fini-

Ashley: “SPliiiiiiiiiit peAAAAA souuuUUUUuuuppp”

This wedding was a trainwreck, moving on.36Hetal, now an offical Fallen, is evil, great kisser, clumsy and has no sense of humor.  When she grew up she became a computer whiz (so fitting), and her LTW is The Tinkerer.  That’ll be up to her whether she gets it or not (she won’t)

I kept her look as close to a witchy motif as I could, and let her keep her Wicked Witch of the East stockings but replaced her ruby slippers with some ruby shit stompers.

Hetal: “More comfy than some outdated slippers anyway.”

Now that that has been established, back to wish granting, as Justice has to get back to getting that potion wish out of her want panel.36Justice: *Already standing in the corner where she belongs*

Hopeless, absolutely hopeless.37Baal is still alive so far, kicking back and enjoying life 🙂


Dee Dee: “If the couch wasn’t as ugly as this whole room is, I would be completely miffed.”38Someone pray tell what I’m fucking looking at.

Hetal: “Sexiness thank you very much.”

Eunice: “Bye, I’m shoving myself in the stove now.”
39Eunice: “Oh wow, I found waffles in there!  I guess the afterlife isn’t so bad after all.”

They were actually left in there when Dee Dee ran out to birth the baby. I didn’t realize she forgot them in the stove, so in retrospect, you may have saved lives today, Eunice.  Thank you!

Eunice: “Fuck.”40Dee Dee: “I’m back with the baby, and it’s good to see the house didn’t burn down (I guess).  Baal, meet Hope, again!  This time she likes soul music, vegetarian fish and chips (nasty), and her favorite color is green.  Boring.  However, this time she is perceptive and good, and because she’s good, she’s heiress unless a good sibling is born!”

Baal: “Just sit her on the floor over there and I’ll still watch over her with my life and all, but this couch has got to GO”41Hysteria: *Surplexs an innocent snowman*42Justice: “So glad to have you in my life, Hope.  You’re the greatest thing I have ever made, even above that potion I made in another life!”

Justice is going to be great at parenthood.
43She wanted a party again, so back to where we were to start with *Saves game*

Jin: *Really determined to hoe it up* “Ok, where are those grandbabies?”

Hetal: “Look mom.  After what you did at my wedding, I assure you.  You will never see your future grandbabies as long as I live.”44Dee Dee: “Oooh, I sure hope I get an actual winter coat for my gift!”

*No one caring*45Dee Dee: “Ugh, why me?!  This dress is cursed!!”


GO TO THE BATHROOM46Dee Dee: *Crumples on the floor instead*

Pip: “I may not be invited, but who’s the party crashing cat?”

Jax: “I’m just here for gifts like the rest of y’all.  Meow.”

It’s my simself’s roommate’s cat, of whom I think followed my simself.  47Dee Dee: “Look!  Two pets came to our party!  Hello sweet babies!  You are welcome to our party!”

Pennie: *Barreling in from left field*

Jax: “What?  Fuck off.”48Dee Dee: “Oops, I stood up too fast, because it all rushed out at once… Maybe no one can tell from how thick the wedding dress is…”49Agony: “What the hell.  You smell like piss.”

Malcolm: “Dee Dee?  Did you really have to eat asparagus and ruin Christmas?”

Dee Dee: “We just going to ignore the pets pummeling the lives out of each other on the carpet?  Yea?”50Agony: “Look at what has happened.  My dog has died for your holiday party in exchange for Baal not dying this go around.  Are you bastards happy now?!”

Dee Dee: “Now that I think about it, I may not have washed this dress from the first time I wet myself in it.  Mmm, musty.”51Hysteria: “Uh excuse you all but who’s cat is this?”

Jax: “I know the bitch isn’t thinking about me.”

Well maybe stop being broken.

Serenity: “Mm, thanks for the fruity pebbles, guys”52Now that I’m looking at the pets, Pennie looks like Baal almost, in several ways.

Agony: “I didn’t get to have much when I moved out of the family.  Hysteria took everything from me, even Baal, so I have to settle for this Chinese bootleg.”

She is still cute though.52Justice: “I feel pukey now, and it’s not from the strong smell of piss in the room.”

Sabrina: “Of course you do.  Stay away from me, I got work in the morning.”53Jax: “GREAT PARTY!  HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!”

Haley: “Glad you are, cat.  Because I sure as hell ain’t.”54Baal: “Um, hello?”

Pennie: “Hello new friend!  I love what you’ve done to your home!  It’s so cozy, and the half eaten couch is such a nice touch in your living room!”

Baal: “Oh, thanks!  I worked hard on it.”56.jpgJustice: “They’re appearance really is uncanny.  Are you sure they aren’t related?”

Agony: “Kinda.  After all all of Baal’s children and grandchildren and so on died in the fire pit that was Hidden Springs eons ago.”

Dee Dee: “That’s depressing.  Maybe one of his offspring actually survived after all, and it’s Pennie!”

I love to think about it that way.55Baal: “Never use sprinkler water to drink from because they put chemicals in there so whenever they want you to forget about political conspiracies, they activate the chemicals to make you forget!  This is how the Oligarchy stays in power!”

Pennie: “And never trust birds of prey!  They’re really government drones designed to keep an eye on you in case you become woke to those conspiracies, and that’s how the FBI find you!  Eye in the sky, they fly up high!”

Baal: “Wow you really are my daughter!!  My child! ;-;”

Justice: “Aw, they like each other :)”57Baal: “And there she goes, out in the world, I’ll probably never see her again, but I hope life is good to her.”

Jax: “Come on, before I wreck your ass again.”

Pennie: “Yes sir.”58Justice didn’t get the game console this go around, but Hysteria got one gnome and five guitars from this.

Hysteria: “Originally I was pissed but now I have many replacements to bash over people’s heads every time I break one.”

Silver lining.
59And finally caught up from the black out.  This time Baal lived, so he can at least sleep one more day by his master’s side where he’s fond of sleeping these days.60Baal: “Actually I can’t sleep.  Something’s keeping me up…”

Uh, forgetting to die maybe?

Baal: “I forgot to warn Pennie about the chemicals they put in our chicken too…”

Just go to sleep.

Grow Up


Just, why

Jaime: “What?  She has a sweet personality…”2Last chapter, Justice and Dee Dee got married.  Dee Dee peed herself, and the party was “ok” but its fine, its whatever.

Here’s Dee Dee’s family card, she is a good, friendly schmoozer, and she’s excitable and childish.  The LTW is Heartbreaker but nah that ain’t happening.  Say bye bye to your chance at thottyness, Dee Dee.

She’s also a witch but according to her in-game bio, she and/or her roommates seem unaware of her witchyness?  Like they’re big supernatural nerds looking for fairies and vampires and don’t seem to know that one of their own is a witch?  Or maybe they know and don’t care?  Or Dee Dee knows and won’t say?  Or maybe Dee Dee doesn’t even know herself??  She sure don’t act like she knows.

Her original household seems interesting to me now, like it’s one of those you-further-the-plot kind of adventures, but right now we’re focusing on our Fallen legacy and all she’s here for is babies and dying.

Dee Dee: “Yay!!”
3Hysteria: “Bullshit.  I have to soak in a Chucky Cheese bathroom while my mother gets this luxury set up.  Ugh.  I’ll give her credit for posting our photo of our only interaction in here to look at, so maybe I won’t stuff her body in a vent just yet.”4Speaking of photos, I gotta catch up on family photos for this generation.  For some reason Hysteria will NOT get in the booth with Justice for shit, so I moved one into this house to see if that changed anything?  It doesn’t.

Hysteria just doesn’t want that sentimental shit I guess.5Doesn’t stop Dee Dee and Justice tho.6Justice: “Well, I don’t recall a mole on that buttcheek!”

Dee Dee: “Is this witch stuff?  What is magic?  How broomstick?”7Hysteria: “I refuse to get in that nasty photo booth now that my cousin has ruined it.  And I turn away from this lovely kitchen that my mother so obviously abuses with her shitty cooking.”

You do nothing here, go home.8Justice: “I like chilling here.  A great honeymoon location!  How many sims do you know even get honeymoons at all?!”

Nothing like a snowy winter pool dip, though the pool bar is nice.  Almost worth the hypothermia.9Dee Dee: “I will give you guys credit.  You took a dead empty plot of land and turned it into the most bumpin’ honeymoon resort this town could have asked for.  Honestly how did you do all this WITHOUT magic?”

Happiness: “Uh?  I’m rich?  I guess?  And this isn’t a resort, this is our bathroom.  Please, let me poo.”10How’s the house going, Alex?

Alex: “Uh, I threw out a bag of, I think, leaves?”

I guess that will do for now.  I suppose you’re doing enough work to live one more day.11Baal is a little lonely, but he’s holding down the fort well so far.

Baal: “I’m on an aDvEnTuRe!”

You’re happy, that’s what matters.12Hysteria is really fond of her graduation gown.

Hysteria: “I really want to make money with this broom riding shit.  Not sure what spurred it on, but if I can make a buck out of this, then how hard can it possibly be?”13*Instantly impaled on spiky fantasy tree*14Hysteria: “Can’t say I enjoyed getting spiked in the head by a tree.  When does people start paying me to do this again?”

Secret skill I suppose?15Doreen: “You are like baby.  Watch this.”

Rick: “My mother-in-law may be a bitch but she’s bar none when it comes to showing off on a broomstick.”

Hysteria: “I’m calling a hit man for one-uping me like this.”16Hetal: “Hello”

Hysteria: “Bitch get in here”17Hysteria: “When are you EVER going to grow up?!”

Hetal: “Well you see I got a lot on my plate before graduation and I still have a major finals test coming up, and I have been putting off a paper on Millard Fillmore for like 4 months, and its due in like 3 days, and I really just don’t want to write a five page paper on some old president, and then there’s prom-“18Hysteria: “I don’t have TIME for this!  Justice and her wife are making babies and furthering their legacy as we SPEAK!  I will not be shown up like this, so you’re going to take this potion and grow the fuck up already!”19Hetal: “But… why… stripping me of my youth so quickly… I have so much still left to enjoy in my life… I wanted to graduate with my classmates, and go to prom, and I don’t even get to have my birthday party…”

Hysteria: “FINNNEEE.  I’ll throw you a party.”20Hysteria: “Weee.  Happy birthday, birthday girl, happy birthday to you.”

Doreen: “Congratulations!  You’re old enough to pay for my social security!  I’m so happy for you!”

Rick: “Or you’re old enough to commit tax fraud just to spite this bitch!  Even better!! Woo!!”21Hysteria: “Oh fuck she’s hot”22Hysteria: “Anyone tell you you fine, lil mama”

Hetal: “That’s the kindest thing anyone has ever said about me”

Doreen: “Lol that’s gross”
23Meanwhile across town Agony birthed a baby behind her trailer.

Agony: “That was quick.  I guess its because its a vampire baby I was able to pop her out so early??  Imma name her Renesmee.”

No you ain’t.24Hysteria took Hetal out on a date that was 80% ice skating on the river, because it’s what she wanted.

Hetal: *Breaks down into a party rock shuffle*25Hysteria: “She’s a show off.  I shall updo her by drilling a hole through the ice and drown.”

She already left and went to work.26Meanwhile back at the house Dee Dee is now pregnant.

As exciting as it is, Happiness and Wrath is HEART FARTING SOMEWHERE IN THE HOUSE27Happiness: “I got to admit, your Queen Bee theme you got going on is really doing it for me.”

DATS DISGUSTING28Wrath: “You know what’s hot, that leftover mac ‘n cheese in the fridge.  Bye boy.”

Happiness: “FINE.  Leave me like everyone else.  Women can be so fickle.”

Didn’t you know, Happiness?  The way through a woman’s heart is her stomach, and if you keep macking up with your cousin the way to your heart is going to be a steak.

Wrath: “Mmmm, steak~”29Justice: “This is the day, that I FINALLY complete this lifelong wish of mine!  I will finish this potion today, I swear on it!!”30Justice: “FECAL MATTER”

Alex: “Scoot over, you’re paying me with that grilled cheese today.”31Alex: “I also want this ice cream.  And my regular $125.  Naturally.”

Dee Dee: “Did you EVEN do anything today besides brush your teeth in our garden again?”

Alex: “Bitch you saw nothing and therefore know nothing of what I’ve done today.”

Guys, the fish is dead you guys are USELESS32Justice: “Sigh, such a sad end to such a short life.  I will give you a fitting funeral down our toilet.”33Justice: “Oof, that chicken parmesan hit me awfully hard all of a sudden”

I’m sure the fish appreciates the send off.34She was replaced with a green goldfish with dropsy.

Goldfish bowl decor: *Ready to pop the fish like a balloon*
35Hetal: “Housemaid.  I demand dim sum every morning by my bedside.  And it has to be the proper temperature, I don’t like it cold, and if it’s too hot I will turn you into a toad.”

Dee Dee: “I am not the housemaid.”

Hetal: “Like I really care.”

While they are getting to know each other, LOOK, someone built an igloo. 36Hysteria: “Who cares who made it.  Hetal!  Get your ass in here.”

Hetal: “WEEEE”37Romantic.

Igloo: *Repetitive Roblox OOF sound on repeat*
38Pretty sure I know who built the igloo.

Dee Dee: “The baby likes it when I build fun sculptures in the snow.”

*Distant snow humping sounds*39Hysteria: “Now that we are done ruining Dee Dee’s igloo, time for a fun date night, MOVE IT YOU LOSERS I’m on a date.”

Hetal: “Sure enjoying this night out!”40I don’t think any sims in my game even really participate with the Showtime expansion anymore.

Bill: “I just don’t want to sell my land to anyone wanting to build a strip mall on my land :(“41Hysteria: “Sell the land!  Give us something worthwhile!”

Hetal: “Sell it or I will place a plague curse on your house!”

Bill: *Distant sobbing*

This lot wasn’t fun.
42Hysteria: “This lot is more fun.  No people, not much to do, but it’s 3 am, what can ya do about it.”

Hetal: “Focus on what you’re doing.  You aren’t sculpting the snowman properly and if he falls over on me I’ll feed you to a shark.”

Hysteria: “Mmph you’re hot when you threaten me.”43Hetal: “Ah, the full moon is so lovely tonight… Doesn’t it just make you want to grab a broomstick and fly across country placing curses on beautiful women?”

Hysteria: “That’s stupid because then you would be placing a curse on yourself!”

Hetal: “Oh~”
44Hysteria: “You got that rocking bod and you’re the only girl that’s on my level.  Marry me and we’ll curse this whole land, beautiful or not!”

Hetal: “AAAH WHO WOULD HAVE SEEN THIS ENGAGEMENT COMING”45Hetal: “It’s glorious.  I will make it my next horcrux and place it in a cave in the highest mountain guarded by the largest golem.”

Hysteria: “Or just keep it on your finger.”

Hetal: “That too.  It is nicer there.”

46She’s so emotional she doesn’t know what to do with herself!!

Literally.  Bitch trying to crash my game.47Hysteria: “Glad she’s happy.  I’m gonna spend the next 5 hours on snowboarding wants.  Leave me alone.”

Happy to do so.48This was the remainder of their date.  As long as they are happy it’s all good.49Justice: “What?  I’m not doing anything.  Just chilling by the front door.  Behaving.”


Seriously, the second those wants fuck off that potion table is going away forever.50Ending the chapter with the upcoming baby’s nursery, created out of the spare unused bathroom upstairs.  Very bubblegummy.

Haunted Breakfast

1Last chapter, which was just posted only a few days ago (AMAZING, A RECORD), Dee Dee and Justice started dating.  Justice threw a holloween party to propose to Dee Dee at, but her father caught the kitchen on fire.  Dee Dee said yes to the proposal afterwards.

Hetal: “Grrrjkalghwegow”

Can you stop being a zombie and grow up for once.  Literally.2Justice: “I have no friends, and I would very much like to have a successful bachelorette party!  Let’s get to know each other, and maybe hang out sometime? :)”

Sabrina: “Did I give you permission to just walk into my house.”

Justice: “Haha, you did!  You forced it, actually!”

So apparently Happiness doesn’t know everyone (at least not the ones I recently added) so I made Justice at least go know them.  Or all who was home.  It was just me.
3And back at the house, Dee Dee got a makeover after moving into the house.

Dee Dee: “I hope this doesn’t look too gaudy.  I want Justice to think it’s cute.”

I’m really digging that hair.4Hysteria: “Why am I constantly cleaning up this nasty ass laundry!  I want to go out and do something bad, dammit!  I can’t do evil deeds while I’m picking up dirty clothes!  Get me a maid!”

And so we did.5Alex: “Oh god please let me bang your dad”

I hate her already.6Hysteria: “Your primary duties while under my command is laundry duty.  If I so much as find a pair of crusty panties under the fridge I will disembowel you and leave you for the werewolves.”

Alex: “Lol k”7Alex: “Can’t clean when I myself ain’t clean.  This dirty mouth do things that make teeth brushing top priority.”8Alex: “Alright sluts I’m done for the day.  Y’all owe me $125 and free lunch, so later skanks.”

Oh you are so going to die.9Sabrina: “I’m here.  I don’t BOYB so there better be snacks available.”

Justice: “I forgot all about snacks, Sabrina!  You see our beloved cat, sniff, Ariel, she’s dead!”

Sabrina: “Don’t be like this the whole party, I’ll leave with whatever you have in your fridge.”
10In the end the only other person that bothered to show up was this Patty chick.  No one else bothered to show but Oakley Bean, who took two steps on the porch, changed her mind and left.  So fugg’em.11Dee Dee: “I want to stant out here and hide in the outhouse, yall have fun.”

Naw, you getting involved, it’s your bachelorette party too!12Justice: “And because it’s your bachelorette party, I would like you to do the honors and give the toast if you could, please?”

Dee Dee: “Uh huh.  The Sabrina girl said she wouldn’t do it, didn’t she.”

Justice: “Yah, she’s eating all our Applebees leftovers now as we speak.”13Dee Dee: “As we all stand here today, I would like to remind everyone that if Justice doesn’t shave her arms, she looks like a wooly bully.”

Justice: *In the tiniest whisper* “the cat died”14Sabrina: “Yeah I’m just here to let you guys know y’all outta cheese now.”

The topiary enjoyed the speech.15Justice: “Yeaaaaah, drench me bb”

They can have fun on their own on their own bachelorette party.  They don’t need me.16You guys weren’t invited.

Happiness: *Sobs because he dug his old monkey suit out for this occasion just to get chased off*

Peace: “Nooo, the cat, the CAT”17Justyne: “I know you set me tables in the living room specifically to prevent me from doing something stupid like dancing in the bathroom, but who can resist a magic Red Rider Wagon in the back of this musty, wet, and empty backyard?!”

She has kind of a point but at the same time screw you.18Justice: “Mmph yeah ain’t she a work of art, dear?”

Dee Dee: “I got to go salvage the remains of our groceries in the fridge.”
19Peace: “Haha I found my way inside anyway, time to boogie!”

Sabrina: “He’s a safety hazard.”20Sabrina: *Breaks down into emotional sobbing, probably mid-life crisis related lol*

Peace: “Gurl u ok”21Sabrina: “Ok its over, I’m fine being 28 or whatever”

Peace: *His turn to sob because it’s contagious*22Justice: “I am now in my official trooper uniform because if you take one more item out of our fridge I will taze and arrest you for theft :)”

Sabrina: “Bitch”

Justice: “Rate my party 10 out of 10 on Survey Monkey please”23Finally, it’s starting to look like an actual bachelorette party in here.

Patty: “Patty do not do dance of celebration.”

Then leave bitch.24Just as the party begins, it ends.  Thanks Marlena.

Marlena: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single body do this much moving, even in my life!  Amazing.”25Sabrina: “Why does she always have to RUIN EVERYTHING!  I hate her so much, Justice!”

Justice: “Yeahhh, I know… I’ve considered getting a priest to exorcise her, or at least moving the tombstone to the junk yard…”26Sabrina: “Don’t you mean the graveyard?”

Justice: “Nah, no graveyard will take her, she’s been banned from every one of them from here to Twinbrook.”

Wrath: “Speaking of, that reminds me, I have to go take my weekly piss in her skull.  Later guys.”27Hysteria: “I can’t keep doing this anymore!  I want to smuggle, rob and murder, why do I keep wishing for wash, rinse and repeat!  I don’t want to do anymore LAUNDRY!  I want to kill people, like Alex!  I’ll join the criminal career finally if it ends my misery!”28So finally she did.

The criminal hideout here is also the local theater.  Not sure what kind of hideout that is though.  Between showings of Frozen 2 and Spiderman 29, there’s a crime family smuggling fentanyl I guess.29Justice: “Really want to have a great wedding but I got to get these potions wants out of my head.  If I really PUT MYSELF into my work, anything can be accomplished!”

If you think severing your torso will help.

She’s never going to complete any of these wants.31Hysteria: “Y’all overcrowding my already ugly ass living room.  I can’t sleep with all you guys boo hooing over that stupid cat.  Let’s go on an outing to help you guys forget all about Ariel.”32Then she booted them out on the sidewalk and went back home to take a bath.

Peace: “This didn’t make me feel better about the cat at all :C”33Justice: “I may not be good at making the simplest of potions, but I’m bar none when it comes to making delicious meals!”

Be nice if you could utilize that talent elsewhere.34Hysteria: “She’s just stupid and depends on using a lot of salt.  Me on the other hand, I GRADUATED with this as my minor so I’m not a complete fuck up like she is.”35Hysteria: “FUCK”

Could have fooled me.36Justice: “Can’t wait for my wedding in the morning, zzz…”

Baal: “I can’t wait to taste the BLOOD OF INNOCENTS”37Hysteria: “Can you assholes not exist while I’m trying to eat breakfast?  I’m gonna summon a demon later to eat you all if you don’t go away.”38Hysteria: “Fuck it, lets do this.  You bastards can’t stop me.”

A plate nine meters away can keep them from going to work but it won’t stop them from inserting themselves into furniture.

I know the frame rate is like .02 per five years, but to be honest this does look fun.39Hysteria: “Don’t call me babe, because I won’t be calling you.”

Liam: “I feel dirty somehow.”40Hysteria: “Time to go walk the dog in nothing but charred underwear.  Didn’t know it was going to be snowing but walkies cannot wait!”

41Justice: “I know we waited a day longer than we should in order to get over the cat, but now it’s snowing on our wedding day!  I was hoping we’d beat the storm but I guess not… that doesn’t bother you does it?”

Dee Dee: “Are you kidding, I’m just happy to get married today with you!”

Justice: “Then shall we depart to the other side of the street!”42Justice: “I doubt it will stop snowing soon, but personally I think this makes the venue even more beautiful!”

Dee Dee: “Today is the perfect day after all to get married!”43Meanwhile Hysteria won’t be joining or caring because she is still walking the dog with no shoes and no fucks.  I didn’t think the area I was sending her to walk the dog to was going to be as far away as it is, but if she wants that want done then its whatever.

Hysteria: “I’m missing my first day of work for this.  Fucking great.”
44Justice: “You look so beautiful in that dress, dear!”

Dee Dee: “And you look just as lovely as the day we went dancing and you started hacking up disease and snot.  But alas, none of that matters now, let us get married!”45Dee Dee: “But first it’s gotten too cold so forget that mess, this overcoat will have to do.”

Are you serious.

Justice: “Dad my extensions fell out, can you find me a new wig?”

Peace: “Where am I”

46I am REFUSING them to have a Wal-mart outerwear wedding in this nice set up.  This is going to be a picture perfect wedding if I have to FORCE IT *slams an “outerwear” wedding dress over Dee Dee so hard it gives her whiplash*47Justice: “GASP!  You are just as beautiful as before, Dee Dee!”

Dee Dee: “Same to you!  Though I regret taking the other dress off.  At least that one had sleeves.  I guess I should be grateful this one at least has pockets.”48Dee Dee: “Thank you everyone for coming to our wedding!  It may be getting dark outside but the glow from your hearts and ours have brightened up the night!”

I added lights.

Dee Dee: “There’s no way our wedding will go wrong now!”50Dee Dee: “MAN do I REALLY have to take a leak right now though.”

You did NOT have to pee when this started Dee Dee, DON’T YOU EVEN.49Justice: “Oh please oh please, just hold it in for a few more minutes, just take the ring and you can run off to the restroom, if you wet yourself now, Sabrina will show up in person and eviscerate us.”

Dee Dee: “Lol is that why she wasn’t invited?”

Justice: “No I literally just forgot about her.  Doesn’t matter her simself is no fun anyway.”

Thanks guys.51Dee Dee: “Anyway, I CAN’T HOLD IT.  THE DAM IS BUSTING OPEN, JUSTICE”

Justice: “No, you can’t!  HOLD IT, Dee Dee!  Fold your dress in… like this… and HOLD IT IN!!”

Serenity: “My wedding wasn’t anything like this mess.”52Justice: “Oh God Dee Dee, I can hear her… the raging angry curses and hell to be brought down upon us!  Sabrina is so PISSED”

Dee Dee: “Not as pissed as I’m about to be”

Wrath: “This is a very lovely wedding after all!”

Happiness: “NO it isn’t!  Please let them have a do-over!”53That is the face of yet another sim that has ruined their own wedding to piss themselves at the aisle.

This is my fault for trying to have lovely weddings.
54Dee Dee: “Lol here ring”

Justice: “You could have given it to me 2 seconds earlier.”

Dee Dee: “The ring will last forever.  A painful bladder infection will last for days.”

Justice: “Yeah, good point.”55Thankfully, Dee Dee held on to her stink lines, because I WILL have at least a nice wedding photo if nothing else.56Dee Dee: “Now that that’s done FEED ME, I REQUIRE SUSTENANCE”

Justice: “I’m sawing as fast as I can!  It takes time to cut through a frozen wedding cake!”

Peace: “It might be easier to serve ice cubes from the freezer you know.”57Dee Dee: “And now that we are back inside the warmth of the house?  Bam.  Original wedding dress.”

Justice: “Nice.  I’ll do the same.”

You both disgrace me.58Justice: “To be honest, that dress is nice, but I bet it will look much better on the floor.”

Dee Dee: “Oooooh so frisky!”

Peace: “Please, not in my clean kitchen, I just had the soot scrubbed up…”59And so the chapter ends with them tainting the bed of Justice’s Grandfather, who never slept in it anyway from my guess.  So its all fine.

All Hallows Flames

1Wrath: “UGH!  Dainty flowers?!  In MY house?! Did that statue decorate while I was in stasis, because I’m unnerved!”

No dumbass, you’re in the wrong house.  Stop mooching in Peace’s apartment for once.

Last chapter, Justice had to rescue her grandfather from his cross country marathon on a treadmill at the gym, and then she and Hysteria went on dates with their chosen significant others.  Hysteria went the cheap route and Justice got the flu.  2Justice: “And now I know why I’m constantly stuck with the plague!  Baal!  Get out of my bed!  You’re infested!”3Baal: “Have you ever noticed that the Ultra Fast Forward option for speeding up time in this game has NEVER worked?  Like isn’t it supposed to zip us through whatever thing we are doing?  It doesn’t go any faster than the three speed option!  And no one ever updated or patched that as far as I can tell.  Why even add or keep the option if it’s never going to be useable or fixed?”

Justice: “Look Baal, I love you, and adore you, but I’ll put up with your monologuing just as much as Agony does.  Please leave my room and don’t come back until you Febreze yourself at least.”
4Justice: “Oh who am I kidding.  If I don’t do it no one will.  No better way to bathe a dirty doggie than in my future wedding dress in a recently painted bathroom.”

This color scheme is like a Barbie nightmare.  The color scheme sounded fun on paper but the farther I went with it the more I regret this.5Happiness: “Annnnnd the final touch, grey cabinet doors to really make these patterns pop.”6Happiness: “And bam, the kitchen is finished.”

I hate these colors, but for some reason I like the kitchen the best.  This house is hell.  I regret sticking to their favorite colors as a decorating scheme when I decorate on a 3rd grade level.7Hysteria: “WHOEVER DICKED WITH MY KITCHEN LIKE THIS DESERVES A STEAK THROUGH THEIR HEART”

Happiness: “:C”

8And so she did as she wanted.

Hysteria: “I couldn’t walk on them while they were blazing hot so I guess I’m not as mad as I thought.”9Happiness: “I’m glad you cooled down a bit and decided to make dinner.  What we having tonight?  Baked beans please?”

Hysteria: “Back the fuck off because I really am about to steak you with this mixing spoon.”10Hysteria: “I’m off to town for some stupid unrelated wants and I stole Justice’s new bike but did she really have to paint it like a pastel fairy’s pile of vomit?”

Justice: “You didn’t steal it, its our share bike C:”

Hysteria: “I want to buy my own when I’m done collecting bugs.”


Hysteria: “Aww, this cute bird actually has melted my steely cold dead heart, I actually feel a little love in the world and I swear to fuck Agony if you actually punt this fucking bird I really will tear the remains of your head off and stick it on a pike.”

Agony: *Last second diversion and runs on by*12Hysteria: “Awww, it trusts me :)” *Crushes butterfly with palms*

Flying Butterfly: “BRADRICK!! NOOOO!”

Neck Kissing Butterfly: “Fuck this shit I’m out” *Nyooms off*13Hetal’s mother Jin is also here!  And she’s insane.  Because it seems this game likes to keep insane people together with the evil ones.  Seems morbid to me because I think of Evalin and her sister, but then I also have Wrath so coincidence probably.

Jin: “The fuck is that over your head.  How do you not get not completely soaked under that thing?  Getting pneumonia is the best part of this weather!”14Hysteria: “I’m giving you a heads up.  Your daughter may only be this high right now, but once she reaches the birthing age I’m locking her in a cellar to raise my spawn creations for me, understood?”

Jin: “Oh thank god.  You’re doing me a service.  I was afraid Hetal was going to be stuck a crazy cat woman but you’re doing me good :)”15I tried to make her be friends with yours truly since my house was nearby?  But I wasn’t home.  I’m never home.

I also had added my irl friends in the game in a house nearby and I already see they’re going rogue and dicked up their appearances without my PERMISSION.  No wonder I’m never home.

James: “I’ll be your friend if you want to.”

Hysteria: “On second thought I don’t want to be any of you guys’ friends.”16Checking in on Peace and Wrath.  They’re still placid.

Peace: “I just had a genius idea.  More lightbulbs.  I want my countertops to be seen glistening from SPACE”17Ariel: “HEY, Justice!  You’re girl is here.  You best go primp up a bit or at the very least get a burn kit”


Dee Dee: “Hmmm.”

18Dee Dee: “Nope bye”

Justice: “NO WAIT, please come back!  I’ll hop in the shower and bandage myself up just give me some time please!”

I don’t think Justice is ever going to complete those potion table wishes any time soon.
19Justice: “I’m so sorry about that earlier, but now I’m squeaky clean, bought you roses and followed you all the way home at 3 in the morning!  I promise I’m doing my best to better my skills and knowledge and not a weirdo at all.”

Dee Dee: “GASP!  That really is devotion!  I was having some slight doubts about this, but I’m so sorry I didn’t think that through at all!”21Justice: “Soooo, with that, do you think there’s any chance you would like to be… you know…”

Dee Dee: “Your girlfriend?  You needn’t ask.  You know I will.”22I have a feeling these are going to make a lovely couple.23Ding dong, daily check in with these guys.

Raccoon: “I ate the house.  Before Wrath died she asked me to break her ankles at a certain angle so the coroner could see just how vogue her shoes are.”24Hysteria: “I just love waking up to actual wants to DO FUCKING LAUNDRY.  When am I going to get to want to KILL SOMEBODY?!”

Justice: “Honestly I wish I knew exactly how you got this table to work.  I didn’t realize how long I’ve been cruising on these potion wishes and all my sweet date wishes for Dee Dee keep getting missed on for this.”25Gotta keep missing out on some more of those wishes, from the looks of it.

Justice: *Obtains black lung*26Justice: “I love having you around, Grandfather.  But don’t you think you should go home now and check on the rest of the family at least?”

Happiness: “I’m lost in this new town, my dear.  I have no idea where I live.  Also what are you doing with your hair, it looks absolutely lovely today.”

Justice: “Granfather?  That’s a houseplant.”

No wonder he’s lost.27Justice: “Agony’s fists may be able to cause death to butterflies, but in my hands I have the power to create life.”28Justice: “Behold!  Goldie fish!!”

*Plants instantly crystallize for some reason*29Justice: “GASP!  It’s that time of the year already!  Spooky day is upon us!”

It’s February.

Justice: “Nonsense!  I want to hold a lovely block party for all my friends!  Granted I have no friends outside Dee Dee and my family, luckily though, Grandfather let me borrow his directory!  For some reason he knows everyone in this town, just like he did in Hidden Springs.  We still don’t know why.”
30Happiness: “I gotta recycle my old outfits because I only get to use them once a year and otherwise they’re taking up space in my closet.”

Nice costume, Mizzcutto or whatever your real name was.

Mizz: “Thanks.  I’m a motorcycle.”31Serenity: “Justice!  Can I use spooky day costume while on prenegent, or is it dangertops”

Dee Dee: “Wow, Justice.  Classy sister of yours to come crawling out of the trailer park.  Hardly a week in and she’s already getting knocked up by randoms.”32Serenity: “Nonsense!  I did it the traditional way!  My man may be trashy but he didn’t skimp on the ring just for me!”

Agony: “She’s right.  It was truly romantic.  They met, got married AND made that baby in the back seat of the same Uber on the same night!”33Something told me that Jin would show up if I invited her, and something else just told me she’d show up as a hot dog.

Jin: “My face is the avacado! :)”34Dee Dee showed up as an undead pirate rockstar?  It’s different but I really have no idea what she’s going for.35Justice: “No matter what she is dressed up to be, she is still beautiful to me.”

Dee Dee: “Well I see you just wore your work clothes for Spooky day.  At least I gave it some creative effort.”

36Justice: “As much as I would love to get the party started and we spend time with our friends, I love you very much and I have something that I really, really want to ask you… Dee Dee, do you… hear a fire alarm going off?”

Dee Dee: “I do, as a matter of fact, and it sounds awfully close…”

Please not right now…37Happiness: “Nope, not in here.  And the potions table isn’t on fire.  There’s no fire on this lot.  The sound bugging out again probably.”

Yeah but it’s SO LOUD and sounds like it has a source somewhere…38Peace: “That is the loudest fire alarm I have ever heard in my life, and I’m not even wearing my hearing aids!  Wrath!  Are you smoking pot in my bathroom again?!”


Peace: “What did you say I can’t hear anything”39Dee Dee: “Huh.  Must be an important emergency.”

Justice: “I’m so sorry, I’ll be back!  My duty as a cop, and as a REAL cop, is to protect the citizens!  That and my dad is about to die brb”40Hetal: “Bitch you aren’t going anywhere.  I demand candy.”

Justice: “Look sweaty my dad is a moth when it comes to an open flame so I kindly recommend you get your hand out of my shoulder socket and let me do my job.  You aren’t even wearing a costume, and party poopers don’t get treats.”41Justice: “Dad!  I’m on my way to save y-”


Justice: “Well, I mean… I guess it’s great that Grandfather is a caring loving man.”
42No rush, Peace doesn’t think it’s an emergency.

Peace: “Oh my dearest Cynthia!  How I miss you so.  If only you could see how dedicated our Justice is and how Serenity is going to make us first time grandparents.  And my dearest Izzypop, from whichever star you are living at, I still love you, sob SNIFF”

Good thing you were never a real firefighter.43Happiness: “PEACE!  What have I TOLD you about playing with the stove!!?!”

Peace: “Dad?  Hey dad.  I am baking a salad for dinner  :)”

Happiness: “What you’re DOING is burning the house down!  You’re grounded for a week.”

Happiness: “Oh my poor sweet, stupid, stupid son.  This is my fault you came out this way.  You inherited your mother’s blatant stupidity, and I could have prevented that if I only knew what a condom was.”45Wrath: “What’s red and bad for your teeth?  A brick!”

Justice: “Cousin Wrath, please do not come in here!  This kitchen is tiny enough as it is and with all of us packed in here we will never find a fire extinguisher.”

Happiness: “Come on, son.  This way to the exit.  Please follow me and stop screaming.”

Peace: “THIS IS INTERFERING WITH NAPTIME!!!”46Hysteria: “I REALLY have to do everything around here, don’t I?  You guys are fucking broke!”

Wrath: “Hey Agony, did you hear my joke earlier!  A brick!  Haha I’m good.  I found my joke book you hid in the toilet tank by the way.”47Justice: “Cousin Wrath, PLEASE!  Don’t keep walking INTO the fire!  You’re going to catch fire with that cheap Wal-Mart costume!”

Wrath: “Heh.  Brick.”
48Hysteria: “Too late, I caught fire first.  Look at my ass.”

Justice: “NOOOOOO!  NOT YOU!!”

Peace: “Never fear!  A real firefighter is here!”

Maggie: “Your choice in tv is shit.”
49Maggie: “Hm.  You seem to have it under control.  Do you just need pointers or something?”

Justice: “To be honest, she really does need help.  Can you, if nothing else, at least put her pants out?”50Maggie: *Goes for a reverse choke slam*

Hysteria: “Bitch does this LOOK like the time for the WWE in here?!”51Wrath: “How many DEAD BABIES does it take to FIRE”


Justice: “I’m working on it!  I can only see with so much fire in my literal eyeballs!”

Maggie: “Can yall stop passing that around like its the damn flu or something.  Jeez.”
54Peace: “I just can’t believe she would just put herself in harm’s way like that.  That’s so dangerous and stupid and I raised her better than that.”

Justice: “DAD THIS WOULDN’T HAPPEN IF YOU COULD STOP TRYING TO COOK HEADS OF LETTUCE IN THE OVEN”55Peace: “Yall nasty and leaving soot prints all over my clean pristine floor”

Wrath: “That’s it.  I’m putting rat poison in your denture water tonight.”55Justice: “The fire is over Maggie but whatever.  You weren’t really all that helpful.”

Then the party ended and everyone across the street said it sucked.  Sob.56Justice: “But I’m glad you’re still here!  Yay, my love!”

Dee Dee: “Yeah, just chillin.  Tried to leave, but you called me back and like a dummy I returned.  Glad to see you’ve cooked yourself in a deep fryer again.  Sigh, your level of self care…”57Justice: “But you came back, and your devotion to me is ever so special and wonderful, and as I was saying earlier before my dad tried to burn the retirement home down… I have something important to ask you.”

Dee Dee: “Oh?  What’s that?”58Justice: “This isn’t how I imagined it to go, Dee Dee.  I wanted all our friends and family to be here to watch this moment, and I didn’t think I would once again, be covered in soot and burns, but now is probably one of the better moments I’ll ever get to ask you this.

Dee Dee Wynn, will you marry me?”
59Dee Dee: “Oh wow!  This is lovely!  Of course I will marry you!  This is a definite yes from me!”

Justice: “You have made me the world’s happiest cooked porkchop!”60AND THEN the cat died.

Dee Dee: *prods ceiling with umbrella*  “Nope, it wasn’t asbestos.  I guess the cat was just old.”
61Death: “It’s time to go to that cat house in the sky, Ariel.  Say goodbye to your owner, OH by the way, congradulations on your engagement, Justice!”

Justice: “Sniff, sob, thank you?”62Ariel: “I don’t trust any of this.  You’re going to steal my face aren’t you.”

Death: “Nonsense!  What business do I have stealing the faces of any creature I move to the other side??”63Then he stole her eyes.

RIP Ariel.  I tried to give you a good life from living on the street for the short time you were with us.  Though with these people maybe I made it worse.64Dee Dee: “I’m sorry your cat died.  Um, sympathy flowers?”

You can’t fool anyone like that Dee.

Justice: “SOB.  REALLY.”

Hysteria: “Look hoe if you’re hitting on me, I’m going to hit you back.”65Hysteria: “Justice get your bitch.”

Justice: “We just got engaged, Dee Dee.  If you do this to me I might get so upset I will like, cry and stuff.”66Dee Dee: “Awwww man.  But… them boobies…”

Justice: “Trust me hun.  They aren’t even real.”66Dee Dee: “Wow, engagement and all and that cat’s death went and ruined our entire date, just like that.”

Hysteria: “Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s because you’re a thot.”67Hysteria: “FUCK my lip busted”

Dee Dee: “Ew you’re like, leaking and stuff.  Yeah, nevermind, I’ll stick to Justice.”

Anyone Seen Starla?

Hello, I hope everyone has had a good Thanksgiving and a good time since my last post in general, heh

I’m just popping in to see if anyone has heard from Starla, from The Creeper Legacy? You know this masterpiece that I drew massive inspiration on?

I was following her on Twitter for a while and today I had realized I hadn’t seen her post in a while, and when I went to snoop I think she deleted?  I’m usually a person who usually lets people do their own thing, delete if they feel like and all, but she had been having a really hard time for a while with life things during the last few weeks or months she posted, so I’m just a bit worried…

If anyone knows, idk maybe just let her know I was thinking about her?  I was hoping she was alright…

Flea Bitten Love

1Justice: “Not sure if this telescope even works.  I can’t see a single thing out there!”

Might have something to do with you not looking through the actual eye piece.  Just saying.2Or it could also be that I put the dumb thing under the fighter jets.  I doubt there are stars under there.3Justice: “Oh dear, the ghosts have come out.  I hope they like our new home.  And don’t get too lost around here exploring it.”

Don’t think we’ll have that problem with Marlena.  She probably won’t leave the yard.4Hysteria: “She’s out there fucking with the ghosts when she needs to get in here and order some chairs on Amazon before this tub leaves a permanent dent in my ass.”

All in due time.  I’m only changing the house bit by bit so I don’t accidentally trigger a game crash.5Justice: “Granny Angela, please.  Don’t put your head in the chemical mix.  I’m trying to make something nice, but it’s not exactly Hawaiian Punch right now in its current state.”

Angela: “Glub glub”6Angela: “Well since I’m not allowed to drink the window cleaner/clothes detergent mix, I’m going to take a nap.  Can’t wait to break in this new luxurious bed.”

I literally just put that down for Justice, can you not.7Baal: “Are you awake?”

Hysteria: “No I’m not, screw off.”

Baal: “I was just thinking.  In the pretty patties episode of Spongebob, Spongebob knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he destroyed his profits in all those extreme ways.  Because he knew Mr. Krabs was watching, and would find out.  He did it on PURPOSE because he knew that was exactly how he was going to exact vengeance on Krabs for insulting him over his new idea.  Think about it.  Spongebob even told them they would all see his vision, and of all things, he knew Krabs hated wasting money.  So what did he do?  Explain in extreme detail all the ways he destroyed and eliminated all his profits.  And when asked about his success, he rolled his eyes to that reporter and said “I don’t know”.  He knew full well what he was doing.  He only wanted his idea noticed, and the money meant nothing to him.  The only thing more important to Spongebob than his idea in that episode was the Krusty Krab itself, which was the only thing he gave in to Krabs for his idea.  He could have donated that money to the Krusty Krab if he wanted to even, but he didn’t.  He destroyed it.  Only to get back at Krabs for hurting his feelings.  Spongbob is fucking hardcore.  He’s fucking OG for pulling that extreme vengeance shit.”8Baal: “Oh, by the way?  You really shouldn’t sleep with that hat on.  Your hair is gonna rot off and you’ll go prematurely bald.”

Hysteria: “How in the FUCK are you even able to talk to me”

Baal: “Oh I meant BARK”9Hysteria: “The hell is this?  I get out of bed to actually listen to the dog’s advice and change my hair and this dirty bitch just swoops on into my bed?  Get out, Justice.”10Hysteria: “And bitch, why are you even dirty in the first place?”

Justice: “Almost blew the kitchen up last night but it’s ok, because its a new day and we are still alive!  Isn’t being alive great!  I’m going to make breakfast, and we will celebrate our lives with our pancakes on the edge of the bathtub together!”

Hysteria: “Don’t track your nasty sooty socks over my clean floor, and don’t come back into my room ever again.”

11Hysteria: “REALLY?  I chase one bitch off and this one swoops in instantly and takes her place?  Why does everyone got to ruin my morning?!”

Jealousy: “Look, hoe.  I’m your grandma.  I can do what I want.  Move me and I will ensure your life is a living hell.”12Speaking of grandparents, Happiness is still on the treadmill at the gym.

Happiness: “The burn never stops!  Especially for us undead types.  The burn never starts for us.  Seriously, I’m having no issues even after running all night.”

Please don’t starve to death.13I wanted to try to get the girls to focus on looking around the town for potential mates (even though we’re set for Hysteria, its still good to look) and since Hysteria wanted to go to the park, we looked around.  All that’s at the park today seems to be family though.

Serenity: “Nothing wrong with that.  I love spending time with family.”

Hysteria: “I hope you drown in this bucket.”14Hysteria: “How in the deepest hell pit am I supposed to grab these things with this stupid fat lip?!  Honestly, how did Agony not starve to death…”

Naturally Serenity won.
15No vendors at this festival either.  No one works at these stupid things.

Hysteria: “And I WILL stand here until I am allowed to spend my festival tickets!  I DEMAND IT.”

Forget it, its literally not happening.
16Hysteria: “Wow, look who popped out from the dumpster she now lives in.  If its not my face donor.”

Agony: “You BITCH, I’m not living in a dumpster!  I’m just looking for my contact lens.”17Hysteria: “I’ll be generous today.  Beat me in a game of pie devouring, and I will grant you your face back if you win.  If you lose however, you must relinquish your most sacred possession…”

Agony: “Hmmmm, a chance to get my nose back at the risk of my complete CD collection of Usher’s greatest hits?  Sounds worth it to me!”

Hysteria: “I meant your soul, but to be honest that also sounds just as good.”
18Oh, that’s kinda scary to watch.19Hysteria: “I KNEW I would win against no lips!  At least I have an advantage over someone in this world!”

Agony: *Has a blueberry stuck in her last tiny nostril hole and can’t breathe right now*20I guess in the end, at least one of them had a great night.  It isn’t Agony.  She lost all her good CDs 😦

Agony: “Forget the discs, I’m dying, call the hospital…”

21Meanwhile I was scrolling around the town at townies that were keeping clear away from the festival tonight.  So far the only other good I can see is this dude in the cowboy hat and, eh.

Hat: “I uh, am nice to puppies.”

I don’t even remember his name lol22You still over here, Happiness?  Cool.

44: “Whoever told me it was a good idea to exercise without pants is the Devil.  Must not… let… go… don’t want to… lose my member…”23Dee Dee: “Urhm…”

Hysteria: “JUSTICE!  YOUR BITCH IS HERE! COME GET HER BEFORE SHE ENDS UP LIKE THE PAPER BOY!”24Dee Dee: “Nah, I’ll just call her from the safety of my house, bye.”

Hysteria: “Good, don’t come back.”

Justice’s first date night went splendidly.
25Now that I acquainted myself with the town, time to ruin it.  I went on an adding spree and brought in the rescued sims from Hidden Springs.

Veronica: “I was doing well just being lost in whatever sewer I was trapped in in the last town, thank you very much.”

Nascar: “Why won’t I die already”26Jamie also came along, along with his 5 dogs.  His vampirism trait, however, missed its plane to Moonlight and will be late getting here.

Jamie: “You packed all the mutts to keep me company but left behind all my children and beloved ones?!”

Yes, those nasty boring 2 gens worth of sims are gone forever.  Rejoice and start over, Jamie.

Jamie: *Has sad*27And then there’s MEEEEE

Moving along now.
28Tyrone loves his new trailer so much he’s melded into it.

Toaster: “I don’t know these people.  I asked to be left behind to die and I get ignored.  My life is a never ending disaster.”29Toaster walked into his new home and evolved in to Mega Toaster.

Toaster: “Oh, fuck all.”

Tyrone: “Our fiberglass insulation is in my nose but at least it looks like its in good condition.”30Rodrigo!  So glad you could survive!  Welcome to your new home!  Do you like your new family?

Rodrigo: “…” *Instantly moves out*

Cruelty: “The smartest out of all of us.”31Back at the house, Justice has returned from her first day at work in the new town!

Justice: “Being a snitch and working as an undercover hooker has it’s downsides.  Like hooker fleas!  They are more itchy than regular fleas!  But everything is good!  I like all my co-workers!  Except Nasty Natalie.  She gave me fleas.”32Hysteria, determined to not catch fleas from her gross cousin, took a bath in her clothes apparently.

Hysteria: “Buy me a dryer now.”

Sigh.  Dryer and washing machine are now in the garage.  Expect nasty clothing piles for a while.33Because of my settings I realized I can watch the other family members from across the street without the houses being in the way.

Peace: *is dead*

Happiness: *is going for a cross country marathon on that treadmill still*34This is the first time in a LONG time I’ve seen a ghost actually possess something!  Great to see them be active again, even though this is going to wake up and piss off Hysteria for the second night in a row.35Hysteria: “Eh, its ok.  It’s actually kind of funny, seeing as that is Liam’s actual skull after all.”

Liam: *Sobs in his own head*36Justice: “Hey, I have a question for you, if you’re awake.”

Hysteria: “zzmmmmf, I’m NOT.”

Justice: “If your favorite color says that it is hot pink, how come your room is purple?”
37Justice: “Oh, you fixed it.  Hmm.  It’s actually a little more unsettling now in this color.”

Hysteria: “Everybody is a critic.”38Justice: “Oh how I adore Agony so much.  My dearest cousin, and best friend!”

Is that why you shattered your breakfast plate on her carpet and won’t clean it up?

Justice: “Shh, shh, accidents happen, she won’t have to find out.”39Morning socializing on the phones with their potential significant others.

Justice: “Fun.”

Hysteria: “What do you MEAN you’re in social studies class?!  You’re lame. Skip class or screw off for all I care.”40Hysteria: “Since the little gremlin is still in baby school, I want to go see the fortune teller.  I’m gonna knock her out and she’ll never even see it coming.”

She got a fortune about not trusting dead people or something. 41I also had her tattoos fixed because they were peeving me to no end.42Hysteria: “To thank them for fixing the disasters that Justice put on my skin, they can have this pie I found in the parking lot.  It’s old, but I don’t really care.”

*Old tattoo still happening because the tattoo artist is a FRAUD, DAMMIT TRY AGAIN*43Justice: “Is he still here?  Hasn’t it been like 3 or 4 days?  Oh dear.”44Justice: “Grandfather, I’m here to rescue you.”

Happiness: “OH THANK GOODNESS!  I’m about to starve to death!  Could you imagine, they finding my starved, but very built, corpse rolled up in the treadmill?  Horrific, I’d say.”45Justice: “By the way, grandfather, I got fleas.  I don’t recommend coming within ten feet of me, like you are now.”

Happiness: “On the other hand, running away right now might not be a bad investment.”46Justice: “Now that my grandfather has been rescued, I can now continue with my plans tonight with my date!  I sure can’t wait to have a good night in this rain and probably ruin what is probably my future wedding dress that was made in advance for me :)”

Guy who isn’t even here on the lot: “What a lovely thought bubble.  I live here in it now.”47Dee Dee: “Shall I escort you inside, Miss Fallen?”

Justice: “I’m so happy you could make it!  And you look lovely in that dress.”

Dee Dee: “The same could be said for you, my dear.”48And so, their date so easily became one out of a fairy tale.49Dee Dee: *thinks of she keeps dipping Justice away from her, she won’t get as many fleas as possible*

Justice: *Is actually just sweating that hard*50MEANWHILE, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BRIDGE AT A BAR

Hetal: “I’m not actually old enough to drink on this date but really my age doesn’t stop me from doing so.”

Hysteria: “Hm.”51Hysteria: “I got wants I’d rather do, so take a friendship potion and fuck off until you’re 18!”

Hetal: “You BITCH, you were supposed to buy me alcohol!”52But their date outing went SO WELL due to their newfound friendship and mutual understanding, the outing ended and Hetal went home to do homework.  Or not.  She doesn’t seem like the homework type.53Hysteria: “Hey, skank, where’s the house key?!  My date is over and I’m not pooping in a public restroom!”

Dee Dee: “AGH, she scared me!  I’m sorry about your foot!”

Justice: “You didn’t step on my foot, a giant flea got me good in the leg!  I had to scratch it immediately!”54Then between the bubonic plague from the fleas or the pneumonia from the rain or just Hysteria’s presence in general, poor Justice got sick on her date.

Justice: “That’s just gravy.”55Justice: “I’m so sorry… I didn’t expect to come under the weather as sudden as I did… I got to call the date short, Dee Dee…”

Dee Dee: “It’s ok, dear.  This has been a wonderful night.  And we can have another night like it some other time.  Just rest and get better ok?”

Hysteria: “The fuck is this music.  No wonder you’re so queasy all of a sudden, this is garbage.  I’m gonna play a real song for this shitty club to get down to.”56Hysteria: *Twangs out an acoustic version of Usher’s Yeah song*

Justice: “Whoa she just poofed.  I don’t think I’ll get used to the witchy side of these people in this town.”

Spoiler alert, Dee Dee is also a witch, like Hetal (spoiler alert, Hetal is definitely witch, I don’t exactly say these things, but I think it was just obvious with her get up)

Anyway, here we end the chapter until the next chapter.