Paradise On Earth

Hello, missmiserie here with a new legacy to shove up WordPress’ butt!  You may know me from my other legacies, like The Southern Prettacy, or the Pokemon Rainbowcy, or the Slobacy.

But if you don’t, I don’t blame you.  It’s nice that you are here though.  Because we are going on a journey were no sim several sims have gone before!  It’s ISBI time.

Meet the Fallens.  They are two identical twin sisters, Evalin and Angela.  Both were angels in paradise, but then one of them, Evalin, went bad.  Really really bad.  Like kicking puppies and pretending to be 12 on COD and planting furry porn on innocent victims and running EA… you know, that kinda bad.

She was kicked from paradise, but her twin sister loved Evalin very much, and didn’t want her sister to be alone on earth.  So she left as well to be with her sister, and that’s why she is here too.

Evalin: “Would have been too much effort for you to at least grab a lawn chair before we left, wouldn’t it?!”

Angela: “I thought about it, but that would have been stealing.  I just couldn’t do that, sister.  You know that.”

Evalin: “Damn, I’m already living with an idiot.”

The girls arrived in a little piece of paradise on earth, called Hidden Springs.  They were granted a lot, and a little bit of starting money so they wouldn’t be useless hobos.  That would just be cruel.

Let’s meet these broads, shall we?

This is the good sister, Angela.  She loves kittens and puppies and sea stars and fresh autumn salads.

She smells like honeysuckle and her smile brightens up the darkest room.  She is Evalin’s sanity and best friend, and just wants to spread happiness and her love of starfish.

And then we have this crazy bitch, Evalin.  She pretty much could strangle a little panda bear, and is probably Sinbad Rotter’s wet dream. She hates people, and doesn’t really want to be here, but of course, that isn’t her choice.

Evalin: “Mmn.  Fuck off.”

They identical other than their coloring, since I thought it would be fun to see how different we can make their descendants from each other.

They BOTH want to be the Leader of the Free World.   It’s like they will be competing to see who will get to the top first (or in case, if the next torch holder takes rein before then, who gets farther in that field).  Will Angela be the leader the world needs, or will Evalin dictate with a flaming iron fist?!

This is a short post, but I’m excited to start this.  Later!

About missmiserie

I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)

8 responses to “Paradise On Earth”

  1. birdikins says :

    I’m going to follow this. 😀

  2. rochellesmiles says :

    Ooh I’m excited! Followed! 😀

  3. ladybhugg says :

    Can’t wait, this sounds like fun, and where did you get Evalin’s outfit?

  4. phyrcracker93 says :

    Oh! I like this so far. It sounds really interesting… I do believe that you have another follower.

    If its not too much to ask, maybe you can read (and perhaps, if you like it enough, maybe follow) my blog. Its sort of a first person, dramatic Patriarchy…


  5. chillymist says :

    Just finished your Southern Legacy and loved it so I figured I would check this out. Great idea!
    – Jill

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