The Puzzle Box

It’s almost Christmas and stuff, so here’s an almost-Christmas update!  Happy almost-Christmas!

1Last chapter, Eunice went into labor!  She gave birth to our little baby Jealous!  She is brave and evil, and because of that latter trait she is instantly heiress unless a future sibling rolls evil as well before her young adult birthday.  Her favorites are blue, roots music, and stu surprise.

2Angela: “I am home from the spa, my dearies!  I am also in labor.  Can I have a hand over here?”

Liam: “Oh ok… wait… OH”


Liam was so suddenly shocked by his wife going into labor that jumped out of his chair so fast he flew through the couch.

Angela: “Oh…  and it was a brand new couch too.”

Liam: “I am SO sorry dear D:”

Angela: “It’s fine dear!  You start the car… er, the motorcycle rather, take me to the hospital, and we have this baby-”



6Evalin: “You, be useful and do something about the new mouth that’s being added to the household this very moment, will you?”

Liam: “I will, but first I must see the other new mouth in the house your wife had this morning!”

Evalin: “My wife had a baby?”

7Liam: “Eunice sure did, and she’s adorable!  Even if she keeps hissing at me and flipping the bird… who’s an adorably scary little baby, you are, Jealousy!”

Evalin: “Why was I not informed that my spawn had finally dropped?!  Angela, tell your beanpole husband to move away from my spawn before I break his fingers off.”


8Eunice: “I am back from whatever rock I usually stay under when I’m not on the trampoline.  Mm.  Trampoline.  I’ll be in the back yard guys.”


9Angela: “Ok, you may now go back to what you were doing.  My newest son is here!”

This is Kindness’ little brother, Happiness!  He’s artistic and easily impressed.  Favorites include aqua, songwriter music (? what is that? That’s a genre?), and he likes cheesesteak, not vegetarian, because I don’t think they make it vegetarian.  KINDNESS.


There’s still not enough for their own nursery, so his new crib is added to Angela’s room, right next to his big brother’s and next to his aunt’s almost immovable pallet on the floor.


That’s not Happiness.

Jealousy: “Meh heh heh… you won’t have to worry about Happiness anytime soon…”

11Evalin: “Lame, shut your brat up!  It’s scaring my perfect heir into a murderous rage!  I won’t control my Jealously if she goes on a rampage, I’m giving you a fair warning now!”

Liam: “I’ll take that into consideration, Evalin.  You know.  If you tell me where you put my other son.”

12Angela: “It was nice of Evalin to bring our little Happiness back, even if we had to exchange Kindness for him for now…”

Liam: “Oh don’t worry… Eunice knows where Kindness is stashed and is watching him this very moment!”

Angela: “Uh, dear?  Eunice is on the trampoline…”

13Angela: “Eh, I was wondering Liam… you wouldn’t happen to be sleepwalking, are you?”

Liam: “I have no clue what you are talking about.”

Angela: “Oh ok then, never mind.  What would you want for dinner tonight then, dear?”


15Eunice: “Flipping off the trampoline, LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING BOSS”

16Eunice: “100% awesome badass, yes the hell I am!”

You are getting way too good at that, dear.

Hold on, what the crap is that?

17Why is there a bat hanging out from underneath the trampoline?

Bat: “I think trampolines came with Ambitions, right?  I was probably an Easter egg to the “upcoming” vampires in Late Night.”

That is probably it.

18Evalin: “Alright, wife.  I require a backup child, in case my first perfect child meets her demise at the other end of the Justice League or something.”

Eunice: “But… when I’m pregnant, I don’t get to jump…”

19Evalin: “Have my spawn or the next time you step foot on that trampoline, I’m setting fire to it, Theorized Easter Egg Bat and all.”

Eunice: “Alright then, deal!  Pregnancy is starting to sound fine with me!”

20Angela: “Time for a birthday, Happiness goes first!”

Not if you are smothering him with your armpit like that.

21Happiness: “Hewwwwwo!  Am I sweet?”

Yes, you are a nice baby.


MOVING ALONG, it’s another birthday tonight!  Yaaaay!

Eunice: “Why am I here.  This isn’t fair.  Trampy is cold and still tonight, and I’m in here with Jenny and cake.”

Jealously: “That’s not my name, mother.  Now get your titty out of my eye.”

23Liam: “And also, it’s my birthday as well!”


24Jealousy: “I am now out of that infernal swaddling cloth, I can now set forth on my plot for world destruction!  And I shall harness the energy of these little sparkles to power my volcano activating machine!”

She’s… interesting…

25Kindness: “Aw cousin!  Would you like to join me in a game of blockies? I have pwenty of little blockies to share with you!”

Jealously: “Jam it in your diaper, loser.  I’m gonna go pway wid something else that doesn’t involve me looking at your stupid face!”

26Happiness: “This slop peaks my intrest!”

27Kindness: “Oh Jealously!  Would you like to come and pway wid me?  I have pwenty of toys I can share with you, and we will have a wonderful old time!”

Jealously: “Shove it, Kindness!  Seriously, looking at your stupid face is really pissing me off!  I don’t want to hear it!”

28Jealousy: “Humph, that stupid Kindness and his stupid… kindness.  If I smack him in the face hard enough with this, I wonder if that will take care of my problem.”

As long as it makes you creative, that’s fine.

29Evalin: “Come to me, child.  We got to teach you to walk.  You can’t take over this planet crawling around on your hands and knees forever.”

30Jealousy: “GRAH!  I HATE doing what you want me to!  Humph!  Grumble grumble.”

Evalin: “Ah yes, my angry little hellspawn.  Heh heh heh…”

31Angela: “Learning to do poopies, that’s what you do~  sit, sit, poop poop, learning to make poo~

Happiness: “I’m getting pretty tired of that song, mother…”

Angela: “Sigh, so am I, son.  So am I.”

Jealously: “And I’ll throw both of you off a cliff if you sing it again.  Look, I’m already done learning to poop.  Now someone, anyone, make me a damn sandwich already.”

32Kindness: “Hey, Jeeeeaaallloooussssyyyyy… come, get in the box with me!  I’m pretended to be an astronaut!  Quickly, we are going to space to find the Friendshiponites!  They are the locals of Planet Smilesalot!”

33Jealously: “Dammit, FUCK OFF ALREADY, KINDNESS!  Can’t you see I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!?  GOD!  I’m busy playing with myself, and I LIKE playing with myself and myself ONLY!  Now if you don’t mind, I’m busy trying to get this block in this…whua?”


…Maybe she does need a playmate.

35Evalin: “after all the skilling me and you have done and you go and do stupid shit like this.  At this rate, are you even the heir I so rightfully deserve?”

Jealousy: “Are you going to help me find the damn box or not, woman?”

Evalin: “I suppose I have no choice.”

36Evalin: “Look stupid, the box is right behind you!  Will you turn around already?!  It’s the damn thing you are leaning against for fuck’s sake!”

37Evalin: “Yeah, that’s right, dumbass.  Just jam the block in my leg, that’s going to get you the puzzle box, alright.”


38Evalin: “Screw this, I don’t have time to deal with my dumb baby.  I have another one in the works and hopefully it won’t be broken like this one.”

It wouldn’t be broken if you don’t jam your elbow through her head, Evalin.

Jealousy: “OW!  My brain have no feel anymore? Rock potato cream butt.  Limes?”

39Angela: “My son!  I’ve become a middle aged woman!  And I have no regrets with my life!  *No mid-life crisis, woo*”

Happiness: “WAH!  I can’t eat sparkles!  Help!  I’m going blind now, oh twigs!”

40Evalin: “Congratulations!  You are now married to an old biddy!  Party hard, Lame!”

Liam: *Is actually purposely drowned hidden cleverly in a champagning*

41Eunice: “I feel another baby in my belly!  Sounds like Jealously is getting a baby brother or sister!”

Seraph: “SQAAUUAAAUAK!  Oh I just crapped a lot of my body weight off.  I’m scared.”

It’s going to be alright, little bird.

42Evalin: “Come, my sister.  It’s time to show you what I have influenced at work.  You have been gone so long that I have advanced far into my career!  Behold, as I am ahead of you at level 4!”

Angela: “Well yes, but I’m also level 4 sister!  I can’t remember if it was before or soon after my maternity leave, but I got a promotion too!  Isn’t that something.”

Evalin: “Stay away from my podium or I won’t have a problem making you “disappear”, sister.”

43With all the others out of the house working, Eunice is left home alone.  Uncontrollable.  With all three of the toddlers.

Eunice: “You say that like you think I can’t do it.”

Well we are about to find out, aren’t we?

44Angela: “Eeehhh, I have no faith in this situation at all, and I’m the faithful one.”

Angela was hardly at work half an hour, and cut out work early just to go home.  It’s strange though, because she’s still supposed to be at work at the same time as Evalin, she’s still working, and Angela isn’t scheduled until the next day.  I suppose work is just as worried for all those babies as much as she is.

45Eunice: “My love, you are getting older, Evalin!  Welcome to adulthood!”

Evalin: “What is this?!  Getting OLD?!  I do NOT get old, this is BLASPHEMY!”

And of course.  Mid-life crisis.

46Angela: “How much you want to bet there’s going to be a divorce in Auntie Evalin’s case real soon?”

Happiness: “Wow, mother.  You’d bet on your own sister and her wife’s happiness like that?  Hee hee… happiness.  That’s me.”

Kindness: “So long as we still get to live together in the same house together!  I love my family, and my cousin-”


47Sure enough, later that night:

Evalin: “Look, I know I’m married and all that, but I’ve been hunting you all over town, dude.  I don’t remember your name, but I need to flirt with someone other than that baby oven of mine in that house.”

Please, flirt and get it over with, Evalin.  Oh jeez.

48Liam: “Eunice makes this look so easy!  What is this sorcery?!  OH NO, I’M GONNA-”


Maybe his back isn’t broken.  Who knows.

50Liam: “Help… call a doctor… mmmphn…”

Theorized Easter Egg Bat:  “HAHAHAH, you broke like a bitch.”

51This is the end of this chapter.  And we end it with proof that Evalin and Eunice aren’t the evilest parents in town.

Until they make their babies move all their stuff for them to a new house, I think they are great parents in comparison.

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12 responses to “The Puzzle Box”

  1. Elocine says :

    I think Jealousy is the meanest-looking toddler I’ve ever seen in the Sims! Which, of course, makes her perfect for Evalin.

    Seriously, Sims in my game are constantly making their babies do terrible things. SP is not kind to them.

    • missmiserie says :

      That is probably the cruelest thing I have seen SP do to toddlers and babies, not including pre-Twallan when they would just die two at a time per day and crap.

  2. Darknessreign says :

    Jealousy is an awesome evil baby!
    Angela aged up with no regrets?Not even Liam?

  3. SRaina says :

    Jealousy is such an evil looking toddler and always scowling it looks like.

  4. Dotty Sims says :

    Jealousy certainly makes good use of the evil trait, she might even be more evil than Evalin…or maybe she’s just always wearing a scary expression? She’s going to be a great evil heir.
    That last picture of Liam in mid-air was hysterical xD

  5. Susan says :

    Man, I don’t have Hidden Springs, and now I want to marry Eunice into my Weirdacy. Those are the most dramatic features I’ve ever seen on a toddler. I can’t wait until she grows up.

  6. dwessiesims says :

    I already wanna marry Jealousy into the Warwick family but I won’t. Seriously though, I can’t imagine those eyebrows in my ISBI haha, it’d be awesome, actually.

  7. somebodysangel13 says :

    LOL, Jealousy is freaking awesome. Those eyebrows are gold.

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