Stealing Your Girl

1For Pete’s sake Genevieve, Evalin is done with you, she’s not going on a date with you because… you didn’t call Evalin you called Eunice… I don’t know how to really respond to that…

2Eunice: “A date with my wife’s boss with whom she has spent many nights out on meetings and business trips with over the course of our marriage?!  You know what?  Yeah, let’s go on that date!  If I can find my way out of this house and actually go some where for once, I will meet up with you over at the swimming pool!”

Angela: “Sounds like mischief going on in the next room?  Should I alert my sister just in case?”

Liam: “Best you don’t, Angela.  Evalin will get angry, then she’ll come and beat me up to get it all out of her system.  Just stay quiet about it.”

3Genevieve: “Nice of you to meet me here, Eunice.  I’ve amired you from afar for ages… and trust me, the view was beautiful.”

Eunice: “Consider yourself lucky I even showed up.  I hate going out and spending time out of my bed and off my trampoline.”

4Genevieve: “You are even more beautiful than I remember, and you used to be GORGEOUS!  I love you!”

Eunice: “I love chicken!  Mmmm…”

5Then Eunice instantly passed out on the sidewalk.

Genevieve: “No seriously, you were gorgeous.  What happened to you?”

6Eunice: “I’m so tired, but I am at the pool, might as well make the most of it.”

So Eunice got in…

7And instantly started drowning.

Eunice: “I’m not known for my ingenius ideas.”

8Eunice: “Well that was ok.  Leaving now, bye Genevieve.”

Genevieve: “But you just got here!  We hadn’t even gotten around to getting dinner together, watch a movie, nothing!  Why are you doing this to me!”

9I left the game for a day or so and came back to Eunice preparing for lift off.

Eunice: “Team Rocket’s blasting off again!”

And that was the end of their date.

10I recently told you that Meghan was probably Happiness’s best customer.  I think she’s striving to prove me right.

Happiness: “Sliiiiide to the left, sliiiiide to the right!  Criss-Cross!  Criss… ok, that’s your five minutes of music, I’ll see you tomorrow, Meghan!”

Meghan: “Aw darn!  Ok, see you tomorrow, Happiness!”

11Eunice: “My beautiful wife.  My… oh, the love of my life.  I *touches cheek* went on a date with another woman this morning.”

12Evalin: “YOU BITCH *proceeds to eat Eunice’s heart while motorboating her at the same time, might as well*

Eunice: “Well do you have to do that while I’m wearing my formal attire?  You aren’t an animal, Evalin.”

13But the damage was done, and Eunice died-I mean passed out again.  She is the worst sim at this free will stuff.

14Jealousy wanted a bachelorette party before her grand wedding, so let the festivities begin.

Fancy: “Wooo!  I’m heer everyone, the party can start now!  Yeah!  Someone gimme a high five!  But, it’s gotta be a low-five, actually, ‘cuz I can’t really lift my hand any higher than this… glitched plate and all.  Come on Jailusy, slap mah hand!”

Jealousy: “I’d slap your face.”

Fancy: “Wut?”

Jealousy: “What?”

15Edgardo: “Who, in their right mind, brought a toddler to a bachelorette party?!”

Star: “Hee hee, it was meeeee.”

Liam: “Women bring babies to bachelorette parties all the time, Edgardo!  Besides, I want to know who brought lobster thermidor to the party!  This is exquisite.”

16Edgardo: “Well someone is enjoying the party.”

Marlena: “Sliiiiide to the left, sliiiiide to the right!  Criss-Cross!  Criss-Cross!”

17Jealousy: “YAWN, face one strippers, how lame can you be?”

Gustav: “Bitch, I will twerk on yo mama.”

Dan: “Gustav, behave!  We don’t get work often, so just go with it right now!”

18I mixed their genes up a little bit.  I know they will probably never be seen again, but I’m sure they would want to die knowing that they are at least different from the car pool drivers.

Fancy: “Yooooo, yew guys are tight!  Gimme five!”

Dan: “Lady, no one wants to slap your hand, by the looks of you, we don’t even know what’s been on it.”

19Gustav: “Time to get this party STAAAAAARTED!”

Toilet: “Yeaaaaah, I’m about to get CRUNK!”

I knew I should have set a table out for them.


Eunice: “Don’t know… free will… off…”


21Jealousy: “This is not where I wanted my party to be.”

Gustav: “The party follows me where ever I go.”

Sidney: “Damn skippy!”

Jealousy: “Don’t even start with me, Sidney…”

22Jealousy: “Oh damn, Gustav.  You are looking fine.  I would give one of the many bouquets I have recieved from Edgardo to you, if he wasn’t in the room right this second.”

Edgardo: “Why is this happening to me.”

Fancy: “Wudda bitch.  But in all sur’sness, yo Edgurdur’, gimme five.”

Edgardo: “NO”


Envy: “You’re looking beautiful tonight, Marlena…”

Marlena: “Why thanks, Envy!  You are pretty spiffy yourself!”

Envy: “Aw, you flatter me, pumpkin!  (Yeah, that’s right you fluffy headed little fucker, I’m mackin’ on your woman, what are you going to do about it?)”

Happiness: “I am calling the cops.”

24Envy: “Oh, you’re wearing that honeysuckle perfume, I always loved that smell on you.  It reminds me of the night we went on the date on the pier, and you told me about your lifelong dream to be a sunflower florist.  I still believe in you and your dream, Marlena.”

Marlena: “Wow, you remembered!  You really are such a cool guy!”

Envy: “Oh I know I am…”

25Happiness: “What do you MEAN, this isn’t an emergency?! HE’S STEALING MY GIRL!  IN MY OWN BEDROOM!  No, this shouldn’t be “just my problem”, I need HELP!”

Envy: “Winning!”

Come on, Happiness.  Just man up and stop panicking.  She’s your girlfriend.

26Happiness: “Cut it out, Envy!  You know Marlena’s with me now, stop hitting on her and get your own girl!”

Envy: “Listen asshole, she was MY girl first before your little Justin Bieber pop act came in and sweeped her off her feet!  And it’s not MY fault you waited FIVE WHOLE FUCKING CHAPTERS before going steady with her!”


Happiness: “I was WORKING, I have goals and I want to set up my future to give her a life, not throw myself at her the second I hit puberty!”

Envy: “Which was when, five minutes ago?!”

28Marlena: “Oh guys, please!  You don’t have to fight over little old me!”

Envy: “Shut it, woman!  This is no longer about you, this punk is about to get a smack down!”

29Jealousy: “Hello Envy.  Just a reminder that if you ruin my party, I will disembowel you and bury you under a backwoods shed.”

Happiness: “Nose kisses my girlfriend!”

Marlena: “Hee hee!”

Envy: “This isn’t fair.”

30Angela: “Wow, it’s very unbecoming of me to be the one that soils myself.  I’m so sorry to everyone and I hope you can forgive me!  How embarrassing.”

Jaime: “You know what’s really embarrassing?  My bare ass.  I just realized that I’m not wearing any pants, halfway through this party.  Where is my mind this evening?”

31Fancy: “Don’t anyone wanna give me a high five over heer?  Don’t leave me hangin’ guys!”

Star: “Pregnant women don’t give high fives.”

Fancy: “Well then.”


Envy: “This really is a terrible party, I wouldn’t expect you to want to hang out with people like this.  You want to blow this popsicle stand and actually do something fun?”

Marlena: “Like a movie or the club, why sure, that’s a great idea!”

Happiness: “Nope, going to beat his hiney, he won’t stop crossing the line and I’m up to HERE WITH YOUR CRAP, ENVY”


Happiness: “WHAT THE FUZZ”

Jaime: “Ooooooh yeah, a fight, now THIS is something I could get interested in watching! *wiggle wiggle*”

34Marlena: “Leaving the room, your brother and your son are fighting in the next room, literally, Envy is beating up my boyfriend with his own lamp, I’m just going to hang out in the next room, ok”

Jealousy: “Your son is a moron.”

Angela: “Wow, and for once it’s not Kindness making me upset.”


Jamie: “Wow, I should have done a better job at putting underwear on this morning, at least.”

Happiness: *A high pitched whiny noise that would embarrass anyone that knows him within a twenty foot radius*

36Happiness: “Can you believe he attacked me like that!  He sucker punched me, and it wasn’t even fair!”

Marlena: “Well to be fair, you were thinking about jumping him just as much as he was, so you both need to grow up a little bit!”

37Happiness “Why are you siding with that lunatic?!  He’s bad news, Marlena, he’s not your friend!  He’s so spiteful!  Why won’t you stand up for me?!”

Marlena: “My boyfriend is such a wimp.  Look, he’s a good guy, Happiness!  You keep bad mouthing him like that and sometimes I wonder who’s the real bad guy here…”

38Star: “Sounds like someone is about to lose his woman over here.  Humph.  If it was me, I’d want to get vengeance and win the love of my girl back, before she elopes with your cousin and leaves you forever.”

Happiness: “Hey Star, how about you mind your own business over there, no one asked for your opinion!  …But you might be on to something, I can’t just leave Envy to think that he won this fight for good!”

Suddenly Happiness wished to win a fight against Envy, and that wish is now top priority…

39Unfortunately, he walked into the kitchen, and promptly passed out at the sight of Envy walking out the door.

Marlena: “Wow.  My boyfriend is about as broke down as their cheap sink.”

40Envy: “Great party, great rush!  Later Jealousy, congrats and shit.  Bye Happiness.  Good luck being alone forever, loser.”

Happiness: “Get BACK HERE, Envy, and let me PUT YOU IN A HEADLOCK”

41Marlena: “Yeah, this was a really bad party… I’m going to go to the club for a few hours with Envy, Happiness.  I’ll call you when I get home later on, I guess…”

Evalin: “Hee hee hee… that dork will lose that skank forever to my charming son, and he will die alone!  And once he’s gone, my lineage alone will be the star of this legacy, and we will take over, and rule this town single handedly!  Hahahahah!”

You don’t help much, Evalin.

42Jealousy: “Our last date together before our marriage tomorrow and someone had to abandon a brat at the restaurant.  Way to ruin my day.”

Adriane: “What, I can’t get out with my son and spend some time in public while he sits idly by on the sidewalk?  Rude.”

43Adriane: “OH NO, he’s here.”

Kindness: “Well of course I’m here, I failed to get to join my cousin on her fabulous night at her party, but I followed her here in hopes to join her and congratulate her while she’s out with her fiance.  It’s only the nice thing to do.  Of course, I didn’t get invited to the party… but I’m sure my invite was lost in the mail.  Right?”

Toddler: *crunches up his own limbs and starts sliding across the pavement*

44Jealousy: “Is… that baby sliding away?”

Adriane: “Wow, I’m a bad mother.  I should at least go chase him down… but if he’s that possessed, maybe letting him slide out into the road is a safer idea…”

45Edgardo: “I can’t wait for our wedding tomorrow, my love!  I hope it’s everything you wanted and more.  And I look forward to many, many years together with you!  Raising a family together, growing old together, and our love being vowed eternally, it’s going to be the greatest day of our lives!”

Jealousy: “Time to shut it, Edgardo, I got mac and cheese.  You don’t talk during mac and cheese time.”

46Across town, Happiness sought out an advantage over his army working cousin for his up and coming rematch.  He found the perfect place to hone his skills uptown.

Happiness: “What a bright and vibrant place!  I’m going to enjoy working out in such a clean and crisp environment.”

47Happiness: “Come on… I can… do this… It’s the eye of the tiger / it’s the thrill of the… fight~”

48Happiness: “It’s the… HURNG, I think I’m giving myself a hernia~”

That O’Dourke body frame of yours doesn’t do very well with exercise I think.

49Happiness: “No!  I must push through!  I must win my battle over that jerk of a cousin of mine and win back the love of my Marlena!  I must push through this!”

50Considering he’s worked out almost halfway through his routine and that skill bar has NOT budged, not even a single bit.  Yeah. I don’t think it’s working out so well.

Angela’s icon: “Oh my poor son.  I can’t almost not bear to even watch.  He’s going to tire himself out and then humiliate himself over this girl.”

Liam’s icon: “Believe in our son, Angela!  I have faith in him, I believe he can do it!”

51Nope, completed the routine, is fatigued, didn’t gain any experience towards a single skill point.  Happiness is doomed.

Happiness: “You never know!  I feel the power coursing through my veins!  My adrenaline has a super rush!  And maybe before our next fight, Envy will break both of his arms, here’s hoping to that!”

52Until then, here’s Katrine breaking the seriousness of Happiness’s workout with labor.


About missmiserie

I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)

14 responses to “Stealing Your Girl”

  1. Elocine says :

    Ohh, I love Happiness!! How about I send you my simself and you just forget about Marlena altogether? 😉

    I think it’s hilarious how he’s trying to be all rough toward Envy, but he’s really terrible at it.

    As always, Jealousy’s anger amuses me. 🙂

  2. lynnwood84 says :

    Oh poor Happiness . . . I really don’t like Marlena. -_-* She’s just ugh. And my favorite was Envy while they were growing up, so that really says something. XD

    As for the athletic skill . . . I think there’s a glitch going around lately where they can’t skill up at the gym. It happened to me too. As soon as I had my sim work out at home though she started skilling up normally. Not sure if you knew, just fyi, because him NOT skilling of course worked out really well for the humor of the story . . . poor, poor Happiness. D:

    • missmiserie says :

      Apparently Marlena’s not a lot of people’s favorites 😦 which is a shame because she’s been pretty neat so far, outside the stupid, ‘date-everything-else’ crap she’s pulled. I think that’s a combo of my jacked up SP settings and her hopeless romantic trait. And yeah, Envy was my favorite growing up too, it was a shame he didn’t get enough screen time when he was around.

      Ah, good, it wasn’t just me then. I haven’t used a gym in ages, so I wouldn’t have even thought about it. Evalin used to have a treadmill but we sold it for a bed.

  3. Natty says :

    Hmff. Like the others, I don’t think that Happiness and Marlena are right for each other… maybe it’s time Happiness moved on?
    But I’m biased 🙂

    Envy’s face looks fluffier than the last time… O.o Heheh… fluffy face XD

    • missmiserie says :

      If she pulls another stupid stunt involving Envy or anyone, yeah, she might have to go. But I’m going to try to give her one more chance. She seems ok besides all that!

      Envy has a very massive jawline that seems to swell with age, haha! He looks strange with his shirt off when it’s compared to the rest of his body.

  4. Alli B says :

    Happiness, she’s not worth it! Why don’t you try that Megan chick, she seems to like you.

  5. Peebles says :

    ^ I like how the person above me suggested Meghan, even though that would be sooooo awkward, with her being Edgardo’s ex-gf/baby mama and all… lmaooooo.

    But seriously, Marlene is kinda suckin’ the D right now with her attitude. 😡

    • missmiserie says :

      Oh man, could you imagine how that would work in the house?! She’d end up helping Jealousy kill Edgardo, then try to kill Jealousy herself! I might not be ready for all that drama XD

      Yeah, I’m going to give her one more chance, if she screws up again she’ll just have to be out on her ass, but she’s a pretty neat sim sometimes…

  6. skehrer says :

    If this is how the night before the wedding goes down I can not wait for the actual wedding! Happiness will not only be confronted with Envy, but Kindness as well. Drama is sure to happen,

    I also wonder if Eduardo will invite his ex along with is child?

  7. somebodysangel13 says :

    PMSL, that bachelorette party was epic! Maybe Envy shouldn’t be invited to family functions any more…but Jealousy would probably get annoyed by that. Oh well. When

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