Crash Landing

Oh lord, it’s been over 5 months since I last updated, hasn’t it…

That’s a long time to not give a shit about the Fallen family.  In the time that I could have updated, half a fetus’ could have developed or something.  I’m not good at comparing time events.  Apparently I compare everything to a full term pregnancy.  I think that’s just something I do.

Wow, off topic.  Alrighty, so what did we leave the Fallen clan doing when we were last here?  It’s an honest question, because I don’t remember.

1Wrath: *Punches Marlena in the uterus*

Marlena: “The jokes on you Wrath, that doesn’t work anymore.  We know, we tried.”

Happiness: “Oh, how we tried.”

Agony: *Stews in five month’s worth of baby shit*

2Apparently the sims themselves don’t remember what’s happened since the last time we played.  Happiness is apparently jacked for his son’s graduation, despite the fact that Peace is like 30 or something.  I at least remember that much.

3Cynthia: “Yeah.  We’ve come to the conclusion that you are, in fact, a bathroom troll.  Because this is nasty.”

Julian: *Grieves for Mephistopheles for 153 days*

4Jada: “Oh hell, this still lives in here.”

I see no one’s composure towards the babies have changed.  Nothing like just coming in to complain about them and then doing nothing about them.  I see why I stopped playing.

5Jada: “And YOU.  What the fuck did you do to that toilet?!  Where am I supposed to piss now because it’s not going to be on that nasty-ass busted thing.  How about I go pee in your bed, how would you like that?!”

Julian: *About to start boohooing about the cat for 5 hours straight*

6Auuuuuwwwgh, I’m already so thrilled to be back with these guys again.

Julian: *Marathoning that shit*

7Julian: “Now it’s my turn.”

Jada: “Heh.”

Peace: “I don’t want to say it, but I really do feel like I live in a circus sometimes.”

8Serenity: “It’s time that some of them died off, daddy!”

Peace: “I know that’s not the right mindset we’re supposed to have, sweetheart, but you may be right…”

The compassion on the good side of the family is apparently wearing thin, I see.

9Wrath: “They have accepted me as their queen, and do as I command.  It’s fabulous, even though they can’t bring me anything heavier than an empty beer can.  And they don’t understand jokes very well.  Nevermind, this is quite boring.”

10Marlena: “Many many stings have rendered my nervous system worthless, Wrath.  I can no longer feel.  Sorry, but your idea of torture just isn’t gonna cut it for you anymore.”


12Briana: “Hm.  You seem to have lost that ghostly green glow you had about you, Serenity.  Here, drink more of these nasty green bottles until that color comes back.”

I’m pretty sure that NO BRIANA

13The massive amount of food being thrown at the baby confused her and she fled by warping outside onto the balcony on the other side of the wall.  She took the second bottle with her.

14Wrath: “And now I can no longer interact with my own baby.”


Agony: “You should make Briana suffer for this, mother.”

Wrath: “I sure as hell will.”

15Wrath: “For endangering the life of my child in a food-related limbo, that’s 60 bees, Briana.  Buzz buzz.  Get rekt.”


16Yeah Jada.  Work for dat paper.

17Wrath: “On my way to fix my broken baby.  So a prison escapee breaks out of prison, much like I have broken my arm just now-”

What’s so damn hard about you people using the stairs?

18Wrath: “Someone’s put lube on the top of the pole!  Who the fuck does that?!  Jada!  Get over here and pop my arm back into my shoulder!”

Jada: “I haven’t had my nightly Hot Pocket yet, Wrath, so do it yourself.”

19Jada: “For fuck’s sake, is no one going to stop that screaming brat?!  Do I have to do it myself?!  I’m gonna end up doing it myself, aren’t I.”

Wrath: “I’m trying!  But this pole!  A stripper, a prostitute and a nun are sitting at a bus stop talking about stuff…”

20Wrath: “Oh, I see you reached the child before I did… and you actually fed it instead of stomping on it like I thought you’d… ok then!  I’m going to go back downstairs again!  Wee!”

The pole was deleted.

21Jada’s decency was short lived though.

Peace: “We actually have more beds than we do people in this house.  I don’t understand.”

Neither do I.


Ah, here’s something I don’t understand, while we are on the subject.  I do not think Julian has ever gone to school, ever.  His sisters have gone a couple of times, some times they don’t, but I do not believe he himself has ever needed to get on the school bus.  Every time this clock runs down, it resets back to 24.

22Meanwhile, sims like Cruelty, the ACTUAL children of this legacy, always have to get on the bus.

Julian: “Papa Peace takes pity on me because my actual dad doesn’t love me, so I never have to go!”

24Maybe after he ages up he’ll have to take educational responsibility.

Betsy: “Daddy?!  Is that you”

25Wrath: “For automatically causing the camera to pan over to someone that isn’t me and making me think that Marlena was finally dying and falsely raising my hopes, that’s four bees.”

Julian: *Doesn’t even know what four is because he’s unlearned*

26Wrath: “Oh bee friend.  One day, the camera will pan, and her corpse will light up our lifes, just like it should.  Ahh.  That would be nice.  Let’s go sting her right now.”

27Wrath: “The Dark Lords are failing me.  Why does she not die??”

Jada; “Now that I think about it, bees should be a viable death option.”

28Cruelty: “How the shit is this fair?!  Those other kids at the house don’t have to go to school, so why do I?!”

So she lost her queue and fuck ever hoping for her to get school honors, Wrath.  While we are waiting for her mother to come down to the school to herd her into the buiding, I took the opportunity to look at potential future spouses.

29Here we have an evil sim and a good sim right off the bat.  Sandi is the purple chick and she is evil, and is apparently dating another evil sim somewhere in town.  Dereck is the red head, but unfortunetely he’s Envy’s grandson or something.  Pretty sure his good trait has made him the family reject.

And the pink kid in the back is a broken dumbass and has no importance.

30Alton is Dereck’s twin I think, and while he has neither trait, he’s actually really cool to look at.  Sucks he’s related to the Fallens already.

The chick he’s stuck in is Beatriz, who’s actually a Secksie decendant.  She’s cute as well.

Neither have good/evil traits, but they are my favorite so far, and there’s still some hope for them next birthday or something.

31Here’s an evil fairy.  Ew.  I like him.

32Peace: “Look at him, sleeping all peacefully, he doesn’t need to be yelled at, he has a hard enough life as it is.  Maybe he’ll feel up to going to school in the morning instead then.”

And maybe he was a waste of our time.

32Ah hah hah, well then.  This guy sent Marlena a tombstone in the mail.  Dropping a hint there, for us eh?  I like the way this Jevon guy thinks.

33Wrath: “I finally made it all the way up to the school!  First and formost, if you light a school bus full of children on fire, will they make a sound?”

Cruelty: “Mom, it’s 4 in the afternoon, school is over so don’t even bother.”

34Wrath: “You’ve always been a dissappoint.  53 bees.”

Cruelty: “AAAaahh.  Oh.  The bees didn’t even show up.  That’s… that’s a good sign I guess, but did you just throw bees at your own daughter?!”

Chadwick back there is a good sim.  I should bookmark that shit.

35Peace: “Why must you always be up here hogging up Serenity when you know I’m on my way to take care of her?!  Briana, can I not spend any time with my little baby?”

Briana: “Shhhh, soon, Serenity.  Soon, I will successfully imprint into you my will, and you will too learn to not trust that whore of a mother of yours nor that slinky little man you call father…” *Mindmelds with toddler*

Peace: *Sweats profusely*

36Wrath: “For touching other people’s babies, that’s gonna be… hmm… does any one else here that buzzing sound?”

Briana: “Am I just not allowed to have a say in what goes on around here?!”

37I guess the bee venom enhanced her puberty rapidly, because Briana then had her birthday and YA’d all over the floor.

Wrath: “Good.  Get the hell out of my house.”

I tried to move Briana back in with her father since that’s what she seems to want, but I could not find John in any of the houses in town, but he’s still alive according to the tree.  Go figure.  He’s probably slumming in some drug alley, I don’t know.  So Briana was kicked to the streets.  She’s with her father now.  Bye bitch.

38Next couple of days involved nothing but baby skilling.

Wrath, you can’t teach the baby to shit in the toilet by trying to shit in the toilet with her, just… just for the record.


40Peace: “NO”


Wrath: “Hey look.  They’re gonna come in Peace.”


Cynthia: “I’ve already made that joke though.  Whatever.  I’m going to bed.”

42Two seconds later.

Space ship: *Crashes in the street*

43Peace: “Wow, that was the quickest abduction I’ve ever heard of.  You don’t seem to know how to alien very well.”

Rommach: “Wow really, and after I offered to walk you to the door and kiss you goodnight.”


Maybe that will be the last we hear from him then.

45Peace: “Wow mom.  Are you sure we can’t have Betel back?  Or at least let me hire a maid, because this place is getting rank.”

Shh, leave her be, Peace, she’s ACTUALLY doing something other than standing in the hallway being stank.  Maybe if we stay very quiet and avoid eye contact with her, she’ll keep doing something…


Wrath: “THERE you are Jada.  I haven’t seen you in a few days.  Nice to see you finally fell out of the wall.”

47Jada: “Why we here”

Wrath: “I want sexy time, and our bed is broken (WOW WHAT A SURPRISE).  Also I want a baby, and we need to crank one out before Peace and Cynthia do, since Briana’s vacant spot isn’t going to be there forever.  So pants off, and get me a gavel.  We’re going to try something hot.”

48Isn’t nature amazing.

49Peace: “Oh.  What a surprise.  The kitchen is still a horrible mess.”

Cynthia: “You really trusted your mother to actually clean this mess, didn’t you.  That’s really sad, Peace.”

50Cynthia: “But if you want, we can leave this kitchen and go do… other matters.  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not wearing pants…”

Peace: “NICE”

Cynthia: “I’d like you to show me just exactly what you learned from those aliens…”

Betsy and Julian: “NOT NICE”

51Cynthia and Peace: “VERY NICE”

52OF COURSE halfway through the woohoo I notice this.  I thought we were safely past this, APPARENTLY NOT

Peace: “It’s ok, a little fat to last me through the winter won’t hurt me!”

It’s summer.

53Cynthia: “Great.  We’re both going to be getting fat, aren’t we…”

MAYBE.  Who knows, maybe Wrath or Jada might?!  WHO KNOWS?!  I know.  and I won’t say anything until next chaptah.

54 Nascar: “We murdered them.  We murdered the last family there for the change of scenery.”

Veronica: “It’s ok though!  Because you should see the view we get from the kitchen window now!”

55Also I’m 99.99% sure that Cortney and Janna are related.  You know.  I have a hunch.

56And the Floridians have bred again.  At least their babies names go together, they got that going for them.  Anyway, let us see their first offspring, since it survived it’s first birthday.

57Hmmm.  He looks almost… normal compared to them.  Maybe the future will hold more answers for this little weirdo.


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I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)

12 responses to “Crash Landing”

  1. Heather says :

    Wee! An update! And you’re going to SO have three more babies around the house. The alien, Jada and Wrath’s, and Cynthia and Peace’s! I’m sure it’s gonna be great. And hopefully Marlena actually dies soon. I mean, I really enjoy her, but I’m ready to see her FINALLY PASS.

    • missmiserie says :

      There’s nothing I love more than a herd of babies. MMM. Just a chorus of unified squalling.

      We are all ready for her to pass. I think when she dies I’m probably going to host a IRL party.

  2. yumehoshichan says :


    Hopefully s/he doesn’t turn out to be a clone/like great uncle Kindness because I will vote the HELL out of that child if at all possible. I love Sims Aliens.

    Too bad it’ll be a baby overload D:

  3. Malin says :

    Woo! A new chapter! 😀
    Glad you got rid of that pole. It seems that the only floor to floor transportation that doesn’t glitch out are regular stairs. Hope your alien baby doesn’t look like a clone, cause mine did. *Sadface*

    Anyway, glad for a new chapter. Hope Marlena dies soon. 🙂

    • missmiserie says :

      I never thought there would be a mode of transportation that actually wastes as much time as the pole did. That was just sad.

      And I hope Marlena dies soon too. Very very soon…

  4. LilyShadowWriter says :


    And I am ashamed to say I kind of forgot about the Fallens in the year that I was gone, but when I saw a new update for them in my feed I decided to go back and REREAD what I’d read before and then proceed to, of course, catch up!

    I literally regret nothing because these past couple days of reading have been massively entertaining XD Which then reminded me: I LOVE THE FALLENS AND I WILL NEVER FORGET THEM AGAIN!!!!!

    Off to read the most recent update XD

    • missmiserie says :

      I think we are getting better on the clone thing this generation. So far the kids don’t seem to have TOO many hang ups. Except Cruelty. She’s disgraceful.

      It’s ok, I’m really good at forgetting the Fallens too and I’m the one playing them (that’s a bad sign. Then again they are really good at bugging out, I see why I forget them).

  5. rochellesmiles says :

    “Wrath: “Hey look. They’re gonna come in Peace.””


  6. somebodysangel13 says :

    PMSL, I *love* that you did the ‘come in Peace’ joke again. And that Wrath, queen of bad puns, was the one to say it this time.

    Dude, how is Marlena still alive? She must be the luckiest sim ever, to keep dodging the death roll.

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