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When it Rains, We get Rainbows

Last chapter there were several birthdays, including Agony’s passage into adulthood.  She got no important traits, and is kinda stale.  Peace also had his birthday and will soon no longer be heir either.1In other sims news, I decided to revamp my simself up a bit, since I really haven’t changed her look since the sims 2.  Since I have been rocking a black sweater and jeans for probably over 12 years now, I switched up a bit.

Ironically, I actually cut my hair for the first time since I was a little girl a few months back, so the hairstyle is out of date.  But I downloaded it specifically because it looked just like my hair at the time, and I’ll be damned if I only use it once for a holloween event.

I’m happy with this one.  Won’t upload it, since it’s just the same old thing with a new can of paint, but I like my new look a lot.  I may insert myself into town one day, but maybe not now since I might move the family before too long.2Enough gushing on about me. We here for the sims that matter!  Isn’t that right… Arwing… carrying an open umbrella in her mouth…

I would say its not healthy for her, but what do I know about her dietary habits.
4Marlena: “Yes!  Angela left one out just for me!  Now I’m going to learn how to crack this egg, and make an omlette!”

I hope her stupid ass has fun with that.5Serenity: “I’m gradurmurating.”

Happiness: “Everyone has to hop into the trunk.  As long as the limo is, it can only fit three people I believe.  But trust me, the trunk has a plasma tv so it’s the better sitting choice!”

Peace: “Can’t we take something more beneficiary  to us, like the MM?  I was hoping we’d all ride in it like I tried to command us all to do, but as usual, I get ignored.”

Its a dream I have too.6Especially when drivers like this happen.

Peace: “I need the MM right about NOW anyway, I have massive WHIPLASH”7Happiness: “Lets DO THIS THING!  I really want to get back in time for my soaps.”

Peace: “Dad, please wait!  Some of us are old and can’t keep up!  And some of us are still having problems loading in.”

Serenity: *Decomposes*

Wrath: “I can’t wait to be dead :)”8Peace: “The proudest day of my life.  Watching the girls I raised and the girls I help raise graduate at the surprisingly average top of their class and succeed in life!  Me and your Auntie Cynthia are so proud of you, Agony!  You are going to go so far!”

Agony: “I am the one that wants death now.”9Peace was so overexcited that he short circuited and passed out.  See, this is why I wanted an MM instead of a limo, but DOES ANYONE LISTEN? NOOO

Cynthia: “We were given a fair warning yes.  But really, do you rather be seen rolling up in a stretch limo, or a bootleg Scooby Doo mystery machine?”

Justice: “To be fair… we didn’t roll up in the limo.  We crashed it.”10Agony: “Woot WOO!  So glad I managed to pass advanced calculus and can’t wait to use my gained knowledge to raise children and die of old age like my ancestors before me! Legacy living ROCKS!”

Way to make it sound so unintresting, Agony.  If you’re really good, I’ll look into getting you an electric car if it will shut you the hell up. 11I TRIED to get everyone to ride down the block in the MM, AGAIN, because everyone was whining about something.  They all RAN down to the other side of the consignment store and continued to whine instead of getting in the STUPID VAN, GWAIUOHFDSK

Peace: “I just wanted to not be tired!  I just wanted to chill for a second, not run a marathon two blocks down from the school!”

Wrath: “Hey, I got some herbs for you that will chill you the fuck down, but you need to stop crying first.”

Justice: “Suddenly I don’t feel like I should be here.”12So I MM commanded them to the nightclub, on the OTHER side of town, so their lazy asses would not be tempted to run, and would for once, get into the van they apparently hate so much.  The only person at the club is a pregnant playboy bunny in her comfy loafers.

Larissa: “Can’t wear 6 inch heels while in my 3rd trimester!  The rib-tight corset is enough as it is.”13Peace: “Its that time again!  Ladies and… well really just lady.  I’m about to turn this droll club into a, uh, roll…ing club.  Listen, I’ll buy everyone drinks and play some Usher, let’s just get some life in this place!”14Proprietor: “Why am I even serving you drinks, Larissa?  Aren’t you pregnant?  Don’t you care about the wellbeing of your unborn child?!”15Larissa: “This is what I think of your “concern”.” *Reached over and knocks over one drink, really Larissa where’s your manners*

Proprietor: “Why, this is my only clean white shirt”16Larissa: “Fine, let me pick it back up and unspill it from your shirt.  Jeez, everyone is a whiner.”

Proprietor: “And you um… brought your daughter to the club with you?”

Larissa: “Do you know how hard it is to find a babysitter?  Especially on a third shift?  Look, you didn’t even know she was hiding in the back of a supply closet until the dude bought all of us drinks so serve up.”17Proprietor: “No, you’re like 9!  Don’t take that, I’m not about to serve a minor!”

Ethel: “Hey.  I’ve been stuck in a locker since the beginning of her shift, and if she was your mother, you’d want to have a drink too.  Now serve up, I will not take no for an answer.”

Proprietor: “I want a new job.”
18By the way, the rest of the team, NATURALLY, did not follow Peace in the MM.  That would have required them to actually GET IN the MM.  Nothing I can do for them now.  Nothing I want to do for them actually.  Bunch of lazy piss asses.

Cynthia: “Anyone remember red hands from back in the day?  Now that was a fun game.  We definetely should bring that back in a future DLC.”

Justice: “Mom, we’re never getting red hands back.  They ended the Sims 3 DLC programs ages ago.  We’re hardly getting updates anymore.  The end is nigh.  Can I please change out of my prom dress now?”19Then across town Tyrone grew up and I just HAD TO.  HURRRNNGGG


Grape: *Is extremely fed up with this bullshit*20He more or less has a flat bed trailer for a lip.

Tyrone: “E”
21Don’t worry about the family though, they found their way home eventually.

Happiness: “Don’t mind me.  Just throwing myself out with the garbage, like I should have done a long time ago… now that I think about it though, I should flush myself down the toilet, I now feel that’s more fitting for something like me.”

Maybe he’s hitting that midlife crisis after all.

22Since Peace is only going to be heir for a few more days, he was to spend the remainder of those days cranking out work for his wishes.  He wants some heavy stacked ones so he better start doing better than this.

Peace: “Darn 5 ton block of stone crumbled because of this half pound worth of bloodstone!  It’s so much work to trek back up the side of the mountains to get another block!”
23Cynthia: “WHOA that was a sudden camera pan over.  I think it gave me a headrush.”

Agony: “Who knew my tits would look this good in my sleepwear… huh, did you say something, Cynthia?”24Cynthia: “Oh no, the head rush is really me dying!  Help be Baal, do something!”

Ariel: “Yeah, you aren’t going to make it.  You’re hallucinating so much you think I’m the dog?  RIP, old lady.”25Happiness: “Yeah, that’s a pretty hardcore hallucinating.  Considering Baal just got here.”

Cynthia: “Hey, not the concern right now??”26Justice: “Do something grandpa!  I’m only 16 and she hasn’t even seen me graduate, or get married, baby sat her grandkids, etc-”

Happiness: “What would I do, Justice?  I never died before, I don’t know what to do in this situation.”27Justice: “Please, Mr. Death.  Don’t take my mother.  I’m still so young and innocent.”

Cynthia: “Yes, please listen to the pleas of my young child and consider them, Death.”

Agony: “Aw, don’t start begging.  You completely ruined the moment, Cynthia.”29Justice: “Yeah mom.  Don’t start begging.  Even I think it’s unslightly.”

Cynthia: “SOMEONE ANYONE PLEASE, I STILL WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE”30Serenity: “Mom quick!  Please grab my hand, just for one last moment!”

Cynthia: *Reaches out but gets sucked into the afterlife void before reaching her daughter*

Justice: “You know, maybe mom wasn’t too far off.  From some angles the cat does kinda look like Baal.”
31Death: “Huh.  She laughed at the death of an old woman.  Maybe she has some evil in her after all.”

Agony: “Haha, yeah.  Best entertainment I received since I looked down at my own boobs in this outfit.”32Serenity: “Now that mother has passed from this earth, I must hibernate since there’s a FIGMENT OF DEATH IN THE KITCHEN”

Justice: “Come on, sis.  It’s just a corpse.  Get over it.”

Happiness: “It was only your MOTHER”33Justice: “Here you go Baal.  I’m going to put you on her face and you lick her with that “minty fresh” breath of yours until she wakes up.”

Baal: *Chews fingers* “lemme go”34RIP Cynthia Fallen.  You died really young compared to some *cough* Marlena *cough* and was relatively more useful around the house, compared to uh *COUGH*MARLENA*COUGH* some.

Her loving husband could not be found at the time of her death as he was still having a crisis of his own.


Dude, go into the kitchen.

35Peace: “That was a great idea!  Mmm.  Strawberry Blizzard.  My fave.”

Peace, that’s not what I meant… back to the backyard, I moved Cynthia out there by now.36Peace: “Golly, I sure love yard work, nothing like making the backyard crisp and clean for my loving family.”


About time.  I don’t think at any point did Peace directly notice, and I felt I had to force him to at least act in his character.
38Happiness: “Boo hoo, my poor daughter in law!  She once almost came inside this building to watch me do one of my shows!”

Old guy: “Not what I came and paid good money to drink to.”39Angela: “I look forward to the day my greatgrandchild-in law comes and challenges me to an Overwatch match.  I’ve been training for ages for a new gaming buddy.  Is greatgrandchild-in-law a real thing?”

Justice: “Oh no.  I just realized, mom will be turning on the radio and doing aerobics for the rest of eternity in that skimpy unitard.  Why oh why did we not get together and make her wear something more normal?!”
40Soon, it was the last day for Peace to be heir holder.  Since he never really got to finishing those large-ass wishes (50 statues, what in the world would make you want that, Peace), this is the last wish he completed under my control.


Peace: “Wee friendship”41Kirsten: “Guess who got her cleaning license renewed and restraining orders revoked?  Its meeeeee ❤ who missed this hot piece of ass?”

Peace: “If you think you can come near me and compare to the love of my beloved Cynthia, you got another thing coming.”42I then felt like spending some of the money Happiness keeps flooding this family with (sometimes).

I don’t think I ever used this snowman?  Maybe a long time ago for the Secksies before seasons, but he’s SO CUTE.  I know it’s almost summer for the Fallens but I really needed this little mustached face around for a bit.

Snowy the Man: “So we’re just going to ignore this hole in the patio you accidentally deleted?  Yeah?  Ok.”43And then BAM random skating rink!

And a swing set with caterpillars on it why not.

Snowy: *Continues to sweep around the hole humming conspicuously* 44Peace: “You FAILED school?!  The last day as a teenager and you have been bringing home F’s this WHOLE time!”

Justice: “Dad no, please not on my birthday!”

Baal: *Covers eyes in embarassment*45Peace: “This isn’t how I want to be remembered as heir… punishing my child on her greatest birthday of her life… oh, if Cynthia could only see me now, she’d be so disappointed…”

Go let her out.46Peace: “I was wrong in punishing you.  You can go early.  I love you.  Now please feed us cake.”

Justice: “You only letting me out of time out because you’re hungry ;-;”47Justice: “What should I wish for?”

Peace: “Bring back your mother and all the other innocents Frieza murdered in cold blood.”

Justice: “Dad, that’s not… oh, nevermind I’ll just wish for my LTW or something.”48Justice: “NO WAIT, I know what I wanted, I wanted to have a cooler outfit as an adult and not kill the game can I chanGE MY WISH”

Wrath: *Woke up just for this and is probably pissed*49And here she is ladies and gents.  Heir to the Good throne.  She has the Good trait, along with clumsy, couch potato, natural cook and animal lover.  I leaned towards her namesake while picking her LTW and she has International Super Spy.  Which with her traits might not be a good match?  But we’re here now.50Justice: “My first wish as heiress is to help my sister get the proper nutrients she needs to be healthy.  Here sis, eat some of our healthy organic cake.”

Serenity: “Yeah, but don’t insert it directly in my ribcage…”51Peace: “Wait… I’m not heir anymore.  How do I get back in my bed?  How do I get out of this kitchen?  How function?”

Serenity: “Oh goodness, he’s already falling apart now that he’s no longer under control.  Time to find a nice nursing home I suppose.”52While Peace struggles to remember how to find his way upstairs, sweet dreams Justice.  You have a big first day ahead of you for heirship.53While she slept, I looked for potential mates for both sides.  I think I’m definetely going to move the family to a new town very soon, but I wanted to see if there was potential here first.

Tristin: “I’m evil.  Look at my, uh, scarf of evil.”

I’m getting distant Edgardo descendant vibes from him.  Eh.  Next.

Toaster: “Bitch my name is like Willard or something, can’t you read or at least remember.”

Officer: “Why do I live in the same house as the Annoying Orange?”
54Toaster: “This is YOUR fault!  I blame this horrid genetic mutation on YOU you contagious FREAK”

Tyrone: *licks fingers happily*
56There’s a lot more evil sims in the town than there are good ones, but they aren’t all that good looking either.  This one is distantly related to the Fallens too.  Not worth remembering the name for.
57The only one that impresses me is this Jodi dude.  He’s evil and sure as hell looks like it.

Jodi: “Time to feed the Overly Happy Lake Monster with one of my many many dogs!”

Fluffy: “Tired of your bs, Jodi.”

While I like him, he shares the name with one of my mother’s abusive ex-boyfriends and I can’t not see the bastard when I look at this sim.  So I can’t use him.58Its a shame because Jared is still around, and as a good sim, having two fairies in the house with conflicting traits would be neat.  Even though at this point he’s gone through like 12 wives.

Jared: “The last one ended in divorce and she took my wings in the settlement.  And half the lots too.”
59Justice’s official first wish as heiress was to get a job at the police department.  She also wished to be best friends with her father so it because a day out for the both of them.

Justice: “SHOOT!  I forgot today is graduation day!  My commands are all cancelled!  The court house, it calls me.”

Peace: “Please.  I’m begging you.  Get in the MM for goodness SAKES.”60Justice: “Its ok, Father!  I cancelled the trip to the court house, and now I get to graduate on the sidewalk!  Just like every other flunkie!”

Peace: “This is not what I wanted for my child.  I knew I should have gotten you some tutors.”61Justice: “And now, with this GED, I will get my job as a police officer and do my good for the people of this fair little town!”

And so she did.62Justice: “Well would you look at that, Father.  It’s raining.”63Peace: “Yes, but remember my child.  Even when it rains this much, we get rainbows as wonderful as this.  Remember that is the same in life.”

Justice: “That is so true, Father.”

I’ll still take this as a good omen for the family.65The remainder of the day was spent skilling together in the library.  And by that I mean they’re just reading books because I forgot how skill books actually work.

Peace: “Yeah but Raymundo has so many good ideas and adventures.”
66You may have noticed by now the “other heiress” isn’t really doing much.

Agony: “I haven’t moved from this spot since Cynthia died.  At least my tits still look good.”

That’s because she’s not under my control.  I’m not doing anything with her because…
67Hysteria: “I’m back you bitches.”

It returned and didn’t bother losing it’s evil trait.  That’s just great.
68Oh.  Well she’s mostly back I think.

69Hysteria: “Get the FUCK out of my face you fucking celery stick.  Literally.  Get out of me.”
70Hysteria: “Wow nothing has changed since the last time I was here.  Granted I was only here for a couple of days of my life, but still.  Nice to come back to the same hell hole.”71Hysteria: “And here she is.  The leech on my throne.  Swamping up MY house with her ogre stank.”

Agony: “What’s a deodorant stick”72Hysteria: “Greetings, Agony.”

Agony: “Hello 🙂 who the fuck is you?”73Hysteria: “Why it’s me, your long lost baby sister, Hysteria.  I was thrown out the second our moms got me walking, just like you.  Only unlike you, I was kept in pris-I mean military school while you got out as soon as your lower lip ballooned up thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

But hey, no hard feelings.  As a matter of fact, even though I’m the one that should be celebrating my graduation from juvie, I mean Fort Starch, I would like to take you out on a surprise night out to celebrate your recent status change to heiress.”74Agony: “While I really shouldn’t trust a random balding stranger walking into my house at 11pm saying their my sister with little to no recollection of you ever being born, I would like that I suppose.  I’m only a few hours away from being stir crazy for being cooped up in the kitchen for several days.”75Hysteria: “That’s fantastic.  Just as expected.  We are going to have… a fantastic, night out…”

Agony: “Why are you talking all oddly… ew, no don’t smile please, that is unsettling and wrong somehow.”

I have little trust in this for Agony…

76Agony: “Where are we?  I thought we were going out for a nice dinner or something…”

Hysteria: “While a dinner sounds like a great idea, since I ate nothing but military rations for the past 18 years, we are making a pit stop here first…”
77Agony: “What is this?  This isn’t Fuddruckers.  This looks more like Sacred Spleen Memorial to me.”

Hysteria: “That’s because it is, you bimbo.”

Agony: “I don’t understand.  This isn’t a fun night out.  What’s the meaning of this?”78Hysteria: “Oh it’s simple really.  While the family is asleep and unaware that I returned at all, I will steal your face, resume your identity, and take over as heiress just as I should be.”

Agony: “What the hell?!  That’s… psychotic!”79Agony: “You need help!  Does this look like Face Off to you?!  You aren’t taking my face, you psycho!  There’s no way you are any sister of mine to be that crazy!”80Hysteria: “You know NOTHING.  Nothing about me, and obviously nothing about this family.  This family belongs to me, and I refuse to stand by or be chased off while it’s handed over to some car drooling, eco friendly weakling!”81Agony: “Get away from me!  I’m… I’m calling the police!  Justice will not put up with this!  She’ll have you put down!”

Hysteria: “Shut up and give me your face!!”82Agony: “STOP!  GET OFF OF ME!  SOMEONE STOP HER!”

Hysteria: “SHUT UP!  You don’t stand a chance against me, I spent my entire life in a military camp!  You cannot stop me!”83*Sounds of Agony getting knocked out and dragging noises across the pavement*84Hysteria: “And now, finally… doctor?  Me and my sister have a procedure we would like to have done as soon as possible…”