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Haunted Breakfast

1Last chapter, which was just posted only a few days ago (AMAZING, A RECORD), Dee Dee and Justice started dating.  Justice threw a holloween party to propose to Dee Dee at, but her father caught the kitchen on fire.  Dee Dee said yes to the proposal afterwards.

Hetal: “Grrrjkalghwegow”

Can you stop being a zombie and grow up for once.  Literally.2Justice: “I have no friends, and I would very much like to have a successful bachelorette party!  Let’s get to know each other, and maybe hang out sometime? :)”

Sabrina: “Did I give you permission to just walk into my house.”

Justice: “Haha, you did!  You forced it, actually!”

So apparently Happiness doesn’t know everyone (at least not the ones I recently added) so I made Justice at least go know them.  Or all who was home.  It was just me.
3And back at the house, Dee Dee got a makeover after moving into the house.

Dee Dee: “I hope this doesn’t look too gaudy.  I want Justice to think it’s cute.”

I’m really digging that hair.4Hysteria: “Why am I constantly cleaning up this nasty ass laundry!  I want to go out and do something bad, dammit!  I can’t do evil deeds while I’m picking up dirty clothes!  Get me a maid!”

And so we did.5Alex: “Oh god please let me bang your dad”

I hate her already.6Hysteria: “Your primary duties while under my command is laundry duty.  If I so much as find a pair of crusty panties under the fridge I will disembowel you and leave you for the werewolves.”

Alex: “Lol k”7Alex: “Can’t clean when I myself ain’t clean.  This dirty mouth do things that make teeth brushing top priority.”8Alex: “Alright sluts I’m done for the day.  Y’all owe me $125 and free lunch, so later skanks.”

Oh you are so going to die.9Sabrina: “I’m here.  I don’t BOYB so there better be snacks available.”

Justice: “I forgot all about snacks, Sabrina!  You see our beloved cat, sniff, Ariel, she’s dead!”

Sabrina: “Don’t be like this the whole party, I’ll leave with whatever you have in your fridge.”
10In the end the only other person that bothered to show up was this Patty chick.  No one else bothered to show but Oakley Bean, who took two steps on the porch, changed her mind and left.  So fugg’em.11Dee Dee: “I want to stant out here and hide in the outhouse, yall have fun.”

Naw, you getting involved, it’s your bachelorette party too!12Justice: “And because it’s your bachelorette party, I would like you to do the honors and give the toast if you could, please?”

Dee Dee: “Uh huh.  The Sabrina girl said she wouldn’t do it, didn’t she.”

Justice: “Yah, she’s eating all our Applebees leftovers now as we speak.”13Dee Dee: “As we all stand here today, I would like to remind everyone that if Justice doesn’t shave her arms, she looks like a wooly bully.”

Justice: *In the tiniest whisper* “the cat died”14Sabrina: “Yeah I’m just here to let you guys know y’all outta cheese now.”

The topiary enjoyed the speech.15Justice: “Yeaaaaah, drench me bb”

They can have fun on their own on their own bachelorette party.  They don’t need me.16You guys weren’t invited.

Happiness: *Sobs because he dug his old monkey suit out for this occasion just to get chased off*

Peace: “Nooo, the cat, the CAT”17Justyne: “I know you set me tables in the living room specifically to prevent me from doing something stupid like dancing in the bathroom, but who can resist a magic Red Rider Wagon in the back of this musty, wet, and empty backyard?!”

She has kind of a point but at the same time screw you.18Justice: “Mmph yeah ain’t she a work of art, dear?”

Dee Dee: “I got to go salvage the remains of our groceries in the fridge.”
19Peace: “Haha I found my way inside anyway, time to boogie!”

Sabrina: “He’s a safety hazard.”20Sabrina: *Breaks down into emotional sobbing, probably mid-life crisis related lol*

Peace: “Gurl u ok”21Sabrina: “Ok its over, I’m fine being 28 or whatever”

Peace: *His turn to sob because it’s contagious*22Justice: “I am now in my official trooper uniform because if you take one more item out of our fridge I will taze and arrest you for theft :)”

Sabrina: “Bitch”

Justice: “Rate my party 10 out of 10 on Survey Monkey please”23Finally, it’s starting to look like an actual bachelorette party in here.

Patty: “Patty do not do dance of celebration.”

Then leave bitch.24Just as the party begins, it ends.  Thanks Marlena.

Marlena: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single body do this much moving, even in my life!  Amazing.”25Sabrina: “Why does she always have to RUIN EVERYTHING!  I hate her so much, Justice!”

Justice: “Yeahhh, I know… I’ve considered getting a priest to exorcise her, or at least moving the tombstone to the junk yard…”26Sabrina: “Don’t you mean the graveyard?”

Justice: “Nah, no graveyard will take her, she’s been banned from every one of them from here to Twinbrook.”

Wrath: “Speaking of, that reminds me, I have to go take my weekly piss in her skull.  Later guys.”27Hysteria: “I can’t keep doing this anymore!  I want to smuggle, rob and murder, why do I keep wishing for wash, rinse and repeat!  I don’t want to do anymore LAUNDRY!  I want to kill people, like Alex!  I’ll join the criminal career finally if it ends my misery!”28So finally she did.

The criminal hideout here is also the local theater.  Not sure what kind of hideout that is though.  Between showings of Frozen 2 and Spiderman 29, there’s a crime family smuggling fentanyl I guess.29Justice: “Really want to have a great wedding but I got to get these potions wants out of my head.  If I really PUT MYSELF into my work, anything can be accomplished!”

If you think severing your torso will help.

She’s never going to complete any of these wants.31Hysteria: “Y’all overcrowding my already ugly ass living room.  I can’t sleep with all you guys boo hooing over that stupid cat.  Let’s go on an outing to help you guys forget all about Ariel.”32Then she booted them out on the sidewalk and went back home to take a bath.

Peace: “This didn’t make me feel better about the cat at all :C”33Justice: “I may not be good at making the simplest of potions, but I’m bar none when it comes to making delicious meals!”

Be nice if you could utilize that talent elsewhere.34Hysteria: “She’s just stupid and depends on using a lot of salt.  Me on the other hand, I GRADUATED with this as my minor so I’m not a complete fuck up like she is.”35Hysteria: “FUCK”

Could have fooled me.36Justice: “Can’t wait for my wedding in the morning, zzz…”

Baal: “I can’t wait to taste the BLOOD OF INNOCENTS”37Hysteria: “Can you assholes not exist while I’m trying to eat breakfast?  I’m gonna summon a demon later to eat you all if you don’t go away.”38Hysteria: “Fuck it, lets do this.  You bastards can’t stop me.”

A plate nine meters away can keep them from going to work but it won’t stop them from inserting themselves into furniture.

I know the frame rate is like .02 per five years, but to be honest this does look fun.39Hysteria: “Don’t call me babe, because I won’t be calling you.”

Liam: “I feel dirty somehow.”40Hysteria: “Time to go walk the dog in nothing but charred underwear.  Didn’t know it was going to be snowing but walkies cannot wait!”

41Justice: “I know we waited a day longer than we should in order to get over the cat, but now it’s snowing on our wedding day!  I was hoping we’d beat the storm but I guess not… that doesn’t bother you does it?”

Dee Dee: “Are you kidding, I’m just happy to get married today with you!”

Justice: “Then shall we depart to the other side of the street!”42Justice: “I doubt it will stop snowing soon, but personally I think this makes the venue even more beautiful!”

Dee Dee: “Today is the perfect day after all to get married!”43Meanwhile Hysteria won’t be joining or caring because she is still walking the dog with no shoes and no fucks.  I didn’t think the area I was sending her to walk the dog to was going to be as far away as it is, but if she wants that want done then its whatever.

Hysteria: “I’m missing my first day of work for this.  Fucking great.”
44Justice: “You look so beautiful in that dress, dear!”

Dee Dee: “And you look just as lovely as the day we went dancing and you started hacking up disease and snot.  But alas, none of that matters now, let us get married!”45Dee Dee: “But first it’s gotten too cold so forget that mess, this overcoat will have to do.”

Are you serious.

Justice: “Dad my extensions fell out, can you find me a new wig?”

Peace: “Where am I”

46I am REFUSING them to have a Wal-mart outerwear wedding in this nice set up.  This is going to be a picture perfect wedding if I have to FORCE IT *slams an “outerwear” wedding dress over Dee Dee so hard it gives her whiplash*47Justice: “GASP!  You are just as beautiful as before, Dee Dee!”

Dee Dee: “Same to you!  Though I regret taking the other dress off.  At least that one had sleeves.  I guess I should be grateful this one at least has pockets.”48Dee Dee: “Thank you everyone for coming to our wedding!  It may be getting dark outside but the glow from your hearts and ours have brightened up the night!”

I added lights.

Dee Dee: “There’s no way our wedding will go wrong now!”50Dee Dee: “MAN do I REALLY have to take a leak right now though.”

You did NOT have to pee when this started Dee Dee, DON’T YOU EVEN.49Justice: “Oh please oh please, just hold it in for a few more minutes, just take the ring and you can run off to the restroom, if you wet yourself now, Sabrina will show up in person and eviscerate us.”

Dee Dee: “Lol is that why she wasn’t invited?”

Justice: “No I literally just forgot about her.  Doesn’t matter her simself is no fun anyway.”

Thanks guys.51Dee Dee: “Anyway, I CAN’T HOLD IT.  THE DAM IS BUSTING OPEN, JUSTICE”

Justice: “No, you can’t!  HOLD IT, Dee Dee!  Fold your dress in… like this… and HOLD IT IN!!”

Serenity: “My wedding wasn’t anything like this mess.”52Justice: “Oh God Dee Dee, I can hear her… the raging angry curses and hell to be brought down upon us!  Sabrina is so PISSED”

Dee Dee: “Not as pissed as I’m about to be”

Wrath: “This is a very lovely wedding after all!”

Happiness: “NO it isn’t!  Please let them have a do-over!”53That is the face of yet another sim that has ruined their own wedding to piss themselves at the aisle.

This is my fault for trying to have lovely weddings.
54Dee Dee: “Lol here ring”

Justice: “You could have given it to me 2 seconds earlier.”

Dee Dee: “The ring will last forever.  A painful bladder infection will last for days.”

Justice: “Yeah, good point.”55Thankfully, Dee Dee held on to her stink lines, because I WILL have at least a nice wedding photo if nothing else.56Dee Dee: “Now that that’s done FEED ME, I REQUIRE SUSTENANCE”

Justice: “I’m sawing as fast as I can!  It takes time to cut through a frozen wedding cake!”

Peace: “It might be easier to serve ice cubes from the freezer you know.”57Dee Dee: “And now that we are back inside the warmth of the house?  Bam.  Original wedding dress.”

Justice: “Nice.  I’ll do the same.”

You both disgrace me.58Justice: “To be honest, that dress is nice, but I bet it will look much better on the floor.”

Dee Dee: “Oooooh so frisky!”

Peace: “Please, not in my clean kitchen, I just had the soot scrubbed up…”59And so the chapter ends with them tainting the bed of Justice’s Grandfather, who never slept in it anyway from my guess.  So its all fine.

All Hallows Flames

1Wrath: “UGH!  Dainty flowers?!  In MY house?! Did that statue decorate while I was in stasis, because I’m unnerved!”

No dumbass, you’re in the wrong house.  Stop mooching in Peace’s apartment for once.

Last chapter, Justice had to rescue her grandfather from his cross country marathon on a treadmill at the gym, and then she and Hysteria went on dates with their chosen significant others.  Hysteria went the cheap route and Justice got the flu.  2Justice: “And now I know why I’m constantly stuck with the plague!  Baal!  Get out of my bed!  You’re infested!”3Baal: “Have you ever noticed that the Ultra Fast Forward option for speeding up time in this game has NEVER worked?  Like isn’t it supposed to zip us through whatever thing we are doing?  It doesn’t go any faster than the three speed option!  And no one ever updated or patched that as far as I can tell.  Why even add or keep the option if it’s never going to be useable or fixed?”

Justice: “Look Baal, I love you, and adore you, but I’ll put up with your monologuing just as much as Agony does.  Please leave my room and don’t come back until you Febreze yourself at least.”
4Justice: “Oh who am I kidding.  If I don’t do it no one will.  No better way to bathe a dirty doggie than in my future wedding dress in a recently painted bathroom.”

This color scheme is like a Barbie nightmare.  The color scheme sounded fun on paper but the farther I went with it the more I regret this.5Happiness: “Annnnnd the final touch, grey cabinet doors to really make these patterns pop.”6Happiness: “And bam, the kitchen is finished.”

I hate these colors, but for some reason I like the kitchen the best.  This house is hell.  I regret sticking to their favorite colors as a decorating scheme when I decorate on a 3rd grade level.7Hysteria: “WHOEVER DICKED WITH MY KITCHEN LIKE THIS DESERVES A STEAK THROUGH THEIR HEART”

Happiness: “:C”

8And so she did as she wanted.

Hysteria: “I couldn’t walk on them while they were blazing hot so I guess I’m not as mad as I thought.”9Happiness: “I’m glad you cooled down a bit and decided to make dinner.  What we having tonight?  Baked beans please?”

Hysteria: “Back the fuck off because I really am about to steak you with this mixing spoon.”10Hysteria: “I’m off to town for some stupid unrelated wants and I stole Justice’s new bike but did she really have to paint it like a pastel fairy’s pile of vomit?”

Justice: “You didn’t steal it, its our share bike C:”

Hysteria: “I want to buy my own when I’m done collecting bugs.”


Hysteria: “Aww, this cute bird actually has melted my steely cold dead heart, I actually feel a little love in the world and I swear to fuck Agony if you actually punt this fucking bird I really will tear the remains of your head off and stick it on a pike.”

Agony: *Last second diversion and runs on by*12Hysteria: “Awww, it trusts me :)” *Crushes butterfly with palms*

Flying Butterfly: “BRADRICK!! NOOOO!”

Neck Kissing Butterfly: “Fuck this shit I’m out” *Nyooms off*13Hetal’s mother Jin is also here!  And she’s insane.  Because it seems this game likes to keep insane people together with the evil ones.  Seems morbid to me because I think of Evalin and her sister, but then I also have Wrath so coincidence probably.

Jin: “The fuck is that over your head.  How do you not get not completely soaked under that thing?  Getting pneumonia is the best part of this weather!”14Hysteria: “I’m giving you a heads up.  Your daughter may only be this high right now, but once she reaches the birthing age I’m locking her in a cellar to raise my spawn creations for me, understood?”

Jin: “Oh thank god.  You’re doing me a service.  I was afraid Hetal was going to be stuck a crazy cat woman but you’re doing me good :)”15I tried to make her be friends with yours truly since my house was nearby?  But I wasn’t home.  I’m never home.

I also had added my irl friends in the game in a house nearby and I already see they’re going rogue and dicked up their appearances without my PERMISSION.  No wonder I’m never home.

James: “I’ll be your friend if you want to.”

Hysteria: “On second thought I don’t want to be any of you guys’ friends.”16Checking in on Peace and Wrath.  They’re still placid.

Peace: “I just had a genius idea.  More lightbulbs.  I want my countertops to be seen glistening from SPACE”17Ariel: “HEY, Justice!  You’re girl is here.  You best go primp up a bit or at the very least get a burn kit”


Dee Dee: “Hmmm.”

18Dee Dee: “Nope bye”

Justice: “NO WAIT, please come back!  I’ll hop in the shower and bandage myself up just give me some time please!”

I don’t think Justice is ever going to complete those potion table wishes any time soon.
19Justice: “I’m so sorry about that earlier, but now I’m squeaky clean, bought you roses and followed you all the way home at 3 in the morning!  I promise I’m doing my best to better my skills and knowledge and not a weirdo at all.”

Dee Dee: “GASP!  That really is devotion!  I was having some slight doubts about this, but I’m so sorry I didn’t think that through at all!”21Justice: “Soooo, with that, do you think there’s any chance you would like to be… you know…”

Dee Dee: “Your girlfriend?  You needn’t ask.  You know I will.”22I have a feeling these are going to make a lovely couple.23Ding dong, daily check in with these guys.

Raccoon: “I ate the house.  Before Wrath died she asked me to break her ankles at a certain angle so the coroner could see just how vogue her shoes are.”24Hysteria: “I just love waking up to actual wants to DO FUCKING LAUNDRY.  When am I going to get to want to KILL SOMEBODY?!”

Justice: “Honestly I wish I knew exactly how you got this table to work.  I didn’t realize how long I’ve been cruising on these potion wishes and all my sweet date wishes for Dee Dee keep getting missed on for this.”25Gotta keep missing out on some more of those wishes, from the looks of it.

Justice: *Obtains black lung*26Justice: “I love having you around, Grandfather.  But don’t you think you should go home now and check on the rest of the family at least?”

Happiness: “I’m lost in this new town, my dear.  I have no idea where I live.  Also what are you doing with your hair, it looks absolutely lovely today.”

Justice: “Granfather?  That’s a houseplant.”

No wonder he’s lost.27Justice: “Agony’s fists may be able to cause death to butterflies, but in my hands I have the power to create life.”28Justice: “Behold!  Goldie fish!!”

*Plants instantly crystallize for some reason*29Justice: “GASP!  It’s that time of the year already!  Spooky day is upon us!”

It’s February.

Justice: “Nonsense!  I want to hold a lovely block party for all my friends!  Granted I have no friends outside Dee Dee and my family, luckily though, Grandfather let me borrow his directory!  For some reason he knows everyone in this town, just like he did in Hidden Springs.  We still don’t know why.”
30Happiness: “I gotta recycle my old outfits because I only get to use them once a year and otherwise they’re taking up space in my closet.”

Nice costume, Mizzcutto or whatever your real name was.

Mizz: “Thanks.  I’m a motorcycle.”31Serenity: “Justice!  Can I use spooky day costume while on prenegent, or is it dangertops”

Dee Dee: “Wow, Justice.  Classy sister of yours to come crawling out of the trailer park.  Hardly a week in and she’s already getting knocked up by randoms.”32Serenity: “Nonsense!  I did it the traditional way!  My man may be trashy but he didn’t skimp on the ring just for me!”

Agony: “She’s right.  It was truly romantic.  They met, got married AND made that baby in the back seat of the same Uber on the same night!”33Something told me that Jin would show up if I invited her, and something else just told me she’d show up as a hot dog.

Jin: “My face is the avacado! :)”34Dee Dee showed up as an undead pirate rockstar?  It’s different but I really have no idea what she’s going for.35Justice: “No matter what she is dressed up to be, she is still beautiful to me.”

Dee Dee: “Well I see you just wore your work clothes for Spooky day.  At least I gave it some creative effort.”

36Justice: “As much as I would love to get the party started and we spend time with our friends, I love you very much and I have something that I really, really want to ask you… Dee Dee, do you… hear a fire alarm going off?”

Dee Dee: “I do, as a matter of fact, and it sounds awfully close…”

Please not right now…37Happiness: “Nope, not in here.  And the potions table isn’t on fire.  There’s no fire on this lot.  The sound bugging out again probably.”

Yeah but it’s SO LOUD and sounds like it has a source somewhere…38Peace: “That is the loudest fire alarm I have ever heard in my life, and I’m not even wearing my hearing aids!  Wrath!  Are you smoking pot in my bathroom again?!”


Peace: “What did you say I can’t hear anything”39Dee Dee: “Huh.  Must be an important emergency.”

Justice: “I’m so sorry, I’ll be back!  My duty as a cop, and as a REAL cop, is to protect the citizens!  That and my dad is about to die brb”40Hetal: “Bitch you aren’t going anywhere.  I demand candy.”

Justice: “Look sweaty my dad is a moth when it comes to an open flame so I kindly recommend you get your hand out of my shoulder socket and let me do my job.  You aren’t even wearing a costume, and party poopers don’t get treats.”41Justice: “Dad!  I’m on my way to save y-”


Justice: “Well, I mean… I guess it’s great that Grandfather is a caring loving man.”
42No rush, Peace doesn’t think it’s an emergency.

Peace: “Oh my dearest Cynthia!  How I miss you so.  If only you could see how dedicated our Justice is and how Serenity is going to make us first time grandparents.  And my dearest Izzypop, from whichever star you are living at, I still love you, sob SNIFF”

Good thing you were never a real firefighter.43Happiness: “PEACE!  What have I TOLD you about playing with the stove!!?!”

Peace: “Dad?  Hey dad.  I am baking a salad for dinner  :)”

Happiness: “What you’re DOING is burning the house down!  You’re grounded for a week.”

Happiness: “Oh my poor sweet, stupid, stupid son.  This is my fault you came out this way.  You inherited your mother’s blatant stupidity, and I could have prevented that if I only knew what a condom was.”45Wrath: “What’s red and bad for your teeth?  A brick!”

Justice: “Cousin Wrath, please do not come in here!  This kitchen is tiny enough as it is and with all of us packed in here we will never find a fire extinguisher.”

Happiness: “Come on, son.  This way to the exit.  Please follow me and stop screaming.”

Peace: “THIS IS INTERFERING WITH NAPTIME!!!”46Hysteria: “I REALLY have to do everything around here, don’t I?  You guys are fucking broke!”

Wrath: “Hey Agony, did you hear my joke earlier!  A brick!  Haha I’m good.  I found my joke book you hid in the toilet tank by the way.”47Justice: “Cousin Wrath, PLEASE!  Don’t keep walking INTO the fire!  You’re going to catch fire with that cheap Wal-Mart costume!”

Wrath: “Heh.  Brick.”
48Hysteria: “Too late, I caught fire first.  Look at my ass.”

Justice: “NOOOOOO!  NOT YOU!!”

Peace: “Never fear!  A real firefighter is here!”

Maggie: “Your choice in tv is shit.”
49Maggie: “Hm.  You seem to have it under control.  Do you just need pointers or something?”

Justice: “To be honest, she really does need help.  Can you, if nothing else, at least put her pants out?”50Maggie: *Goes for a reverse choke slam*

Hysteria: “Bitch does this LOOK like the time for the WWE in here?!”51Wrath: “How many DEAD BABIES does it take to FIRE”


Justice: “I’m working on it!  I can only see with so much fire in my literal eyeballs!”

Maggie: “Can yall stop passing that around like its the damn flu or something.  Jeez.”
54Peace: “I just can’t believe she would just put herself in harm’s way like that.  That’s so dangerous and stupid and I raised her better than that.”

Justice: “DAD THIS WOULDN’T HAPPEN IF YOU COULD STOP TRYING TO COOK HEADS OF LETTUCE IN THE OVEN”55Peace: “Yall nasty and leaving soot prints all over my clean pristine floor”

Wrath: “That’s it.  I’m putting rat poison in your denture water tonight.”55Justice: “The fire is over Maggie but whatever.  You weren’t really all that helpful.”

Then the party ended and everyone across the street said it sucked.  Sob.56Justice: “But I’m glad you’re still here!  Yay, my love!”

Dee Dee: “Yeah, just chillin.  Tried to leave, but you called me back and like a dummy I returned.  Glad to see you’ve cooked yourself in a deep fryer again.  Sigh, your level of self care…”57Justice: “But you came back, and your devotion to me is ever so special and wonderful, and as I was saying earlier before my dad tried to burn the retirement home down… I have something important to ask you.”

Dee Dee: “Oh?  What’s that?”58Justice: “This isn’t how I imagined it to go, Dee Dee.  I wanted all our friends and family to be here to watch this moment, and I didn’t think I would once again, be covered in soot and burns, but now is probably one of the better moments I’ll ever get to ask you this.

Dee Dee Wynn, will you marry me?”
59Dee Dee: “Oh wow!  This is lovely!  Of course I will marry you!  This is a definite yes from me!”

Justice: “You have made me the world’s happiest cooked porkchop!”60AND THEN the cat died.

Dee Dee: *prods ceiling with umbrella*  “Nope, it wasn’t asbestos.  I guess the cat was just old.”
61Death: “It’s time to go to that cat house in the sky, Ariel.  Say goodbye to your owner, OH by the way, congradulations on your engagement, Justice!”

Justice: “Sniff, sob, thank you?”62Ariel: “I don’t trust any of this.  You’re going to steal my face aren’t you.”

Death: “Nonsense!  What business do I have stealing the faces of any creature I move to the other side??”63Then he stole her eyes.

RIP Ariel.  I tried to give you a good life from living on the street for the short time you were with us.  Though with these people maybe I made it worse.64Dee Dee: “I’m sorry your cat died.  Um, sympathy flowers?”

You can’t fool anyone like that Dee.

Justice: “SOB.  REALLY.”

Hysteria: “Look hoe if you’re hitting on me, I’m going to hit you back.”65Hysteria: “Justice get your bitch.”

Justice: “We just got engaged, Dee Dee.  If you do this to me I might get so upset I will like, cry and stuff.”66Dee Dee: “Awwww man.  But… them boobies…”

Justice: “Trust me hun.  They aren’t even real.”66Dee Dee: “Wow, engagement and all and that cat’s death went and ruined our entire date, just like that.”

Hysteria: “Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s because you’re a thot.”67Hysteria: “FUCK my lip busted”

Dee Dee: “Ew you’re like, leaking and stuff.  Yeah, nevermind, I’ll stick to Justice.”