Good Hope

1Hetal: “Oh the evil things I’m going to do to this shitty wallpaper…”

Baal: “Hello new house resident.  I’m glad to meet your acquaintance.  While I have your attention, may I ask you something that has been on my mind lately?  …Do you think gasoline is vegan?”

Last chapter Hysteria forced Hetal to grow up since it could be another week or two before she finally became an adult.  Knowing my luck she was probably due for a birthday in a day or two but it’s behind us now.  She’s an adult, and Hysteria already got her to move in so have fun with Baal’s stupid questions, Hetal.

Dee Dee got pregnant, and now Hetal and Hysteria are engaged, so now the ball is really rolling at the Fallens now.2Hetal: “Hey fat girl.  You want to see me bounce this head of lettuce on my butt?”

Dee Dee: “Can’t hear you, too busy getting a migraine from these kitchen colors.  Maybe some other time.”3Hetal: “Ugh whatever.  I don’t have to eat this lowly ass salad.  I can conjure my own food, from thin air.  That’s more than you non-witch losers can do, isn’t it?!”

Dee Dee: “Actually can relate, just don’t care.”

Justice: “Don’t worry, I’m making a salad with no booty tossing involved in making it!”
4Justice: “Do baby like salad?”

Dee Dee: “I actually may have died a bit on the inside, I haven’t moved from this spot for a few hours now.”5Justice: “Now that my wife has been fed, time to achieve my dream of mixing chemicals and not burning alive.”

Dee Dee: “Please don’t die over there, love.”

Hetal: “Nah actually, please do die.  This salad tastes even worse than my ass salad.”6Justice: “I DID IT!  I finally DID IT!  I have never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life!  I still have to do my other wish of creating a specific horror potion but this is great!  Now I can wish for anything else!”7And she wishes for the ancient curse that is a new trampoline.

Nothing like bouncing around in the frozen yard at night in your wedding dress!8Justice: “And then I wished to play chess, and here we are now, love!”

Dee Dee: “I see, but what in the world is wrong with this board?  Is this a manufacturing error?”9Justice: “Oh don’t be silly, this is Chess 2!  It’s chess, but with a new rule book, new pieces like Rook 2, Pawn 2, Queen with a Gun, and a whole new board for all around family fun!”

Dee Dee: “Can’t say I’m having fun.”10The next morning, the family awoke to discover something.

Justice: “zzzmmmph, is it that I never wake with morning breath?  Mmmm, my shiny teeth ‘n me, zzzzz, (shiny teeth shiny teeth)”11Dee Dee: “NO, THE BABY IS ON ITS WAY, HURRRRN”


Just don’t look at it and it will be fine.

For the record, I don’t even really check on that side of the street anymore, because as smooth as my game is right now, every time I go over there it chokes up.  I scroll through their icons to check on them every so often to see if they aren’t holding in pee or not sleeping, but so far, as long as they are good, I leave the lot alone.13Hysteria: “Welcome back.  The fuck is that.”

Dee Dee: “This would be our new baby.  I would introduce but it’s cold outside and I must go in and keep her warm.”14Hysteria: “Humph.  This is what I think of you and your newborn baby.”

Dee Dee: “I do not like you.”15New baby time!  This is baby Hope Fallen, baby 1 of Gen 5 of the legacy!

She is a loner and a heavy sleeper so far, and her favorites are R&B, pancakes, and the color grey.  So far not much, but she is a witch.16Baal: “And for her I will protect her with my LIFE!”

Baal is a really good dog.17Alex: “Bah humbug.  The Christmas season.  Can’t stand this mess.  If they think I’m going to put in extra effort this holiday season, they can forget it.”

Define effort.

Frida: “Hey.  Ghost of Christmas Present here.  I don’t really have to show you a damn thing, but considering how much of a crappy person you are I’m just going to smack you in the head with this ugly bench.”18Alex: *Has been smacked*

Serenity: “Ugh.  You know, this is your fault Sabrina.  You let a trashy skank of a maid into this house after all.”

Alice: “That’s Sabrina’s fault?  Wow, what a dumbass.”

Sabrina: “How is the dead hooker maid MY fault?!”19The party is a gift giving party!  Which Justice wanted and now that they work I’m fine with having.20Justice: “As much as I really wanted this party, everyone come open presents!  I’m tired and gonna go on and go to bed as soon as possible, but you guys get started!”

Jin: “Where are my grandchildren?!  The ones the ugly mean pink one promised?!”

Justice: “Uh…”21Jin: “I am here to teach them the ways of the ho.”

Justice: “What”

Malcolm: “Alice, I’m scared”22Justice: “Well, I’m just going to go first after all, and see what you got me for the holidays, so you can go home, Serenity.”

Agony: “Is she still doing that passing out thing at the sign of ghosts?  Lame.”23Justice: “Wow!  A whole Playstation 4!  Thanks Serenity!  You’re the best big sister ever!”

Serenity: *Is out*

And then, BAAL DIED

But instantly 2.4 seconds later MY POWER WENT OUT

so we return back to before Hope was born, and Baal gets a second chance!24It was only a couple days so I’m not completely burned about it.  Though I was planning Hysteria’s and Hetal’s wedding on the same day Justice wanted a gift giving party, so I went ahead and had the wedding the day before Hope is due.

Not wanting the same thing as Justice and Dee Dee, Hysteria held hers at the bar when she and Hetal had their first “date”.

Hysteria: “This layout is acceptable.”25Hetal: “Mother.  I’m glad you could make it to my big day.  I am dressed in a stolen dress, drenched in the blood of my enemies.”

Dee Dee: “Actually I donated it to her since I didn’t use it and she colored it with a sharpie but I’m not in this shot so whatever.”

I’m really liking Jin’s stockings.26Jin: “Bye.  I’ll watch the video when you guys put it on YouTube.”

Hetal: “Mom… why, you’re my only friend…”

She was also the only one invited.27Hysteria: “Forget her.  We can destroy her life later.  Today it’s just about you and me.”

Hetal: “Oh my beloved.  I have been awaiting this day since I grew up, like two nights ago.”28Justice: “Oh… so sleepy.  I still haven’t had a chance to take a nap and I’m about to pass out…”

Hysteria: “You RUIN my wedding, and I will RUIN your life, Justice!  You better whip out that moodlet manager RIGHT NOW!”29Justice: *Whips it*

Hysteria: “That’s what I THOUGHT”30Justice doesn’t need to ruin the wedding.  Hetal can do that for us.

Hetal: “Halfway to the altar I decided that snack time is more important, be right back”

Hysteria: “NO!  I will not tolerate distractions!  My wedding will be just as successful as Justice’s and there will be NO hang-ups!”31Hysteria: “Uh, Hetal?  The fuck?”

Hetal: “Yeah, it’s lame.  More or less when my mom left the party was over.  Isn’t that something shitty?”

Hysteria: “UM.  NO??”32Hysteria: “Here’s the deal.  We are still having our wedding, party with your shitty mother or not.  And if you keep ignoring my asks to come to the altar, they’ll be picking little Hetal bits out of the back dumpster for weeks.”

Justice: “So violent…”

Belinda: “WHO’S CATERING”33Hetal: “Grumble grumble.  Fine I’m here.”

Hysteria: “Of course.”

Justice: “Tell me when you guys are starting.  I’m learning how to make buttered toast!”

Dee Dee: “Hun, just come sit down.”34Hysteria: “And til death due us part-”

Hetal: “There will be no death.  After our souls leave this mortal coil, you are forever bound to me by the will of the Dark Coven Lord himself.”

Hysteria: “Even hotter!”

Dog: “Pardon me for intruding but I NEED SNACK”

Justice: “Aw, you poor puppy… if only I knew a potion that could help you in this circumstance… speaking of potions, I never finished the first want and must go back to doing that want ALL OVER AGAIN”35And with that, perfect wedding fini-

Ashley: “SPliiiiiiiiiit peAAAAA souuuUUUUuuuppp”

This wedding was a trainwreck, moving on.36Hetal, now an offical Fallen, is evil, great kisser, clumsy and has no sense of humor.  When she grew up she became a computer whiz (so fitting), and her LTW is The Tinkerer.  That’ll be up to her whether she gets it or not (she won’t)

I kept her look as close to a witchy motif as I could, and let her keep her Wicked Witch of the East stockings but replaced her ruby slippers with some ruby shit stompers.

Hetal: “More comfy than some outdated slippers anyway.”

Now that that has been established, back to wish granting, as Justice has to get back to getting that potion wish out of her want panel.36Justice: *Already standing in the corner where she belongs*

Hopeless, absolutely hopeless.37Baal is still alive so far, kicking back and enjoying life 🙂


Dee Dee: “If the couch wasn’t as ugly as this whole room is, I would be completely miffed.”38Someone pray tell what I’m fucking looking at.

Hetal: “Sexiness thank you very much.”

Eunice: “Bye, I’m shoving myself in the stove now.”
39Eunice: “Oh wow, I found waffles in there!  I guess the afterlife isn’t so bad after all.”

They were actually left in there when Dee Dee ran out to birth the baby. I didn’t realize she forgot them in the stove, so in retrospect, you may have saved lives today, Eunice.  Thank you!

Eunice: “Fuck.”40Dee Dee: “I’m back with the baby, and it’s good to see the house didn’t burn down (I guess).  Baal, meet Hope, again!  This time she likes soul music, vegetarian fish and chips (nasty), and her favorite color is green.  Boring.  However, this time she is perceptive and good, and because she’s good, she’s heiress unless a good sibling is born!”

Baal: “Just sit her on the floor over there and I’ll still watch over her with my life and all, but this couch has got to GO”41Hysteria: *Surplexs an innocent snowman*42Justice: “So glad to have you in my life, Hope.  You’re the greatest thing I have ever made, even above that potion I made in another life!”

Justice is going to be great at parenthood.
43She wanted a party again, so back to where we were to start with *Saves game*

Jin: *Really determined to hoe it up* “Ok, where are those grandbabies?”

Hetal: “Look mom.  After what you did at my wedding, I assure you.  You will never see your future grandbabies as long as I live.”44Dee Dee: “Oooh, I sure hope I get an actual winter coat for my gift!”

*No one caring*45Dee Dee: “Ugh, why me?!  This dress is cursed!!”


GO TO THE BATHROOM46Dee Dee: *Crumples on the floor instead*

Pip: “I may not be invited, but who’s the party crashing cat?”

Jax: “I’m just here for gifts like the rest of y’all.  Meow.”

It’s my simself’s roommate’s cat, of whom I think followed my simself.  47Dee Dee: “Look!  Two pets came to our party!  Hello sweet babies!  You are welcome to our party!”

Pennie: *Barreling in from left field*

Jax: “What?  Fuck off.”48Dee Dee: “Oops, I stood up too fast, because it all rushed out at once… Maybe no one can tell from how thick the wedding dress is…”49Agony: “What the hell.  You smell like piss.”

Malcolm: “Dee Dee?  Did you really have to eat asparagus and ruin Christmas?”

Dee Dee: “We just going to ignore the pets pummeling the lives out of each other on the carpet?  Yea?”50Agony: “Look at what has happened.  My dog has died for your holiday party in exchange for Baal not dying this go around.  Are you bastards happy now?!”

Dee Dee: “Now that I think about it, I may not have washed this dress from the first time I wet myself in it.  Mmm, musty.”51Hysteria: “Uh excuse you all but who’s cat is this?”

Jax: “I know the bitch isn’t thinking about me.”

Well maybe stop being broken.

Serenity: “Mm, thanks for the fruity pebbles, guys”52Now that I’m looking at the pets, Pennie looks like Baal almost, in several ways.

Agony: “I didn’t get to have much when I moved out of the family.  Hysteria took everything from me, even Baal, so I have to settle for this Chinese bootleg.”

She is still cute though.52Justice: “I feel pukey now, and it’s not from the strong smell of piss in the room.”

Sabrina: “Of course you do.  Stay away from me, I got work in the morning.”53Jax: “GREAT PARTY!  HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!”

Haley: “Glad you are, cat.  Because I sure as hell ain’t.”54Baal: “Um, hello?”

Pennie: “Hello new friend!  I love what you’ve done to your home!  It’s so cozy, and the half eaten couch is such a nice touch in your living room!”

Baal: “Oh, thanks!  I worked hard on it.”56.jpgJustice: “They’re appearance really is uncanny.  Are you sure they aren’t related?”

Agony: “Kinda.  After all all of Baal’s children and grandchildren and so on died in the fire pit that was Hidden Springs eons ago.”

Dee Dee: “That’s depressing.  Maybe one of his offspring actually survived after all, and it’s Pennie!”

I love to think about it that way.55Baal: “Never use sprinkler water to drink from because they put chemicals in there so whenever they want you to forget about political conspiracies, they activate the chemicals to make you forget!  This is how the Oligarchy stays in power!”

Pennie: “And never trust birds of prey!  They’re really government drones designed to keep an eye on you in case you become woke to those conspiracies, and that’s how the FBI find you!  Eye in the sky, they fly up high!”

Baal: “Wow you really are my daughter!!  My child! ;-;”

Justice: “Aw, they like each other :)”57Baal: “And there she goes, out in the world, I’ll probably never see her again, but I hope life is good to her.”

Jax: “Come on, before I wreck your ass again.”

Pennie: “Yes sir.”58Justice didn’t get the game console this go around, but Hysteria got one gnome and five guitars from this.

Hysteria: “Originally I was pissed but now I have many replacements to bash over people’s heads every time I break one.”

Silver lining.
59And finally caught up from the black out.  This time Baal lived, so he can at least sleep one more day by his master’s side where he’s fond of sleeping these days.60Baal: “Actually I can’t sleep.  Something’s keeping me up…”

Uh, forgetting to die maybe?

Baal: “I forgot to warn Pennie about the chemicals they put in our chicken too…”

Just go to sleep.


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