Spring Kisses

1Justice: “I did it!  Everyone come quick!  I’m successful!  I love making potions!  I want to make more!! MORE I SAY!!”2Justice: I DEMAND MORRRREEEE”

Dee Dee: “I’m off to tell Hope that her crazy mother is lost to the sauce.  Bye.”

Last chapter Wicked and Grace were born.  Hope keeps getting stuck on the staircase.  That’s more or less it.3Oh, and Hetal doesn’t like her child I think.

Hetal: “Little bastard won’t stop crying.  My spawn do not cry.  Crying is for babies.”

He IS a baby.4Hetal: “Suffer, and know the world is full of hate and evil!”

Wicked: “I’M HUNGY ;-;”
5Dee Dee: “I’m sick and tired of your bull, Hetal.  If you don’t take care of this kid I’m calling the law.”6Justice: “I am the law, what’s going on here?”

Hetal: “I am disgusted with your constant need to baby the child.  He needs to learn to grow up hard and uncaring.”

Dee Dee: “He’s 9 hours old!”
7Justice: “Always know that I will love you forever and unlike Hetal and Wicked I will never leave you to suffer.”

Good.  Don’t smash her crib while doing so, could you.8Peace: “Sounds like my daughter is having a hard time up there with all those crying babies.  Maybe I should stop watching the Young and the Restless for all of 3 seconds and go help her.”

You’ve raised enough children in your life, Peace.  Please stay downstairs and don’t get in the way with your ghostiness.
9Hetal: “This child I like.  This child I will care for and fatten for future endevour-I mean endeavors. ”

Meanwhile Wicked sobs himself to sleep.10Anyway.  On to spare making.  Hopefully the next one Hetal will actually give a shit about.11Fortuneteller: “Please do NOT do that with my crystal ball!!”12Hetal: “Ah yes, such a beautiful crisp and cool morning for public shagging and life ruining.”

At least put your clothes back on.13I built the last broomstick riding lot thing because I didn’t think the town actually had a lot specifically for that (despite it coming with the town and EP, of course) so you know, go figure I figure out that there was one pre-built just two blocks away from the house.

Hysteria: “How?  It’s LITERALLY where I met Hetal, you dumb blind hoe.”

Oops.14Alex: “Please, I’m so scared of being murdered, I have bills to pay and a mouth to feed!  It’s my own mouth, but you wouldn’t kill me and/or let me starve, would you?”

Honestly the only reason she’s not fired or killed is because Hysteria wants to be friends with her.  And sometimes she does her job.  Not often, but sometimes.14I’m just going to stop checking up on these two.

Happiness: “How could she decide that she doesn’t want to kiss me?  Look at me!  I’m a young hot stud that just so happens to be the same age as her old deceased mother but still!  I’m so disappointed.”

Wrath: “Get used to it.”15Baal: “Pennie died?  Pennie was old?!”

Honestly I didn’t even know she was an elder, the way she carried on she seemed so young.  But RIP Pennie.  You were cute in the 5 minutes we saw you around.16Baal: “I loved her like my own daughter.  I cannot live anymore knowing that I outlived my own child.  Fine, Death come pick me up.  I can’t do this any longer.”17Death: “Ok!”

Justice: “WHHHYYYY”

And just like that, 10 seconds after Pennie passed away, Baal finally also decided to call it quits.  18Baal: “WHOA!  Watch the boney fingers, death boy.  Those are fucking cold!”

Death: “Sorry.  I was eating ice cream before I came here.  They don’t give you utensils in the afterlife so everything’s got to be treated like finger food.  Can you believe that shit?  Just try eating soup, it’s not possible, and I love soup!”
19Baal: “AAAAHH”

Justice: “SOB”

Hetal: “Why this camera angle”20RIP Baal.  You survived death once but couldn’t escape Death forever.  You will be joining other beloved pets from the past, and many legacy sims that I’m sure will enjoy your future random thoughts.21Hysteria: “NO NOT THE DOG, I JUST WASTED MONEY ON FEEDING HIM”22Hysteria: “Ok, moving on.”

I may let Justice grieve because she and Baal loved each other but Hysteria honestly probably interacted with Baal only a handful of times to bathe him I think.
23Hetal: “Are any parts of a baby poisonous?”

Dee Dee: “If you don’t FUNK off with the idea that you’re going to eat my children I will ensure your life is met with hellfire and brimstone.”

Hetal: “Sounds like a good time to me actually.”24At least they can agree on one thing.

Hetal and Dee Dee: “SOB THE DOG WE DIDN’T REALLY INTERACT WITH” *Clonks heads together*25Justice had a birthday on the sidewalk were no one could see her.

Justice: “I’m still a beautiful and YOUNG bride, I’ll hold on to my youth FOREVER” *Mid life crisis*26Justice: “And Agony was right!  Broom riding is so much fun!  I love spending all night honing my skills to make $3 in tips for this!”

Curse this weird invisible broomstick bullcrap.27Justice: *Cannonballs through the air with the greatest of ease*

At least she’s getting a break from the potion table.28Hysteria: “Speaking of potion tables, I’m still 1000% better than her at it.”

AAYY, and you’ll be making a dozen of those just in case.29Justice: “And then I said, ‘No you silly billy, hee hee!  You’re going to jail for the dismemberment and manslaughter, not the bad parking!’  And then I tasered him and arrested him.”

Ramiel: “Amazing.  Doesn’t explain how he broke out of prison 2 hours later, but nice to know that was how he got there in the first place.”30The spring festival is in town, and the girls abandoned the wives at the house to take care of the babies (or in Hetal’s case, no).31Wilma: “Want a kiss, hun?  It’s affair-free and only costs enough to keep me from getting medical insurance through the company!”

Justice: “Sounds like a deal!”32Justice: “What happens in Sim Vegas stays in Sim Vegas.”

Wilma: “Smoochies~”33Wilma: “Congratulations!  You win the prize for Best Lips I’ve ever Kissed!”

Justice: “What an honor!”34Hysteria: “You think that’s good, wait til you get a load of me!  I promise my lipgloss is only as toxic as Poison Ivy wishes she was.”

Wilma: “Urhm…”35Hysteria: “Then again, it’s best if I just got a cheek kiss.  Any hard pressure on these lips is usually enough to bust them and I’m not against punching you in the face for popping these suckers open again.”

Wilma: “I’m quitting my job after this day.”36Hysteria: “Honestly I just want to see just exactly how compatible we are with each other.  We’re clearly cousins so hopefully the machine will point that out and we can stop thinking each other is hot whenever we’re in the room together.”

Justice: “That and the only love I have in my life is for my darling caring wife, Dee Dee.  She’s so hot that I could just woohoo with her the second I get home, like always!”

Hysteria: “Just grab the golden metal penis and lets get this over with.”

Justice: “What’s a penis?”37Hysteria: “This machine is clearly broken and will be taken to with a sledgehammer in a little bit.”

Justice: “Clearly.  I will now proceed to pretend this moment never happened and will go egg hunting.”
38Justice: *Egg hunts*

I’m more intrigued by the play set in the background.39Not sure I’ve seen it in the shop mode before!  (If it’s there I really am blind.)

Wrath would have LOVED this as a child.

Wrath: “WHAT KIND OF BEE MAKES MILK INSTEAD OF HONEY??? BOOBIES!!”40Out of anything I wish they fixed in this dumb fixture that never gets anyone working at them.  The proprietors basically live at the park and the kissing booth is always full but the ticket booths never have anyone running them.

My girls want to spend tickets, and it can never happen because some assholes just don’t want to come to work.41Justice: “I come back and you’re about to pass out!  Can’t have that!  We have a bed you know!”

Dee Dee: “How about you stay home next time and take care of three babies while I go out and kiss on girls in the park!”

Justice: “Hey, it was for charity and her health insurance!  Which she will need for kissing Agony anyway.”

Which Dee Dee is now going to need because she’s going to PASS OUT ANYWAY42Justice: “Big dang it :(”

43Hysteria: “Hey baby?  You gonna take care of this baby you got coming up or you just going to keep being bad at mothering until I get tired of you mistreating my spawn and kick you out?”

Hetal: “Wait, how did you even know I was pregnant?”

Hysteria: “Why else would you go around wearing a coat you got from the clearance section at Walmart?”

Justice: “Everyone!!  I got good news!”44Justice: “I’m getting better at my potion making!!  It’s not the potion I WANT to make, but I’m getting there!”

That really is some good news.

Justice: “Now I’m going to try again and hopefully the next one will be the one I want!”45Justice: “GAAAHJIALFJIDK;LAF”

This isn’t what Jesus died for, Justice.46Justice: “I may struggle with potions, but I’m kickbutt at cooking.  Call the family.  I’m making coleslaw.”

At least put on an apron first.47Wicked: “ITS MY BARFDAY”

Dee Dee: “You’re a baby, every day is barf day for you.”

A repeat of Hope, I forgot his birthday as well.48Wicked: *El Hetal CLONE*

I’m fucking serious, I’m seriously considering from now on any and all clones will be fixed in CAS by me because over half of Evalin’s legacy has consisted of clones at this point.  It’s not making this any fun and it’s wasting my time and house space.

Wicked: “Yeah but my random white eyebrows are cool right?  They’re caused by all the stress my mother gave me when I was a baby.”
49Dee Dee: “I just remembered!  It’s my birthday as well!  Happy birthday to me as well?”

Wicked: “DON’T TAKE MY SPOTLIGHT AWAY FROM ME, YOU WITCH!  I WAS ENJOYING MY ATTENTION FOR ONCE”50Hysteria: *Steals the spotlight away from them once more*  “Oh, it’s my birthday too?  The fuck?”

Justice: “Enjoy old age with me, Agony!  Mid life crisises are fun!”

Hysteria: “No my life is great.” *Opts to not have a MLC for once thank god*51Justice: “Every time I come close to death I feel the need to tell my children just how much I love them and care of them, just in case one day I cannot.”

Dee Dee: “That’s a bonus for me, because for once I don’t have to cater to her needs 24/7!”

I’d say that’s kind of mean, but at this point Dee Dee is the sole baby carer.52Hope: “I NEED SLEEPIES!!”


Justice: “I love you because you’re so cute and quiet and not upset all the time, Grace :)”53Hetal: “I’d rather not be here.  I can’t stand the sight of you, you little hell bringer.”

Wicked: “The feeling is mutual, you old bat.”54And we end this chapter with Tyrone getting it in with his wife and now, a future gen 3 mutant baby is in the works over there!

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