Secret Secret Basement

Last chapter, Baal died.  Uhhh, birthdays.  Uuuhh, Hetal’s pregnant.  Thas all.1That doesn’t look like Grace to me, Justice.

Justice: “I’m working on it.”

No you’re not, you’re going to quit halfway through and forget what you’re doing.

Justice: “Nonsense, pick up Wicked first, then take care of my child.  Hopefully.”

I can’t make her do anything.2Justice: “I’m so happy my daughter sees me as her friend.  I’m so happy to be apart of her life, as much as I know I am to hers!”

Don’t you wish you shared that kind of love with your son, Hetal?

Hetal: “I have no son.”3Can you hear the absolute noise in this photo?

I’m fucking miserable.4In the garage, I built a basement to hold all the stupid things the girls want to spend money on.  A place to come, unwind, and not look at the nauseating wallpaper and paint for a little while, because I’m leaving it beige for that exact reason.5Hysteria: “I love him and would die for him.”

The only true love in her life I think.6In very unrelated news, she caught a new bug for the kitchen display.  It’s the silver melting turd next to the rock.

Red Butterfly: “Great.  Now we have to be extra beautiful to make up for our newfound friend’s grossness.”

Blue Butterfly: “I feel bad for him though.  He’s trying so hard to render and he’s stuck in a stupid broken container where his climbing stick isn’t even touching the wall.  He’s got a hard life.”
7Hysteria: “This is how the baby’s made, EE AY EE AY OH”

Hetal: “Do you not see I have a knife here”8Hysteria: “Oh you’re starving (what a surprise)?  Here, let me fix that with you with some good old remote control radiation.”

Hetal: “You devil bitch, I was looking forward to this stir fry all day and you got to ruin my appetite with that thing?  You’re disgusting.”

Hysteria: “IKR”9Hysteria: “You may disappoint Hetal, but I will never turn my back on you, unlike my mothers before me.  You never know what potential you carry within you.”

Hysteria is unnaturally caring so far in this chapter.

Hysteria: “Just so you know if you’re younger sibling is a clone as well I’m breaking both of your noses permanently with my fists.”

There’s the usual Hysteria.10Carmen: “Wow, someone has already busted the piñata here.”

Arwing: “NYAAA~~”

Carmen is Serenity’s son, by the way.  He’s evil.11Carmen: “Hey Aunt J.  Mom was right, your house is fucking ugly.  I’m going to torch it from the safety of the kitchen, alright?  Later.”

Justice: “What”12Grace’s birthday ended up taking second fiddle to Arwing getting a makeover.  I couldn’t stand that her elder outfit was so blah, so I worked on giving her a new look.

Arwing: “WITH MY MEGAMIND, I WILL FINALLY ANNIHILATE THE HUMAN RACE, AS I WAS BORN TO DO”13Ended up going the pretty, cutesy route instead.  And she is BEAUTIFUL!  Look!  She loves it!  She’s actually smiling!

Arwing: “:)”

For the record, the purple streaks going down her cheek spikes?  That’s eyeshadow.
14Oh and Grace.  She is actually REALLY adorable.

I love Hope, but I really want Grace to get the good trait if possible.15Anyway.  Cue the misery.

Hetal: “Haha, YES!  The boy is good for something after all.”16And of course.  What’s a good party without some end-game tragedy?

We didn’t pan over here just because you wasted a whole head of fucking lettuce on the floor, Wrath.

Wrath: “Did you hear about the guy that ran in front of a bus?  He got tired.”17Wrath: “Wait, no what’s happening??  I’M not tired!”18Death: “Whoever built this house is on that crystal.”

I deleted the room next to it soon after anyway, Death.  Shut up.
19Wrath: “MY BEE SISTERS!  As my final wish as your Queen, I demand to be avenged!  Vengeance upon those that caused my death!”

Death: “Wrath, the bees are dead.  They’ve been dead for years.  Those are flies.  And they do not care to avenge your death because you like, tripped on a head of lettuce you put on the floor.”

Happiness: “So does that mean no salad for dinner tonight?”20Happiness: “Why is this happening to me?  I was beginning to love her!  Granted, she never returned my feelings, but who will I pine for and wish to kiss now?”

No one?  You can mourn this death on your own, Happiness.

RIP Wrath.  Gen 3 heiress, she wasn’t officially evil but she did some mean ass shit.  Goodbye.21Justice: “I’m getting better!”

Soon, we will be done with this horrific table.  Just got to keep wishing for anything else, Justice.22Justice: “So then like I told Ramiel here, I said, “sir if it wasn’t for your terrible parallel parking, do you really think I would have found that dead hooker in your trunk?  You’re the only one to blame for your absolutely horrendous driving skills.””

Janet: “I could not care less.”

Justice: “But… you’re my work partner…”23Justice: “Whatever, don’t need your friendship to be successful at my job.  Later gator.”

It’s the dragon, he’s keeping her perfectly balanced on the broom so she doesn’t drag her face on the pavement if she falls off.  This I know from experience.24Hetal: “Oh no!  The fetus!  It’s moving!!”

I actually could care so less after the clone you gave us last time, Hetal.25Speaking of, he and his mommy are spending time downstairs.  It’s family time.

Hysteria: “Your choice of music is shit and if you don’t renounce Mozart and listen to my upcoming SoundCloud release I will disown you afterall.”

Wicked: *boogie dancing*26Hetal: “Whatever, I don’t need attention or a hospital,  I had this baby and hid the afterbirth in Dee Dee’s shoes.”

If I can help it, this is the last baby of the gen, Rage.  He is a virtuoso and he’s easily impressed.  His favorites involve spooky music, the color lilac, and whatever porcini risotto is.

Rage: “It’s-a Italiano, you-a Americano, learn-a some-a culture, aaaayyy Tony”

What do you know about culture, you’re 1.3 seconds old.27Hysteria: “Taught the baby to say methylprednisolone.  Now he knows all the pharmaceutical terms he can’t fail first grade.”

Or at least a pro at the potions table.28Speaking of.

Justice: “Um.  Did you get in our potions table again?”

Hetal: “Bitch, no.  I was trying to trick Hope into crawling into the oven, but she tricked me!  Sneaky little skank.  She crawled in a circle and tripped me up and I fell in the oven!  I’m impressed but pissed off.”29So she took it out on Grace.

Grace: “Sob!  I was saving that in my diaper for later!  Mom, do something about it!”30Justice: “Can’t deal with this added stress right now, sweetie.  Mommy’s having a mid-life crisis and needs help of her own.  Sob.  I’m flabby.”

Grace: “Wow ok you are NOT assisting in this situation at all, mom.”31I have not ridded the children of their IF’s this gen, and since they keep them calm and entertained, I decided to let them have them.  I also have clearly abandoned whatever naming theme I got going for them and just gave them random shit at the time, thinking they wouldn’t be around forever.  But I accepted them as they are now.

Hope has The French Revolution as her IF.32Grace is stuck with good old Swedish Meatball.34Wicked’s IF is A Very Angry Cat.

Wicked: *Begins astral-projecting himself into another existence*35Justice: “Alright!  So the few people I invited to come to this birthday couldn’t make it, so let’s go ahead and welcome Hope into her next stage of life, shall we!”36Oh ok.  So no one cares.  That’s cool too.37And that’s one out of the toddler stage.  Because her birthday party was CLEARLY a full success I guess, Hope is now a party animal.38Hope: “Happy birthday to me!  Time to party!”

Angela: “Ok!  I’ll be the C in the YMCA!  You got to do the other ones though.”39Hetal: “Sigh, there they go.  Being all motherly and fond of each other, or whatever that is.  I wish I could partake in that kind of joy.”

Justice: “You only have two kids you can hang out with, Hetal.”
40Hetal: “Also, the fuck y’all do to this innocent room.”

Hope got her nursery decked out in her flavor.  I actually hate that pattern of rug, but with those colors, I think it looks good.41Justice: “Come my sweet baby!  You must learn to walk, or else you will risk being evil, and even so, you can’t be evil while laying on the floor your whole life!”42Kinda got to give Hetal some credit.  She’s trying her damnedest to be these kids’ friend.

Hetal: “And that’s why you need an umbrella, so Hell doesn’t rain down upon you and smash your skull in.”

Hope: “I think you mean hail.”

Hetal: “No I didn’t.”44Hetal: “Here you go!  Have snack!  I hid this from Hysteria so you could have some healthy probiotics in your lunch!”

Grace: “Holy shnizbits you’re actually the greatest!!”43Justice: “I love being friends with my children!  It makes my life go by so smoothly and adds years to my life!”

Hetal: “I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR CHILDREN AND HAVE YEARS ADDED AND SHIT TOO”45Justice: “Alright, break time is over!  Let’s get back to training you to walk, sweetie!”

Hetal: “It’s not fair!  I want to train her to walk and talk and whatever!  I want to be a mother too!  IT’S NOT FAIR!”46MEANWHILE.  He’s dying.

Hetal: “I DON’T FUCKING CARE”47And then you have

This bitch 

Wrath: “She wasted all that time and energy she chould be using doing the dishes and what she does is send MY personal pink bunny baby into that box with baby vomit and boogers, so I ASSURE you she will meet a horrific end.”

Alex: “My paycheck is going to my child support :)”48Hetal: “Damn girl you are looking like a snack today”

Hope: “That’s it, I AM calling the police on that one.”
49Hetal: “No you dumb shit, you are literally looking like something I would consume.  Bake you up in some nacho cheese and harvest your youth as a queso dip.”

Hope: “Well so much for your friendship.”50Hetal: “That’s right!  The act of motherhood and friendship is a ploy!  Just to get close enough to bore you to sleep and smash you up like an avocado!  Quick!  Get me the meat tenderizer!”51Her mother rescued her and took her to school.

Hetal: “Sob… that’s… that’s just not fair… my queso…”52Hetal: “Uh, quick question.  Who’s the man and why is he in our all female haven?”

Hysteria: “Did you leave the bathroom window unlocked again?”

Rick: “Why, it’s just me, Rick Lee, your new maid and replacement for Alex, whom retired at the ripe age of 32 on the money you paid her.  Told me it was a very easy job.  I’m just taking over!”53Rick: “What-a was wrong-a with mah face-a”

Better.  However, Alex up and abandoning us?  That does not bode well with the family.  Especially with her shitty half ass job.
54Hysteria called her over for a “hang out” and she instantly appeared on the sidewalk.  Like she was anticipating it or something.

Alex: “I knew they were going to hate Rick.  I knew they were going to beg for me back.  So I hid in the truck of the maid car waiting for them to call me, and honestly, I didn’t think they would do so so quickly.”

Rick: “I’m over here actually doing the job, la dee da, this is actually fun!”55Alex: “Look I couldn’t do the job any longer!  Too much work, too much stress, and while the pay and free food was great, I can’t keep having to get my nails redone every time I scruff them against literally anything.”

Hetal: “Yeah well, good luck explaining that to my wife.  She’s pissed.”

Alex: “Oh don’t worry about her, I got exactly the thing that bitch needs from me to get over herself…”56Alex: “Pretty flowers for a pretty lady!!”

Hysteria: “Awww, Alex!  I didn’t know you felt that way!  You shouldn’t have!”57Hysteria: “Really.  You shouldn’t have.”

Alex: “Aw, just forgive me for abandoning the job and remember I’m literally your only friend in this town outside your wife and that booger you call a kid.”

Hysteria: “This is true.  And for that, I feel, in due of our friendship, I should show you a secret surprise reserved for only the most trusted people in my circle.”58Alex: “Oh wow!  A secret gaming basement?!  I didn’t know you ever had this!”

Hysteria: “You would know that if you actually bothered to do the fucking laundry like I hired you for, since the staircase is right next to the dryer, but alas, that’s in our past now.”59Hysteria: “And even more secret than a gaming basement, here’s the door to our Secret-SECRET basement room!  With even a cooler surprise inside!”

Alex: “Aw right!  Well what are we waiting for, the suspense is killing me!”60Alex: “Huh.  That’s all there is?  Some furniture and an art easel?  Can’t say I’m completely won over with this set up.”

Hysteria: “Oh, don’t worry, you really have no choice.”61Alex: “Wait, what do you mean by that? Agony?  Where did you go?  Where did the door go?  Hello?  Are you still there??”62Hysteria: “And just like that.  That’s what happens when you put MY personal pink rabbit plushie away in the stinky baby toybox, my “Dearest Friend”.”

And chapter ends for now.  What will happen to Alex?  How long will she stay in the basement?  Will she suffer her fate forever?  Or will Twallan’s Overwatch be an asshole and rescue her as a “stuck sim” like I’m anticipating (spoiler alert, it do.  But what will become of Alex afterwards anyway, HMMMMM?)

Find out whenever.

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