Autumn Aesthetics

1Today, we join Hysteria in a nice afternoon (“nice”? looks like sims 4 smog up in this shit what the hell happened to this town all of a sudden) jog just to get out of the house.  Just away from the constant boohooing that was still going on over the death of Alex.  Only 12 hours to go and no one wanted to do anything but stand around and BAWL BOOHOO FURBIE WAH ALEX, so I spent the day just having Hysteria exercise.3It was hardly enjoyable though, since Hysteria spent the whole time just flexing her face violently.  I suppose it’s practice on how to use her features like a normal human being.

Hysteria: “Once I get my facial features in proper place, flexed, and toned, it’s all over for this hell town!”2Hysteria: “COME ON CHEEKS, FEEL THE BURN”4Hysteria: “LET’S GO EYEBROWS, I WANT SOME HUSTLE, ONE TWO ONE TWO, HURRRGGN”
5Hysteria: “Oh hello good sir good afternoon we are having isn’t it”

She’s becoming very skilled.6Now that the boohoo fest is over, Hysteria returns home to find the teens went to prom and I was never informed that prom was even coming up WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME, GAME?  IT’S MY FAVORITE TEEN EVENT



YOU STOP IT, IT’S YOUR DAUGHTER7I rushed over to the school only to find after that notification, Hope walked out of prom instantly.  GOOD GIRL.8Oh wait, she walked out of the school to do this.  That’s not good.9Dayvid: “Mmmm, ripe for the taking”

*readies fucking pepper spray* Back off bitch10Grace: “Oh ho!  I have noticed that it is a waning half moon tonight!  You know what that means… it’s BIRTHDAY TIME”

Seriously, does my game not give me notifications anymore?  Oh sure I get told every time some Joe Schmoe gets a job as a toilet cleaner at the hospital but nothing on this??
11Oh, oh NO



You have NO business being this PRECIOUS13Hetal: “Well this is major bull.  The last of them is also a teenager.  Too stringy.  Overripe.  Not tasty.”

Grace: “Wat”

Rage: “Can y’all not while I’m trying to sleep? I got a major school project I got to miss the bus for in the morning.”14Another photo, just for good measure, just for the cute. However now it’s time for the sad news.

Her latest trait is now animal lover, which means she is not viable for heiress!  NO!  How can my heart be this broken, Grace?!

Grace: “Sorry about that I guess?  I was just thinking about all the kitties and puppers that need smoochies in the middle of my growth spurt and couldn’t help myself.”15Back at prom… Wicked got Prom King, but… as a joke?  Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone give this notification.

Wicked: “My whole life is a joke, haha :)…. LAUGH AT ME IN MY FOOLS CROWN YOU ASSHOLES”16Schoolmate: “I LAUGHED ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU WANTED”17Wicked:”Prom was the shit.  I got through force the title of Prom King, and fell in love all in the same night.  Now where did my princess run off to?  Did her carriage turn back into a pumpkin?  Because I got a spell I’d like to lay down on her…”

No you AIN’T, you better not interact with her for the remainder of this stage.18Hysteria suddenly wanted to do magic as well, but in the form of potions-I MEAN ALCHEMY MIXES19Fuck I said potions and Justice must have heard me

Justice: “Just one little potion, that’s all I want right now… YES!!  Ok just one more…”20Hysteria: “What… what IS THIS?!  HETAL?? WHY DID YOU LEAVE MY LAUNDRY ON THE LINE OVERNIGHT IN THIS WEATHER”

Um, Hysteria, that’s not the priority…
21Hysteria: “Hetal, I’m ashamed of you.  Now these things are hard as a brick and I’m going to have to wash them all over again.  You are so undependable.”

Hetal: *Begs for rescuing, please no one deserves to die in a teddy and black crew socks*

Hysteria: “Well you should have thought about that before you left my sensitive sweaters on the line, now shouldn’t you!”22Hysteria: “Oh for fuck’s sake, FINE, but next time my delicates get frozen like this you’re on your own” *Aims directly at the ass with high heat* 23You are very lucky, Hetal.  Had Hysteria not come out here to do her laundry I may not have ever even looked for you.  Because you know.  Whatever.  Be grateful.

Hetal: “Sob, ughggungghuh sure…”24Hetal: “Oh would you look at that!  It’s SNOWING already!  I can’t believe winter is here!”

Hysteria: *So bewildered by her wife’s raving stupidity she imploded into new outerwear*25Hope: “Totally can’t wait to turn this thing up to 11 and test it out, thanks for coming down here and supervising, Aunt Agony, I always feel safe with you around!”

Hysteria: “No problem, I’m just here to find out what’s a good spell to use once I get the soul of a dead and pulverized virgin…”

Hope: “Ha ha… where would you even get that?”26Hope: *Becomes good and pulverized*

Hysteria: “BAH, no good.  All I can find in the index is a recipe for getting rid of the white cloud on glass.  I can do that with just plain vinegar so that’s just a waste of virgin…”27Hetal: “Did you know, I know it’s going to come as a surprise, but I’m actually a witch?”

Hope: “Oh Aunt Hetal, that frostbite did more damage than I thought it would…”

Hysteria: “Maybe if she put on pants this wouldn’t have happened.”28Frenchie: “You should totally tell her I’m her ghost of Christmas future and I’m gonna haunt her until she stops being so mean!  It’ll be fun!”

Hope: “As good of an idea you think that is, Frenchie, I’d rather not have her burn the house down trying to get rid of you.”29Hetal: “Hey.  Queueball.  I CAN see you.  What part of witch did you not understand, you little shit?”

Frenchie: “Oh crap oh no, please don’t hurt me ma’am, oh God, oh poo”30Frenchie: “Oh SNAP, I recognize that FIGHTIN’ STANCE.”

Frenchie: source

31Hope: “No, Frenchie is right!  If you don’t shape up and stop being such a horrible person, you won’t be part of the New World Revolution!”

Hetal: “Fuck your revolution.”32Hope: “Wow… that… that was just rude and hurtful…”

Hetal: “Good.”

Hysteria: “FOUND IT!  I knew there was a good one in here!  ‘Use one soul of virgin in this sulfuric mixture to create a tincture to turn your enemies into disfigured abominations of God for all eternity’!  Totally want to try that one.”32-5Meanwhile Dee Dee and Wicked are being the complete opposite of Hetal and Hope.  Why can’t you two be like these two, guys?

Dee Dee: “Did you know, I am also in fact, a witch?”

Wicked: “No way!  That’s so cool, Aunt Dee Dee!  You should totally teach me some cool spells sometime!”

Angry Cat: “PUT ON A FUCKING SHIRT.  YOUR NIPPLES HAVE ALREADY FROZEN OFF FOR FUCKS SAKE”33You know what we haven’t had in five minutes?  Cute pictures of Grace.  Got to fix that.

Grace: “Huh?  Oh I mean, sure.  Don’t mind me, I just have one thing on my mind.”34Grace: “Fall was where it was at!  So aesthetically pleasing!  I just love the beauty in the leaves during this time of year!”

I mean… you’re a season late but I won’t stop you…35Jan: “In this weather?  Something’s not right about that kid.”

Don’t remember asking a lazy HOE, JAN

Grace: “Eeee!  Comfy leaves!!~”36Grace: “The beauty of nature.  The feel of the leaves on my bare skin… the colors, the crunch… I just love autumn so much.”

Jan: “Don’t come to me when she gets pneumonia then.  I’ll just say I told you so.”

GO ON WITH YOURSELF, JAN37Although she did spend the remainder of the day playing in the snow covered leaves.  Hm.  Maybe taking Swedish Meatball away from her that late in her childhood was a bad idea after all.

Grace: “Oh Fall, you’re my best friend now”38Checking in on Rage.  Rage?  You still alive?  Yes?  Ok good, later then.

Rage: *In Moth Mode*39Wicked: “Cat?  Did you let in this stray zombie?  You know mom’s just going to impale it and leave it in the front yard on a pike as a warning to the whole town as to what happens to zombies wandering in our yard.”

Angry Cat: “HOUSE”
40Wicked: “Ok, this one is particularly ugly.  I hope it doesn’t think I’m one of them because we share skin tones, because I don’t want what it’s brochures.”41Wicked: “Ok, it’s getting awfully close!  TOO CLOSE!! MOM! MOMMY!  PLEASE COME SAVE ME!  BRING THE PIKES!”42Wicked: “CAT GO GET THE SHOTGUNS I AAAAAHHH AAARAHGHGGGAAA” *breaks leg*

Angry Cat: “He he.  Fear is funnie.”43So I bought a pea shooter to rescue him.  Why not.44In the end Wicked stopped caring after being rescued.  Go figure.45Dee Dee: “Grace?  It’s WAY past sleepy sleep time.  Are you seriously STILL out here playing in those old slimy leaves?  Please stop.”

Grace: *Eats a leaf* “Mmmm, munchie autumn, but it’s so good mom…”46Ghost began mass spawning again.  Enjoying winter guys?  What kind of snowman you building, Evalin?47Oh.  Of course.  How could I have guessed.48Oh and by the way, glitch pet ghosts are even creepier than normal glitch pets.  Yep.  I wanted to sleep tonight.49Make it worse with the new eye mods, NO THAT IS IN NO WAY NOT UNSETTLING IN THE LEAST, BAAL STOP DOING THAT


Baal: “I have seen what cannot be unseen, and they are coming”

I WILL RESET YOU51Angela: “Ah, my family is all coming up today.  I love seeing all my beloved together again.”

Evalin: “Yes, Eunice, shield me from that bitch with your girth!  Protect me like you’re supposed to.”

Eunice: “Why”

Jada: “Bitch fight me like a real woman”52Marlena in her corner, minding to herself, of course.

Marlena: “But look!  I MADE something!  With my own two hands!  And time I spent!  This is probably the greatest thing I have EVER brought into this existence!”

Peace: “Mommy please love me I beg ;-;”53Hysteria: “Oh, to be a dumb bitch wanting to play with a see-saw at 4 in the morning in 3 feet of snow”

Pea Shooter: “I am out of season”54Hysteria: “But oh?  What is this?  The spirit of my distant mother I never knew wishes to join me in play?  Well of course I have only one thing to say to my dearest mother!  *AHEM* …Piss off.”

Jada: “Skank, let me on.”55Hysteria: “I will never forgive you for dying on me while I was young and vulnerable, when I needed you most, you left me in the hands of my insane mom and a one way ticket to a boarding school.  I hate you forever for that.  I will say though, I am grateful you and her sent me to a military school and not some pimsy-ass music school, and for that I will only be thankful for you for.” 56Jada: “Eh.  Whatever helps you sleep at night, kid.”57Hysteria: “I don’t need you good wishes of me sleeping well at night.  I got the best ass in the world to help get me to sleep, so you don’t got to worry about that.”

Jada: “Oh, surely that’s not true?”58Jada: “Oh DAYUM, that IS a fine booty. . You weren’t lying!  She can knock me out with those tight buns any time too!”

Hysteria: *Sigh* “Actually, I got to go, gotta go knock her out and force pants back on her I TOLD’T her to stop coming out in this blizzard in that stupid lingerie!!”59Angela: “I’m making a sister to Evalin’s snowman, because I so do love my sister, and her snowman needs a little sibling as well, so it is also not alone in the world!”

I can’t wait to see which cute snowman Angela comes up to be the sister snowman!60Oh. I see.

Angela: “:)”

Eunice: “Screw y’alls snowmen building crap.  It’s Real Igloo Hours over here.”61Ending the chapter with Hysteria killing Marlena’s snowman.

Hysteria: “Because fuck that hoe that’s why”

Angela: “Well at least the little snow grims have a little snow soul to harvest!  Everyone wins today!  Well, except Marlena’s snowman.  But yay, happy endings!”

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3 responses to “Autumn Aesthetics”

  1. yumehoshichan says :

    Whew, all caught up on the legacy! Glad to see you’re back, I missed these goofy sims. And it’s good timing with me finally getting my own Sims game to work properly on my new laptop 😀

    Ahhh, Grace is so cute! But Hope is also pretty cute, so I don’t mind her being the heiress. Nothing like a bit of well-intentioned anarchy to brighten up the place. I feel like Good and Rebellious makes her heroic, all she needs now is Brave to complete the set. And a superhero name.

    It also occurs to me that this is going to be the first male heirship for Evalin’s line. Good on ya, Rage!

    • missmiserie says :

      Hope is still really cute, I won’t lie. I’m happy to have her as heiress as well, I think she’s going to be fun to play with, even more so than Grace. I just think she’s just so adorable though lol.

      It really is the first male heir on that side, I hope he, if not his brother, either one, would get an evil trait.

  2. Kiaira says :

    Grace is so cute!! And that gif 😂

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