I know I said I’d post so much more on this quarantine, but some horrible shit happened to me at the end of April, and May, and JUNE apparently my life can’t FUCK OFF.  I’d almost say it was some of the worst months of my life, but I think at this point no one is having a good time right now… this just hasn’t been my year.  This has been no one’s year.

What I hope for right now is my sims bring a little bit of joy and distraction to the lives of you and those around me.  1We start off this chapter with Happiness being a WWWWHHHHHore.

Happiness: “Ooopsie Agony I tripped, good thing you were here to catch clumsy ole’ me, heheh”

Hysteria: “Where’s my shank”2Happiness: “Hey lil mama lemme whisper in your ear”3Hysteria: “Touch me or my ears and I’ll rip yours off with my teeth.”

Happiness: “Oh come on baby don’t threaten me with a good time…”

Hysteria: “DISGUSTANG”4While Hysteria pummels Happiness into a pile of glittery vampire goo, how’s the other household members?

Hetal: “Not good.”

Justice: “Well that’s not nice, anything I can do to help?”

Hetal: “No I was referring to your face, I hate it.  It’s no good.”

Justice: “Oh”5ANYWAY, slowly but surely on the other side of the street, the main house is getting a pick up, with a fresh paint job that I DON’T hate.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love green and purple together?  It’s great.  So holloween-y and snug feeling.6Hope is throwing a bachelorette party for her daily party at this point.

Agony: “No nose, baby, no problem~”

Hope: “Please no I don’t need to beat my cousin’s mother away with a broom”7Zoe: “You just wait, Hope Fallen… Once I get a ring on this finger, your family and their assets will be mine!”

Agony: “Who this hoe”

Tenisha: “I have no idea.  Based on the shit attitude, one of Hysteria’s rotten projects?  Don’t stand that close mom, you just had your tetanus shot.”8Grace: “Alright everyone!  Now that all the people are gathered on the Porch of Parties, I want to make the toast to my dear sister and her future husband!”

Hope: “HOT!  And I see you aren’t using the weirdly out of place yeti speech bubble!  Thank you sis!  I had hoped no one would mention the yeti this time around and this is great!  No talk of the yeti at this bachelorette party!  Nope!  No yeti at all!”

Rage: “Uh, Hope?”9Grace: “Mine darling sister.  Of thou’est I owe mine happiest childhood years of yore, you’thest beginth your life’th, hand in hand’th, with a suitor of which’ch’chth many’ofth years ya’ll’ve’doth be blessed’f”

Hope: “Yesssss, no yetis”10I’m glad everyone’s having such a grand time with Grace sputtering through the toast because who needs the sexy dancers am I right

Stripper One: “See, now if you’d actually let me show off my “full moon”, we’d actually have some attention on us for once!”
11Zoe: “Boy.  You will remember when it is our turn to wed that I will not settle for a plebian porch party like your nimrod cousin.”

Rage: “Zoe?  Can’t you give me a minute?  I’m still over here trying to load my accidental chest tattoo, if you don’t mind.”

Happiness: “WAAAH, I GOT OUT OF BED JUST TO HOP ACROSS THE SEATS IN MY LIMO FOR THIS”12Sabrina: “Well I for one didn’t have a bachelorette party at all, Zoe.  But LOOK!  I got happily married off screen lately!  Isn’t that great?!  SURELY my new and loving husband is a GOOD and HONEST man and WON’T LEAVE ME for his OTHER GIRLFRIEND that he LIED ABOUT BREAKING UP WITH OVER FIVE MONTHS AGO because I think he’s the fairy cop from a couple chapters ago :)”

Zoe: “I will pay you all my money to shut the fuck up”13Rage: “Anyway, back to my fear of PEOPLE, and she has me TRAPPED IN THIS CORNER OF THE PORCH, Tenisha HELP ME”

Zoe: “Look into my eyes and give into me, peon…”

Grace: “So uh, should we do something about Rage being mind controlled or whatever is going on over there…”

Hope: “Nope :)”14Zoe: “So as I was saying.  If my rock on my engagement ring is ANY smaller than the Cullinan Diamond itself, I will string you by your intestines to the back of that limo over there and parade your corpse down main street.”

Rage: “I actually think I can do that.  My job’s going to pay out the ass once I figure out what a tarot card does.”

Tenisha: “Hm.  Mom’s dying upstairs.”15OH SHIT SHE IS

Agony: “I thought the tequila scented hand sanitizer would substitute as tequila!  Turned out to just be hand sanitizer.”16Dee Dee: “I knew there was going to be a death, so I prepared and got dressed in my funeral best.”

Orthopox: “Your ability to see into the future scares me a bit, Mrs. Fallen.”17Tenisha: “Oh no, mom, not me, whatever shall I do, bla bla bla, take her already Death she’s blocking the Fireball.”

Happiness: “I’m just happy to finally get off that boring porch for once.”

Orthopox: “Who the frick are you”18Dee Dee: “WHY did you even COME UP HERE, HOPE?!  You’re in LABOR!  And you TRACKED THE WATER ALL OVER MY CLEAN FLOOR AND ALL OVER THE HOUSE”

Hope: “Oh is that what is was?  Not the sadness of my beloved cousin’s mother dying?  Not the shame that it ruined my good bachelorette party?  Just the baby, huh.  That’s weird.”

Grace: “Great detective work sis.”19*Collective OMG TEH BABIE IS COMIN*

Hope: “Anyway, when you managed to worm your way out of this crowd, Orthopox, I’ll be in the car.  Don’t take too long.”

Orthopox: “No promises.”

Death: “This is a lovely hallway.”20Agony: “BLUE’S SKIDOO, WE CAN TOO”

Between all the surprise over the new baby, Agony saw herself out of this existence.  RIP Agony.  Sorry about your life.  Hysteria isn’t here to care, but if she was, she wouldn’t care.
21Death: “Good luck at the hospital, Miss Fallen!  Oh, by the way your phone is ringing!  No worries, I’ll get it for you guys!  Hello?”22Death: “Oh good, Agony!  You made it to the other side without my help!  Good to know!  I’ll let everyone know you died and give them the heads up!”

Thanks Death.  I would have never guessed.23Hope: “Baby is here!  Don’t know where Orthopox is.  I think he still stuck at the house with the screamers.  Oh well, wait until he finds out his daughter is an eccentric and heavy sleeper!  I’m sure he’ll find that neat I suppose.”

Her name is Trust, after the THING THAT WAS BROKEN BY SOME TWO TIMING BASTARD FUCKING WHORE can you tell I’m going through the five stages of grief, I’m currently on anger I guess

She likes purple, fish and chips, and pop music 🙂24Zoe: “Stop with this bullshit “I’m scared of people” garbage and make the moves on me, already!  I’m not getting any younger you dumb ass stain!”

Rage: “Y-yes, Zoe, of course Zoe!”

Serenity: “Now is that any way to treat your future man?!  If you really want to impress and keep a guy you got to be a lot nicer than that!!”26*Not two minutes later*

Serenity: “Whatever.  Not my business if he wants to stay with an abusive old cougar.”

A philosophy I hope to accept in my life soon as well, Serenity.27Edgardo: “I GOT IMPORTANT NEWS EVERYONE!  He’s BACK!!  Macky has RETURNED TO US FROM THE GRAVE!”

Rage: “Thanks great grandpa.  Not only am I about to go into red moodlets, but now I got to start all over wooing Zoe because now I got to look at your stupid fucking macaroni and turn my nose up at you.”

Zoe: “You better not even fucking think about it.”28Hope: “Haha, this is my cousin and his girlfriend right now” *mocks them by making out with lettuce*29Rage: “Hey that actually sounds like a good idea!  Let’s actually officially date now!  Give it a day or two so we can know each other before I get the ring, it’ll be fun!”

Zoe: “SIGH.  You’re really dragging this through the dirt, Rage.  But yes, if this makes your progress any faster, I will officially “date” you.”31Rage: “Good!  Now time to chase the sleepies away before I pass out in the floor!  Out out out, stupid exhaustion feeling!”

Zoe: “Oh honey.  If you’re trying to do me in, you can’t kill me with a simple stab.  I cannot feel and therefore cannot die.”32As soon as the bachelorette party officially ended, Hope called everyone back to the house for the wedding!  I went and bought the only other wedding arch I could find from the Store because after so many years of using the same two I got, I needed something fresh.  Needless to say, I love this one.33Orthopox is ready to be a married man once he gets out of the rotting leaf pile for fucking once.

Orthopox: “Now that I have my space suit on, the radiation doesn’t hurt me as much anymore!”34Wicked: “Oh Hope.  I never thought I’d see you in a wedding dress, but here you are, and you are just as beautiful as I figured you’d be.”

Hope: “Thanks Wicked!  Now I hope you’re just here to be supportive because if you say anything weird during my wedding, Orthopox will export your organs to an uncolonized planet.  Just saying!”
35Nice to see my simself went home only to get pregnant in the two minutes she was gone and she’s already back to heartfarting over Happiness AGAIN.

Sabrina: “Happiness please he means nothing to me, you’re the only man I want in my life”

This isn’t really my simself at this point to be honest.36Hope: “Glad to see you could make it, Reynaldo!  Please, help yourself to refreshments that we don’t actually have because if we don’t crank this wedding out as fast as possible, and you give me a bad rating on the most important party of my life, I WILL go out of my way to make new friends! :)”

Reynaldo: “Isn’t anyone else more concerned with the fact that your stove is sliding out through your wall”37Reynaldo: “Sorry about the party or whatnot but you got a major slap down going on over here!”


Bunny Boys: “He’s so tough and so brave~”
38Hope: “Ok sooooo why are you wearing your space suit instead of the formal wear we worked so hard to make for you and why does it smell like rotting yard trimmings.”

Orthopox: “Would I get in trouble if I said I forgot we were getting married today?  Yeah?  Yeah I forgot.”

Dianna: “I think the alien is also the one that did the invitations.  I was told to dress for a “honkytonk”, and I think I was misled.”39Hope: “Whatever, we don’t need a suit!  Suits are for squares!  We are still going to have the BEST, WEDDING, EVERRRRR!! WOOOO!!

Orthopox: “Oh, thank goodness!  I’m glad to see you guys didn’t actually get rid of the trampoline for all this.  That makes me feel better.”40Dee Dee: “I’m so happy my child has found happiness with another and is beginning her life with this kind and caring man.  If only my beloved Justice could be here for our child… speaking of my wife, she’s been gone for a while.  I wonder what is keeping that woman from our child’s wedding…”

41Dianna: “Ah, what a lovely wedding.  See what you’ll miss out on Reynaldo?  A life of happiness and love, all because you can’t stop playing around ghosts and messing in pee puddles.”

Reynaldo: “I’m missing a very important back alley gnome fight for this.”43And with that, the wedding was VERY nice.  And went by without a single issue.44Hope: “And now that that is over, EVERYONE OUT OF THE WAY!! BIG BLOATED BLADDER COMING THROUGH PEOPLE”

Grace: “Hey, at least she waited til the ceremony was over before busting it open.”

Sabrina: “Yes, that is true.  Everyone knows I don’t want a repeat of last time, else this fist was going to go into some unpleasant places.”45Sabrina: “Anyway.  As I was saying.  BOOOOOOO, HAPPINESS.  YOU SUCK.”

Grace: “Were you not just wetting panties over him earlier today, and every other day you come over, for that matter…”46Wicked: “NO ONE LIKES YOU STINKY PEE PEE BOY!  CRAWL BACK TO TAMPA WHERE YOUR KIND COMES FROM”

Reynaldo: “Please Mr. Fallen, make them stop making fun of me… I’m only an innocent troll that just wants to live my life and make bets on gnomes beating each other up…”

Happiness: “I’m not here to be anyone’s therapist.”

Sabrina: *Pokes back fat* “Haha, boop”47Happiness: “Anyway, now that that is out of my way, your women sure are fine as fire, Orthopox.”

Orthopox: “Isn’t she, what you would call, a “hoot and a hollar”, Happiness?  To think, you made one fine alien granddaughter.”

Happiness: “Wait what”
48Oh I see she’s already grown old.  That’s always a great sign.

Ituxi: “What are you even talking about!  I just turned 25 today!  I just need this stick to help me counter out this gravity that keeps baring down on me!  That’s all!”
49Orthopox: “OH!  Speaking of!  It’s also my birthday today!  I am also turning into the prime age of 25 today!  Weee!!”

Rage: “And I was gone getting my actual high school diploma just like you wanted Zoe please don’t hit me again”

Zoe: “Good now get a real job”50Orthopox: “Oh, my fourth spleen… this doesn’t feel like what you guys would call “rootin tootin”.”

Zoe: *Plays Careless Whisper on the party horn*51Rage: “Now that the party cold turkeyed and died instantly, please tell me what do you want in a wedding, Zoe?”

Zoe: “A thousand times better than this backyard hillbilly hokey bull.  If the chapel isn’t made out of white marble and trimmed in gold and diamonds, you’ll be a dead man, Rage.”52Ituxi: “Give my blessings to the newlyweds.  Also let Orthopox know that he has to rub the Aspercreme on his joints, he can’t digest it.”

Zoe: “Also if there are aliens at my wedding I will castrate you before the priest and your family.”

Rage: “Duly noted.”53Zoe: “It’s only a matter of time, my darling Rage… Soon, this family will be mine, and with it, your assets and your treasures.”

So with that, I wrap this up.  Next chapter, things.  Maybe I’ll be less sad and angry or something.  Here’s hoping.

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5 responses to “Trust”

  1. sonmun says :

    Babies being born at inconvenient times never gets old. And a Blues Clues reference?!? Bravo

  2. Amanda B says :

    I’m sorry life is being a bitch right now. I hope it starts being a little easier soon. I reread your legacies at least every few months. Love them!

  3. Kiaira says :

    I’m sorry things are shit at the moment 😥 I really hope things get better 💗💗💗 thank you for making ppl laugh even when times are hard

  4. Erty says :

    I just read through the whole thing and I love it.

  5. Kay Dwessie says :

    Sorry everything sucks right now, I can really frickin relate.

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