Going Out

4I’m always on the hunt for new good/evil traited sims.

I found out that Athena had a pair of younger siblings.  Meet Simone Simon.  She shares the same father as her sister, Hyun-Moon, but apparently when her mother remarried, to fuckin’ KARL nonetheless, she got her name changed as well.  Because Odessa is stupid.

I may not have been able to get my hands on Athena this legacy.  But Simone is good, so I may not be completely out of luck just yet.5Quiana: “I’m also good!  Hi, I’m Quiana and I don’t eat glue I promise.”

I think like 80% of Tyrone’s lineage has been Good sims and it’s almost scary.  6Truth: “So Horror!  I also got a cute little IF but I don’t know what I should name him?  Wanna help me come up with a name for our new friend?”7Horror: “Why don’t you just get strep throat and die already :)”

Truth: “Strep Throat huh?  I have no idea what that is, but it sounds so cool!  Strep Throat is his name then!”8Oh fuck, what’s THIS?!  Someone in his household has actually been able to USE A BED?!

Well don’t be shy everyone!  Come forward, who was it?!  Please, do it again, I BEG YOU9Judd: “Thank you for your daily contribution to my food fund!  Your donation will gratefully end up in my stomach!”

Pain: “God Judd is so dumb sometimes.  I laced that lollypop with the “good drugs” so she’d go to sleep for a while, but I guess I got to go get more now…”10Mayhem: “Ooh you guys going on a roadtrip?!  Can I come along?  Please.  I’m so miserable out here.”

Pain: “Sorry sis, I’ve filled up in the trunk with so many kids that I got two of them hanging on the underside of the car as it is!  Maybe another trip when I give a crap.”11Pain: “Alright.  I released the little shits into the ocean.  When does the fun commence.”

Pestilence: “The fact that you even wanted to do anything with us at ALL is a testament to the definition of amazing as it is, Pain.”12Pain: “Splash in the ocean with me, Famine.  I require fun.  I require fun with you specifically.”

Famine: “Please, if I don’t get sleep, I’ll be splashing around in the ocean in all the wrong reasons soon…”

Pain: “Eh, that sounds fun in it’s own way too.”13Pestilence: “Hello.  My name is Pestilence, but you can call me Pestilence.  I see you also look like you’d struggle with UV rays and figured we could be friends.”

He’s got the spirit.14Pain: “My mom took me out on a boat ride like this when I was just older than you, kid, and you’re the lucky chosen one I have also decided to go out on a boat ride with.”

Famine: “Yeah but did you have to run over my siblings as well while we were out here?”

Pain: “Yeah?  There’s no fun unless a Pedestrian Game is involved.”15Kay: “Gasp!!  Daddy?  Is that you?!  I’m so happy you came out to spend time with me, I haven’t seen you since I was a baby, and I can’t remember that since I was a baby.”

Jackie: “The water refractions give me a big booty bedonkadonk :)”16Jackie: “Open Ocean, Ahoy!!”

Kay: “Daddy, please don’t leave me again… it’s me, your kid Kay…  Daddy?…”

She immediately turned tail and headed home after this.  Jackie totally sucks after all.17Ach.  I can’t look away for a second can I.

Fear: “Pain doesn’t even know who I was fighting, so someone among us is a dirty little snitch me thinks.”18Fear: “The second my half hour time out is wrapped up, I’m going to sacrifice her to a demon I swear this…”

Pain: “Big nap time”19I couldn’t figure out who Fear even had a fight with, but he has a negative relationship with his sister Malice, so I’m guessing it’s with her.

Malice: “I told him that Frenchie was never dead, he just didn’t want to talk to a loser like him and I ended up getting Frenchie’s reincarnation because he’d rather hang with a cool kid like me so we smacked each other with pizza pans until he went on on his beach trip.”

Styrofoam: “That’s so damn funny.”20Why there’s even a bed at the beach here is a mystery unto itself, but the fact that Famine is the closest person in a long time to even come close to fully USING a bed is a fucking miracle.21War: “You’re taking us out for dinner?  Wow, Mrs. Pain.  This really is turning out to be an awesome outing!”

Famine: “Yeah, it’s almost like you actually have some feelings towards us for some reason some how.”

Pain: “Why do I even want to be out here with these gremlins”22Famine: “I do wish she had let me take a longer nap than I did.  I’m so tired now I got the shakes.”

Fear: “Well why don’t you go curl up in the sleeping bag with your new MoMmY since you’re so keen on Mrs. Pain now for trying to win us over with this pointless outing.”

Pain: “Big nap time part 2: electric boogaloo”23Famine: “Dude she just took you to the beach and bought you a burger.  What’s the deal you got against Ms. Pain?”

Fear: “Don’t you think it’s weird how she has this weird maternal attitude towards us sometimes, and other times she’d rather dump us off on literally anyone within range?  All I’m saying is I don’t trust her for one moment.  Even the Unseen One doesn’t seem to be fond of her, and that’s saying something.”

Pestilence: “Oh Pollo Ranchero you’re full of sea water and smell like fish piss :(“24Famine: “Well… you still like me right?  We’re still buddies…”

Fear: “Sigh… yes, Brother Famine.  We are still buddies.”


Pain: “Zzz earplugs work wonders zzz”25Back at home Loathing begins the birthday ritual for the twins tonight.

Loathing: “I’m so thrilled to grow up in this poorly lit hallway all on my lonesome!!”26Our lad Loathing is now, on top of being an evil neurotic coward, is also hot-headed, which is starting to shape up to be a very volatile mix of traits from the sounds of it.  Kinda like the kind of guy that’ll try to beat the shit out of someone until someone starts popping off…27Fear: “Loathing had to grow up in a dimly lit hallway but at least he’s not growing up in a pitch black alleyway in his underwear…”

Famine: “Well no one said you HAD to take your clothes off, Fear…”28Fear: “Behold, Brother Famine.  For I have evolved into a shirt.”

Famine: “Hm.  Looks like a shirt you’d find in a pitch black alleyway too.”29A better look at Fear now that he’s home.  His traits seem to continue to go in the opposite direction of his brother’s, and he’s now excitable along all else.  But I will say, I have yet to see that face do anything to express any level of thrill…g30Here are the twins alongside each other for comparison funsies.  Personally if I hadn’t known they were twins I wouldn’t have even been able to tell.31Jesus that side eye though.

Fear: “His cool guy get up is lavish and showy.  The Unseen One is still disappointed in him.”

Loathing: “Yeah I’m still scared of that shit :)”32Crystal: “Oh good!!  I see you’ve grown up so well.  And so capable now!!  Well now that you’re a big boy, help mommy with the babies now while I take a break, ok?  Thanks hon, you’re the best!  Night night!”

Fear: “Wh-wait I didn-I’m n-WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK LOATHING TO DO THIS SHIT HE’S THE ONE THAT WAS HERE FIRST”33Euphie’s kinda quiet this chapter.  Working really hard on getting skills for a new promotion.  Although she’s either working on a hospital bill or trying to evolve into a crab.  Not sure yet which.34Loathing: “Ooh Rocket Scientist?  Is that you?  Damn, you wouldn’t believe the wet dream I just had about you…”

Judd: “The FUCK how I did NOT want to hear about this nasty shit on my way to breakfast.”35Euphoria: “Well grab that breakfast to go, private!  We got some major drills this morning!  Come, Judd, we got to get there bright an early today!”

Judd: “Awh, the shit I wanna go… tell them I still got gastroastrobuttinmyeyetis, I ain’t going in today.”

Euphoria: “Okilie Dokilie!!”36Still scouring the locals.  Not a viable canidate, but I think I adore how Joy’s daughter Pamela is actually turning out.37Malice: “My favorite is cousin Joe.  Look at the cock he has in his eyebrows.  You know he beats puppies in his sparetime.”

Yeah, go figure the rare evil sim in town is a first gen cousin.  Sucks because he does look like he’s shaping up to be so cool.38Brianna: “A lot cooler than the good kids.  Eboni’s such a good kid, but that doesn’t stop the others for bullying her on the playground because she was born with no eyelashes.”

And she’s my simself’s kid with that fuckin Julian mime guy before he kicked the bucket.  Poor kid gets the worst of two worlds.39I tried my best.  She’s ok.

Brianna: “Gurl we all know dem eyelashes fake”40I see Kay and Belial are still getting along so well.


Kay: “Ow my nipple, watch the claws”41Pestilence: “Shit, you followed us home.  Now we will never get rid of you.”

Eboni: “Nice Barbie eyesore kitchen knobhead.  What, did your mom design this trainwreck?”

Pestilence: “Actually it was yours.”

I DID MY BEST OK42Euphoria: “Thank you SO much for the promotion, Judd!  You really are the best boss any girl could ever wish for!!”

Judd: “Hey, it’s no problem, that’s what I do.  I think.  Even though I have no idea what you’re talking about.”43Birth Day for Kay.

Kay: “Do I look alright?!”

Eboni: “You’re a total catch, babe!”

She’s brooding now.44Then Pain finally had a wish for her mid life crisis (oddly enough I hadn’t had a lot of those wishes in the past due to them vanishing very quickly before I could make room for them), so now she wants to beef up.

Pain: “Lots of my followers have fetishes for them buff girls, so a girls got to do what a girls got to do.  Granted I don’t actually know what my followers have fetishes for, but I got to go where the money flows…”45Euphoria: “And I will support you all the way!  GO, PAIN!  FEEL THE PAIN, PAIN!! TEACH THOSE WEIGHTS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO FEEL ACTUAL PAIN!!”

Pain: “Oh god the hernia eeee”46Euphoria: “OH GOD NO THAT IS SO sad”

I’m pretty sure Simone lived in the house with her mother AND Athena so why she can’t live on with her sister is kinda disheartening.  I figured Athena would be better than that than to kick out her sister…47Pain: “Well I’m this close to kicking Crystal out too if she don’t fuck the fuck off!!  Hoe!!  WAKE UP!  Some of us have to take a post workout dump around here!”48Judd: “So what the fuck am I doing out here in the middle of the night with you guys again?”

Euphoria: “Pain said Crystal wanted to go out for a while so we all took a trip downtown for the fun of it!”

Crystal: “That’s NOT what Pain said, Pain dragged me out by the sleeping bag and tried to stuff me in the trashcan and said that I was going away forever now, how did you manage to twist up the words that badly?”

Actually in between getting juiced, Pain wanted to get a makeover at the salon, which may or may not explain the jack up job that is her outerwear.50Happiness: “Well he didn’t have to come along!  He’s a total geed!  What a dork, amirite!?”

Judd: “Crisis mode activating”51Happiness: “Nah I’m just joshing with you dude you know it’s all in good fun though, right?”

Judd: “You really are a stupid sack of shit and a complete asshole… I dig it.”52Pain: “Crystal I chose you to help me with my new look because I don’t trust those two boynerds or that knob Euphie, so do you think you can help this?”

Crystal: “Gurl, you came to the right woman.  I’m going to have you looking so snatch, people won’t question your age ever again!”

Pain: “I sure hope you know what you’re doing outfit wise then, because you sure don’t know jack about hygiene”53Crystal: “Ok so like… yeah no I don’t know the first thing about vogue, I don’t even have pants on today Pain”

Pain: “No, wait this is good!  I can totally work on this!!  This outfit totally makes my butt look big!  …I do want a big butt, right?  That’s still “in”, right?”54Oh there you are Euphoria.  Yeah totally get them teeth sparkly white.  It’s going to completely make up for the lack of deodorant you, or your wife, don’t seem to own.

Then again, you really tore that damn sink up with just some toothpaste so maybe you’re onto something I don’t know…55Mayhem: “Valor.  My son is home.  And I’m so sorry.  You’re not his father, my dear.”


Patience: “See, I’m HER husband, but he doesn’t seem to realize that?  Think you can remove him from my premises, ma’am?”

Jennifer: “What”56Speaking of babies, ooooooh Juana, you’re doing so well!

Juana: “I want to eat your bones”

Juana recently got a new baby sister, name Rita!  Shall we check her out as well?57MMMM so good

Rita: “Me finger pick the BIGGEST boogers!”

I bet it does, sweet pea.  I bet it does.58Pain: “That’s IT mother!  I’m TIRED OF YOUR SHIT” *viciously bites Anguish’s nose off*

Anguish: “The fuck did I do”59Anyway, we wrap this chapter up with even more birthdays, the last of the toddlers of the gen are out!

Horror: *Twerks out some birthday sparkle*60Actually REALLY cute.  Perfectionist though.  61Horror: “Nothing is perfect though.  Therefore life is hell.”

Enough of that, it’s Terror time!62Like Fear he’s family oriented. Makes sense I guess.63And lastly, Truth.64Truth: “MY NEW TRAIT IS NOODLE”

Terror: “Grab a pot for me Herpesvirus and we can boil us up some spaghetti!”65Noodle time over.  Truth is actually even better than I anticipated!  She’s never nude now though.

Tatiana: “Huh?   YOU DON’T SEE ME BACK HERE.  I’M NOT HERE.  DON’T LOOK.”66Alright kids!  New “bedroom” assignments, fresh off the Buy Catalog!  Come get them while they’re hot!!

Terror: “Oh Herpesvirus.  I don’t understand why we couldn’t keep our cribs.  They were the closest thing to actual beds we were ever going to get…”

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