Tricks or Treats

Last chapter I sent out various family members out at a time for wants and Get Out moodlets, then Kay, Loathing and Fear became teenagers and Truth, Terror and Horror became children.1Speaking of teenagers they’re already out doing teenager things.

Loathing: “The officer is making you ride in the back because you told him you’d feed his soul to HarChauka the Soul Consumer.”

Fear: “Well yeah?  I was.”

Loathing: “Yeah.  That’s why I get frontsies.”

Fear: “Well fuck”2Euphoria: “GROUNDED!!!  UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE PROM!!! THEN I’LL let you go so you can go”

Loathing: “Don’t mind me I’m just gonna slink away before she notices”3Euphoria: “Oh no.  He doesn’t get off Scott free like he thinks he is.  He’s getting Shrew Duty.”


Loathing: “Why do you even HAVE a shrew”5Happiness: “I got a good feeling about this work.  I’m going to name it “Tatiana’s Back in the House Again”.  After Tatiana.  Who’s back in the house again.”

She BETTER be on her fuckin way out too.6Good.  Stay out.

Tatiana: “:(“7Jesus, I had Euphoria let the kids off the hook and left for only a moment to make sure Tatiana had thoroughly fucked off, and THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING LOATHING

Loathing: “You have no control over me!  You think you’re “letting me off the hook” I let mySELF off the hook.”8Euphoria: “HOW DARE you strike me, young man!!! You’re GROUNDED!! AGAIN!!  As soon as I figure out how to ground you manually, you can FORGET even GOING TO PROM!!  You totally lost that privilege and THEN SOME!!”9Loathing: “YOU can’t TELL me what to DO!!  You’re NOT my REAL MOM!!!”

Euphoria: “I AM your mother, and YOU should be grateful I AM your mother and not who abandoned you and your brother as a baby in the FIRST PLACE!!  DANG IT!! IF I wasn’t such a nice person I’d pack you off to a military school, like a REAL strict one, and not the soft fun-time army school your brother went to!!!  Now go pet that shrew and think about what you’ve done!!!”10Rocket: “You stupid FUCK!  Don’t you realize what you’ve done?!  Now we won’t get to go to prom!! I was going to let you rail me behind the photo backdrop and everything!!”

Loathing: “What I have done is more important than sex, Rocket.  It’s to set the groundwork for the future of this Empire.”11Rocket: “You shove your empire, Loathing.  You fucking shove it, hard and good, dammit.  I wanted to get laid tomorrow and you BLEW IT.”

Loathing: “Well then why don’t YOU go and shove it!!  Since you want your stuffing stuffed THAT badly!!”12Malice: “I’m so glad I got to leave before I had to really hear all the details about Loathing having sex with his doll.”

The crying child in the foreground is my great grandchild Shannon.


Horror: “Lol loser.”13Famine: “Um, what are we doing all the way out here?”

Pestilence: “It’s a fieldtrip, numbnuts.  God forbid we miss another field trip and the game calls us out on it.”

Malice: “But a fieldtrip AFTER the school hours?  I think the supervisors effed up on this one.”14Famine: “Yeah I can’t care.  I’m going to do my homework instead so I get a perfect GTA on my record.”

Malice: “He’s not going to be anywhere near a GPA if he thinks that and that are the same thing.”

And of course I always get the ever so common “yOuR cHiLd MiSsEd A sChOoL FiElDtRiP” message that I never get relief from.15Love: “I see you had to finally delve down and begin inventing, hon.”

Euphoria: “Just had this itch I had to take care of.  I’m so happy you came out here to support my newest endeavors, mother!”

Love: “Oh no, I actually don’t.  I’m really just out here to make sure this new shower is installed properly.  You’re definitely going to need it.”16Pain: “And I for one am out here to make sure that it ISN’T installed correctly.  Hehe.  I’m having fun.”

Euphoria: “Fun is what it’s all about in the end after all, isn’t it?”17Without the rocking chair, I think Betsy is the newest hangout for the ghosts.

Evelin: “Unclench, Jada.  I need the X shaped brander or I can’t play tic tac toe with the beef.”

Jada: “EEeee, ok but WATCH the fingers, they’re so cold!”18Happiness: “WHY are you still here, I thought we killed you gens ago!!”

Charles: “R̴̛̭͔̩̼͉̃̍͑̉̐̾͑̆̚̚̕E̶̞̝̳̙̮̣̜̣̼̒̿͆̀̕ͅͅĹ̷͈̼̩͚̻̪̗̀̋̇͌̋͂̉̋̑̕Ê̵̱͔̥͇̱̙̘͍̘̫̰̑̇̽͆͛̌̆̕͝͝ͅA̵̙͙͑̇̆̅̍̏̄̇̈́͘S̶̨̧̢̪̱͈̟͍̤̉̇̓͐̊́̃̋͛̚E̷̡̼̺̘͚͍͈͉̤͒̽̌̇ ̴̻͖̓̿T̶̨͕͖͖̿̍̀H̵̢̯͔̺̰̒̋͆͗̈Ê̶̤̤̝̙̞̗̻̱ ̵̨̩̙̜̞̠̦̟̰̠̜̹̟͍̀͂̑͊̊̋̽̔̋̌̔̐̊̓̎K̴͕̗̟̭͈̝̏̌̽̄͒̒̈̓̏͠R̵̤̫̳̜̬̭̠̦͓͚̯͖̞̯͌̊́ͅA̴̛̹̓̈͑̅͊̈́K̸̤͉̤̪̦̺̞̓̒͋̽̏E̸̢̱̹̗̝̪̳͇̳̹̐̉̾̓͛͘N̴̮̫̯͙͔͉̮̘̭̏́̏̏̒̅̕͜͠͠”19Happiness: “Yeah but really though for the love of GOD don’t die out here”

Euphoria: “Why does everyone think I’m going to hurt myself?!  I went to military school, they probably trained me on this kind of stuff!!”20It was inevitable.21War: “Hm.  I do believe it’s Spooky Day.  Pestilence still has his free activity choice to use so I think I’m going to follow him out for trick or treating tonight.”

Malice: “Yeah good luck with that.  Me and Styrofoam are going to have a long discussion right here in the hallway and we ain’t moving for that.”

War: “Yeah… why do you think I care about that?”22Pestilence: “MALICE!!  MOVE YOUR INVISIBLE FRIEND DOLL OUT OF MY WAY!! I CAN’T LEAVE THE HOUSE UNTIL HIS PRESENCE IS GONE!!”

Anguish: “Really”

Truth: “Yeah!  I want to go trick or treating too but between this hallway and this pet container, Styrofoam is also going to cause me to miss the good sized Snicker bars :(“23Somehow by miracle, Pestilence didn’t route fail and off they went for a first time Fallen trick or treat session!!

Famine: “Yeah… what exactly are we supposed to do for candy?”

Pestilence: “I think we were supposed to dress up as unrecognizable and rob these houses for their sugary goods?  I don’t know, this holiday doesn’t come with a manual.”

Outfits would have been cute but whatever, guys.24Also you guys couldn’t FUCKING LEAVE THE STUPID IFS AT THE FUCKING HOUSE?!?

Terror: “Herpesvirus wanted to trick or treat too :)”

Truth: “Strep Throat gets scared if I’m away from the house for too long.”25At least one of them found their way to the front door.

Pestilence: “This is cheap paneling.”26Pestilence: “Wow!!  You actually gave me candy?!  For FREE!?  I just thought this was a joke being played on me but now I LOVE Spooky day!!”

Man: “Yeah yeah, whatever gets you creatures off my front stoop faster.”27Terror: “Hurry guys!  Follow Pestilence!  He knows what he’s doing and he’s getting the goods!!”

Famine: “Don’t forget to share with us, brother!!”

Pestilence: “Whatever gets me home faster so I can wash out this miasma that’s beginning to melt my armpits.”28Pestilence: “Yeah, I don’t think anyone even lives at this hou-”

Truth: “QUICKLY YOU GUYS!  There’s a HOUSE across the street!  They probably have CANDY there instead!!”

Horror: “Leadership ended with PESTILENCE!! Now TRUTH is my new leader!!”

Famine: “I still believe in Pestilence’s leadership skills…”29Truth: “See?  House.”


Terror: “Legend has it that a barrier such as this saved many a stupid townsfolk from a barrage of meteors on our neighbors house many many years ago.  If you believe such rumors.  If true though, we will never get inside and get the candy now…”30The rest of the kids gave up and went home, but Pestilence was able to find the gate and get just a little more candy before the night was over.

This guy: “Nice costume, kid!  I didn’t think it was possible to go as a sewage tank.”31Back at home, the one child that didn’t even make it out of the house had her birthday.32Aaah, she’s so cute.

Malice: “I grew up in the play area so I must be childish.”

I suppose so.33Happiness: “Awh, look at her!  She thinks she’s going to give me a spook.  I’ll humor her, I’ll let her think she got me to make her feel good.”34Malice: *Muffled blehing*

Crystal: “She does know she’s not in the house right?”

Happiness: “Well I tried to give her some credit for trying at least.”

And then prom happened and the other teens snuck off on me to go to it, including Loathing, the little shit.35Why… why would they VOTE for you, they don’t even KNOW YOU


36Loathing got the King counterpart.  I don’t know why I have a feeling he got it through threats and blackmail.37.1And I mean… I guess that’s alright.  Even though they were raised to be “siblings” technically, if Kay does become evil she’ll be an open option for spouse candidacy.37Of course.  OF COURSE she dresses for prom like she has never encountered a formal social event in her entire life with other people.38Loathing: “If I didn’t have to SNEAK out of the house when our bitch mom wasn’t looking, I could have grabbed something more formal than a damn house jacket to go to prom in!!”

Fear: “HAH!  Well at least I will look decent in my picture!  I at least TRIED!  Mom will probably hang your picture behind the shower backing so we won’t have to look at that embarrassing get up.”39Fear also got him a romantic interest in some throwaway teenager that I highly doubt will turn evil by her next birthday.  So I played with her genetics to make her at least interesting looking.40Quiana: “OOOH!!  Me next, me next!  I wanna do a make over!!”

Do I really have to…41Why must I torture myself so42Oh Pamela.  Pamela.  Why.  Why must you do this.

Pamela: “The prom theme was concession stand though…”43Justice: “Huh this isn’t my facebook account… I must have entered my password in wrong again…”44Justice: “Oh!  There are people talking to me on here?  Hello dearies!  I’m Justice, I’m just here to check on my social media accounts but I think I turned on Pain’s by accident.”45Justice: “Well I do like video games!  I think I’ll play some games for you, spend some time with you guys.  You seem like a fun bunch.  I hope I do a good job to entertain you and I hope you all have fun!”

And they say it was the highest viewer count of any of PainBabe’s streams to date 🙂46Anyway, Thanks Horror.  Just THANKS.

I’ll never trust you kids to go out trick or treating on your own ever again.  This is what you bring home to the house after I let you go out and have fun?  The future of Spooky Day is ruined because of you.  I’ll make sure future potential trick or treaters will have you to thank.47Anguish: “Fuck.  This is the last time I’ll ever attempt to do dishes again.  I’m blocked in until someone wakes up or rolls over…”

Ain’t nothing I can do to help right now.48INTERESTING.  This is a new notification.  I got it and instantly thought which update could it have gotten to support Covid prevention 49Pestilence: “I got the projectile shits.”

Apparently he’s got the flu and route failed at the front door.  Doesn’t really happen often.50What’s a child rented with disease to do on his day off from school?  Any Ferris Bueller related highjinks?

Ooor a long nap in the nearby library.  That works too.51Simone: “So brave.  So trusting of the public environment.  He will be my husband.”

No, Simone.  You’re way off.52Athena do something about your sister.  She’s giving a seven year old baby doll eyes.

Athena: “Hmmm… what if I marry Ernesto instead?  That might be fun.”

Ernesto: “Fuck YESSSSSSS”

Why do all the cutest sims I got got to marry the fuglies 😦53Joy, you’re my last hope in here.  Tell me you got good news.

Joy: “Uhhhh, this is my new baby, Adolfo.  Totally my child that I totally didn’t just steal from a passerby on the street.  Completely looks like me and everything.”

Sigh.  I’ll take your word on it.

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