I have been wanting to do an ISBI type of legacy for a while, and after I got the new computer, I thought it was time to start on what I wanted to do for this legacy.  This is the Fallen ISBI, or the FISBI, because it sounds cute.

Pictured above: Not a FISBI.

For someone who doesn’t know yet, an ISBI is short for an I’m Surrounded By Idiots challenge, basically where one sim is the “torch holder” and the only controllable sim on the lot, while the rest of the sims in the household are on their own.  Here are the bare bones basic rules.

In this challenge though, I’m going to tweak the rules just a little bit and have two torch holders though.  Because what fun is it if I don’t break a rule or 5?  When has rules ever applied to me?!  I’m a rebel baby!  Just look at my parking tickets!

See,  I’m starting with two sims, and each will have their own families and their own lives, and branch off in two different clans under one roof.  The way I see it, it’s two ISBIs going on at once.

Other rules and handicaps and junk:

1.  I’m also going to enforce a handicap of No Rule Left Behind, so if a wish is rolled by the torch holder and can be fulfilled, then it must.  Free will be left on high, so sims can do whatever they want.

2.   A trait theme will be involved.  Since this legacy will revolve around Good and Evil, if a child is born with an Evil trait on the evil side, then it is heir no matter what it looks like, unless there are two evil siblings per generation before one reaches young adulthood.  If so, only then will I call a vote.  If one with the trait reaches young adulthood before any other can develop the desired trait, that sim will still be heir regardless, as it is First.  That goes the same for a Good traited child born to the good side.

3.  All traits MUST be rolled if not already locked in.  If any sim does NOT get a good/evil trait according to which side of the family they are on per generation, then I suppose better judgement on the rest of the traits will call it (or a vote).

4.  An evil sim on the good side can NOT be torch holder, as is a good sim on the evil side.  They will be dubbed the family’s Black Sheep, and will be out of the running.

5.  Also, any Evil sims in town to my knowledge must be married into the family, IF there is one.  Same goes with Good townies.  This rule goes along with rule 3.

6.  A torch holder cannot interfere with the other torch holder’s family through my own influence, unless it coincides with a wish.  For example, if a Good baby is starving and needs attention, I can’t get my Evil torch holder to take care of it.  They can, however, take care of it if it is out of their own free will.  This rule really sounds easy to get around, but it will be added for extra measure nonetheless.  Non torch holders are not influenced by this rule, because, obviously, they are going to do whatever the hell they want.

7.  Lastly, there will be a regular scoreboard kept and tallied up at the end of the legacy.  The Evil side will ALSO be tallied against the Good side, and we will see which family’s sims were the better sims, along with an all-around score for myself.

Alright, I think I about covered it.  Other than the mulitple torch holders, the rest of the ISBI rules should be good to go as well as these.

Let’s do this.  Click on the picture below to start the adventure.

Pictured above: Not a frisbee.

2 responses to “About FISBI”

  1. Lydia Babbles says :

    I know I’m a bit late with this one, but I’m SO looking forward to reading this! I followed your Southern Prettacy after you finished it, so I’m glad I won’t have to read a whole ten generations in one go (obviously I didn’t do it in one day)

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