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Anyone Seen Starla?

Hello, I hope everyone has had a good Thanksgiving and a good time since my last post in general, heh

I’m just popping in to see if anyone has heard from Starla, from The Creeper Legacy? You know this masterpiece that I drew massive inspiration on?

I was following her on Twitter for a while and today I had realized I hadn’t seen her post in a while, and when I went to snoop I think she deleted?  I’m usually a person who usually lets people do their own thing, delete if they feel like and all, but she had been having a really hard time for a while with life things during the last few weeks or months she posted, so I’m just a bit worried…

If anyone knows, idk maybe just let her know I was thinking about her?  I was hoping she was alright…

New EP!

Hi, I know I haven’t had a new post in a while, and it was mainly due to a bunch of crashes and bugs and anger that my legacies have been stagnant for the past month.  But do you know what’s nice when you finally get everything working right and on top again?



Time for a certain test family to get in gear and try out the new waters in:


(Click the pic for some tropical fun!)


The Triple Legacy Spooktacular Part 2


1In the nearby town of Moonlight Falls…

2Barnabas: “Alright ladies, I brought a little bit of scotch, but not too much scotch, so we got to share.  Bonehilda’s drained me dry again and I’ll have to go to the liquor store tomorrow to get mo… what the hell are you doing here?!”

Sabrina: “What do you mean, what am I doing here?  Can’t I visit my friend on Halloween night?  I’m your leading simself, so I’m practically your mother!  Do you talk to your mother that way?”

3Barnabas: “You chased off my, er, “ladies of the night” didn’t you?!”

Sabrina: “Yes and I had to pay them to leave.  Selfish little skanky things.  You owe me about $450.”

Barnabas: “Don’t you have a Halloween party you need to be at right now, and not here?!”

Sabrina: “No, I wasn’t going to throw a party this year, considering the last party I threw led to… well, I’m homeless now.  I was going to dress up as a victorian-age ghost or something, but I chickened out.  Like I always do.  Ah well, you still have that scotch?”

4Barnabas: “That’s not true!  You are throwing a party tonight!  You even sent out invites to all your leading legacy sims to join you for a “Spooper Spooky Spectacular Beach Bash” tonight near the abandoned facility on South Beach.  Even I got a invite, but you can forget it after you abandoned my legacy for the past 6 months.”

Sabrina: “It’s not abandoned, just resting.  And besides, I didn’t send out any invites.  That’s crazy.”

5Barnabas: “Yes you did!  All those little sims came by my house to ask for directions even!  Two of them even came by twice, which pissed me off, and that pissed one of them off.  Then she hit the other guy, and oh BY THE WAY, way to go replacing me, Sabrina!  You got a new ginger vampire in your life?!  Man, go shove a rock lobster up your ass, ok?”

Sabrina: “Happiness and Jealousy?  They were here?  That’s strange.  I swear I didn’t throw no party, but if my legacy sims are in town, I better go check this out…”

6Facebook: “Hello, I.  My name’s Facebook, and it’s always nicer to meet someone with a more stupid name than mine.”

Jealousy: “You dumbass, I don’t think that’s her name.”

Happiness: “Well, she’s definitely not Sabrina.  Might we ask who you are, ma’am?”

7“I’ve already told you.  I’m your bringer of Death.”

Jealousy: “Yeah well you are also the bringer of the most corniest get-up I’ve ever seen.”

Facebook: “I don’t know, that looks pretty serious.”

Jealousy: “I didn’t ask for your opinion, loser!”

8“Obviously you guys aren’t getting the large picture here.  You’ve all walked into my trap, and now here, you will all die.  Have I made it simple enough for you?”

Happiness: “Ha, I’m starting to have fun actually!  This is the best Halloween prank I’ve ever been part of!”

Facebook: “No diptard, I think she’s serious.  I’m starting to think that this isn’t some sort of joke anymore!  I’ve seen some good pranks before, but this one just isn’t setting right…”

“Well at least the blue eyebrowed one gets it.  I have arranged all of you to be here tonight to play a little game for me, and then slowly but surely, you will all perish in my little trap.”

9Jealousy: “Underground traps and death, my ass!  I’m out of here, bitch.”

Happiness: “Jealousy calm down, this is just part of the party, I’m sure!”

Jealousy: “Big fucking deal if it’s part of her little party!  No one, and I repeat, no one, tells me I’m going to die in some pit!  Now get the hell out of my way, girl.  I’m going back upstairs, back to the beach, a quick stop at the buffet table, and then I’m going home!”

“I’m afraid I’m not going to let you back up stairs, Jealousy.  You’re never going back up there again because-”

10Jealousy: “Yeah yeah, I’m “gonna die in here” bullshit.  Lemme tell you something, girl.  This isn’t a trap.  There isn’t a trap around to keep me down!  I’ve seen better underground death pits, I’ve BUILT better underground death pits than this.  Now get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. Way.  You got until the count of three before I punch a fist size dent into that black hole you call a face.”

“I see you just aren’t going to go down easily, are you…”

11Jealousy: “WHA-”

Happiness: “Jealousy?!  What?!  What did you do?!”

“I just dropped her down into the underground pit.  Nothing too bad, she’ll probably survive the fall.  Well you know, granted that there’s nothing exactly underneath this particular pit…”


Facebook: “WHOA that looks like a deep pit.”

Youtube: “Jealousy!  If you can hear me or see me, shout!”

“I doubt you’ll see or hear from her from here.  These pits can go miles under the ground.  Sometimes they will only go a few meters.  They’re all completely random.  But I doubt this one is that short.”


13“Oh don’t worry, you’ll probably see your dear cousin again.  After all, this whole floor, rather, all the floors are covered in nothing but trap panels, so all I have to do is drop you were you stand, and you could land right where your cousin is!  Or you could land in an under ground cavern of sharp rocks.  Or a basket of fluffy puppies.  You never know!  All you have to do is anger me, or go against my little game we’re gonna play, and we will see where you land!”

Bear: “You’re insane!”

“Oh, speaking of sanity, I think the smart thing for me to do is to further trap you in this room.  Can’t have you all making mad dashes for the stairs, now can I?”

14“Allow me to drop all the panels around the stairs! Now that you have no chance of return, we will let the games begin!”

15Facebook: “Yeah, they all look really deep.  There’s no chance we’d make it alive down there, much less to try to jump over this.”

Youtube: “Facebook, we’d have route problems trying to walk over a plate.  Of course we wouldn’t make it over this pit!”

Bear: “I KNEW I shoulda stayed in mah bed today!  Why’d yew have to convince me to tag along, Fancy?!”

16“I think you are starting to understand the severity of your situation!  That’s fantastic, so shall we begin?  This is going to be very simple for you.  All you have to do is step through that vault door behind you, then run around my special little maze, and try to find your way out!  Now isn’t that fun!  Simple and to the point!  And the best part is, not one of you are going to survive this!  Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic way to spend your last Halloween?!”

17Youtube: “There are going to be clowns in this maze, aren’t there!  Oh god, I always knew I was going to die at the hands of some clowns…”

Facebook: “She’s right, if I get to watch that happen, this IS going to be a fantastic way to spend this last Halloween!”

18Fancy: “Welp, if this is where I’m supposed to die, I’m glad ur heer wid me, Unca Bear.”

Bear: “Fancy, let go of mah arm, I didn’t agree to this!”

Happiness: “Well, I guess I have no choice anyway, I got to go find my cousin.  I can’t return home without her, I just can’t face my family without Jealousy.  And I definitely can’t face her family.  And there’s no way I’d be able to raise Wrath in her stead.  All those horrible jokes for the rest of my life… ughghgn…”

19Youtube: “S-so guys, who’s r-r-ready to do th-this?  L-let’s get this over wit-with and f-f-f-f-find our way out of this m-mess…”

Facebook: “I volunteer you go first, Youtube.”

Youtube: “S-seriously?!  I c-can’t, I’m not ex-ex-exactly the leader t-type, you know th-that Facebook, m-maybe you could lead the w-w-way instead, you’re b-b-braver than me…”

Fancy: “Oh, onna’ yall jus’ pick straws already.”

20“Oh, by the way, I’m gonna start dropping random tiles in the floor in here until you go.  A couple at a time.  So you know.  No rush.”

Fancy: “Oh hell.”

21Youtube: “Suddenly I found my leadership ability, let’s go guys!”

Bear: “Sure, leadership, more like it took scary monster girl to kick you in the butt.”

Happiness: “As long as he’s out of our way.”

22Facebook: “Ugh, it smells like dead ass down here.  Who sharted?”

Happiness: “She wasn’t kidding, this really is a maze, huh…  So far I only see two pathways, and the one on the right seems a bit shorter.  We can try that one, but if it leads no where, we can always come back and go down the one on the right…”

23Youtube: “Well what if we split up and go down both?  We’ll cover more ground that way and if we find something, we can call the other group on our cellphones.”

Fancy: “Our phones aren’t workin’ dude.  We don’t have any reception down heer.”

Bear: “That ‘n splitin’ up is the WORST possible idea to have atta’ time like this!  We stay together!  We don’t know wut’s down heer, ‘n that way none of us get lost ‘r hurt goin’ through this thing!  Yall understand?”

24Facebook: “Yeah yeah.  Don’t split up.  I got it.  That means that I AM going to split up with you guys.  Smell you losers later.”

Happiness: “What, but he said DON’T.”

Gengar: “I don’t know about you guys but Facebook might have a point.  Besides, the less we spend dawdling around with you guys, the quicker we are going to get through this thing, especially with Youtube and Bear blubbering about, scared to go through this thing.”

Bear: “I’m NOT scared.  Jus’ concerned ’bout Fancy, that’s all!”

Fancy: “Eh, I’m fine right now.”

Gengar: “Well, I’m going with Facebook, and we’re gonna go this way.  Scream if you find something.  Or scream if you get killed.  Make sure they’re both different types of screams though.  That way we know whether or not to come back or not.”

25Fancy: “Well they took the left path, so we should take the right!  Yall fellas ready to go?”

Youtube: “I d-don’t know, Fancy… maybe one or two of us should stay back in case the other two were to show back up.  Y-You know, act as a rendezvous point and all…”

Fancy: “Brilliant idea, Youtube!  Bear and Happiness, would you two stay behind and wait fur us?  See if Gengar and Facebook come back, and me and Youtube will go on ahead and check this passageway out!”

Youtube: “Shit.”



Fancy: “Well this way ‘n that way are jus’ dead ends apparently.  An’ I swear we’ve run into this grate twice already!  I think this passageway jus’ goes in a circle!”

27Youtube: “All we are doing are getting lost in here.  At this rate we are really going to die of starvation, I just know it!”

28Youtube: “Oh hey!  Fancy, check it out, I found another vault door!  I found the way out!”

Fancy: “Fantastic!  Open it up!”

Youtube: “I knew this wasn’t going to be some hard maze or something, I was right!”

29Fancy: “Hurry up, move, what’s out there?!”

Youtube: “I think it…it’s an entire room full of c-cowplants…”

30Fancy: “Huh?  Whut?!”

Youtube: “Fancy… please move and l-let me out… Fancy!  Move!”



Fancy: “Youtube?!  What happened?!  YOUTUBE!”


32Facebook: “Ah!  Why can’t you get it through your narrow little woman brain?!  I know where I’m going!”

Gengar: “We’ve been trailing around the same corridor for two hours!  How the hell have you not noticed that?!  You are getting us lost you idiot!  Get out of the way, I’M leading us this time!”

Facebook: “No way in hell are YOU leading us anywhere!  I can find us out of here without your help!  So just shut up and let me deal with this!”

33Gengar: “You know what, Facebook?!  Go screw yourself!  I don’t need to follow a dumbshit like you anyway!  You’re the reason we are going to get killed so I’m going to go this way, and you go some other way!  I’m going to find my own way out of here now!”

Facebook: “Oh yeah, go on and get yourself killed, that’s cool!  I’m not following some stupid girl to her certain doom anyway!  When you find that pit Jealousy’s splattered corpse is laying up in, don’t start lamenting me!  Don’t think, “I should have let that handsome, smart Facebook guy lead the way and save the day”, because you don’t deserve to!  Matter of fact, you aren’t even going to have time to think it, because you are going to be a splattered corpse yourself anyway!”

Gengar: “Yeah yeah, you rambling loser.  Later!”


34Happiness: “Oh man, did you hear that scream just now?!  I’m so scared, dude!”

Bear: “I sure hope it was jus’ Fancy’r someone!  But I hope she’s ok ‘n not hurt!  Oh gawd, her mama’d kill me if anything happened to ‘er!”

35Fancy: “Bear!  Happiness!  Oh thank gawd I found yall!  We got a major problem!”

36Happiness: “Heeey, good job!  You guessed it was Fancy and you were right!  You are good at this game!”

Bear: “I sure hope you don’t think this is some game anymore, Happiness.”

37Fancy: “I think ur right, Bear!  This ain’t a game anymore, I think Youtube’s been eaten by a herd of cowplants!  He walked into a room fulla’ dem, ‘n the door slammed shut behind him!  I couldn’t get the door back open!  I tried to stay to pry it open, but the screams went quiet ‘n I came back here, ‘n oh gawd, I think he’s dead!”

Bear: “I told everyone to stay put, ‘n now look!  There’s only three of us now!  Well what do you propose we do?!”

38Fancy: “We got to go back and try to save Youtube!  We can’t jus’ leave him in there, I mean, there might be a chance he’s still alive, ya’ know?”

Happiness: “Well do you remember which way it was?  If you can lead us back there, I think all three of us can get that door open!”

39Fancy: “Yeah!  I came in from this way!  Or… was it from heer?”

Happiness: “I could have sworn you took this corner on the way back, right?”

Bear: “Great, now we’re never going to find the room again, because I could have sworn you came in through that pathway.”

Fancy: “It’s got to be around here somewhere…”


40Gengar: “Stupid Facebook.  Probably still walking in circles like the dumbass he is.  Ugh, I’ve been walking for hours… and here is another damn room full of cowplants!  Why are these all over the place?!  Down here, they’re probably all starving too.  I’m not going in there!  Ugh, when I get home, Miltank is just going to have to go to the yard!”

41Gengar: “Huh?  Are those footprints?  They look all… bloody and stuff…”

42Gengar: “They lead to this doorway, huh… They might be Jealousy’s!  She’s probably injured, and she might have found a way out?  Could this be the way out?”

43Gengar: “Noo… this isn’t the exi… wait, it’s you!”

44Happiness: “Oh my goodness, it’s YOU!”

Bear and Fancy: “Yeah, but this ain’t the exit…”


Jealousy: “Wow, didn’t think I’d see you losers again.  She drop you guys too?  I don’t think so, you fuckers still look like all your bones are intact, so you probably willingly came down here.  You stupid passive bitches.”

46Happiness: “I’m so happy to see you are ok!  I came all the way down here to help find you, Jealousy, I’m just so grateful that you’re alive!”

Jealousy: “Yo, get OFF me you emotional prick!  I definitely don’t need you touching me.  Don’t make me knock you out!”

Fancy: “I never thought I’d see YEW alive again!  Wut happened?  That pit looked so deep!”


Jealousy: “Well I fell, obviously, you moron!  I think I cracked my skull on a pipe on the way down, but I think it broke my fall, because I landed on some wet dirt and survived just fine.  A little internal bleeding.  My seething rage and drive for revenge is what forced me out of that pit.  I’ve been crawling in and out of these tunnels for what feels like days, but neither the pipes nor these corridors have an end anywhere!  I’ve scoured this whole area up, down and inside out!  I don’t think there’s an exit!”

48Happiness: “Oh no… so what you’re saying is that this is utterly hopeless?  We’re going to be trapped down in here forever?!”

Bear: “I think so, but she’s also saying that she’s been through the whole area, so she knows more than we do!  Tell me, have you found anything that could be helpful, Jealousy?”

49Jealousy: “Now that I think of it, there was one room that I came across, that I thought was an exit for a second, but it just seemed so… easy.  I know an obvious trap when I see one, and that was definitely an obvious trap.  But it sticks in my head because it was the only room I’ve found so far that was different.”

Bear: “Then that’s the room we start in.  Do you remember exactly where it was?”

Jealousy: “I think so.  It’s not too far from here either, I think.”



51Facebook: “NOOOO!  OH GOD, DID THEY SEE ME… I don’t think they see me…”

52*Barking subsides*

Facebook: “Ok… cool… I think they’re gone… fucking dogs.  I should have taken Monty with me.  He would have saved me… dumb snake didn’t want to wear the Master Sword costume that I got for him though…”

53Facebook: “So what the hell is this room supposed to be?  There’s nothing in here except some stupid weird statue.  Fucking modern artists.  Carving stupid shit into stupid rocks.  Get a real job.  And stop trying to scare me.  Yeah.  You stupid statue.”

54Facebook: “Whatever, I’m out-what?!  Why’d the door shut on me?  Did it actually lock on me?!  What the hell?!”

55Facebook: “Oh… shit…”


56Jealousy: “Alright, we are here, this is the room I was talking about.”

Happiness: “Kinda sad that the person with brain hemorrhaging can find her way through the maze better than someone who was just in another room a few minutes before.”

Fancy: “Haha!  Yeah!  …Wait, wus that a shot at me?!”

57Fancy: “Hey look!  It’s an exit!  It’s an honest to gawd exit!  But what’s this in between?”

Happiness: “It looks like a pool!  It’s a really deep pool though, I can’t even see the bottom…”

Bear: “You’re right Jealousy.  A bottomless pool, an obvious exit, all the skulls and bones everywhere… this is a pretty obvious trap somehow.”

58Jealousy: “Yep, I didn’t fall for it.  I already fell in one pit before, I don’t need the water to drain out on me while crossing this thing, or it turn out to be gasoline, or the exit’s just painted on the wall on the other end…”

Bear: “Well, I don’t know about all that, but that does look like a legit exit.  I can smell the ocean from here and I hear birds.  I’m going to try to cross this pool and check it out, and I want you guys to hang back here and make a break for it if something were to happen, ok?”

59Happiness: “Bear, you sure about this?!  What if something were to happen?”

Fancy: “Trust me, if any’uh us could survive a trap like this, it’s my Unca Bear!  There he goes!”

Jealousy: “There goes a brave man.  Much braver than you, Happiness.”

60Jealousy: “So far so good… go slowly and try not to ripple the water too much as to not set anything off…”

Happiness: “I think he’s going to make it after all!  Maybe it’s not a trap!”

61Bear: “Huh, so far so good…”


Bear: “OH shit, that scared me a little bit.  Well that was a bit rude.”

63Happiness: “Jealousy was right after all, it’s a bust.  Darn, and I was starting to think Bear would get through.”

Fancy: “That’s a down right shame, right there.”

Jealousy: “Yeah… Bear, hurry up and get back, something’s still strange about this pool…”

64Bear: “Alright, coming back.”

Happiness: “Hurry Bear, we’ll try another area or somethin-”


Happiness: “Bear?  BEAR!!”


Spooky Holloween Story Time!

It’s almost that time of the year again, and who wants to hear a good horror story a couple weeks early?!  You know you do!  I got a really good horror story to tell you kids today so sit around and listen very carefully!  It goes a little something like this:







Let’s Patch! With Miss Miserie

jkllOh lookie loo!  Yet another update for my wonky as hell game!  Maybe this one will aid in the weird crashes and freezes I keep getting for reasons that seem to keep changing on me!  One can only hope!

whathafuckOh what’s this?  202 MB for the patch?  At a 11 KB PER SECOND RATE?!







What’s Good Mah Sistahs and Brothahs?

I haven’t updated the Fallen family in over a month and  I do apologize but I have reasons.  I’ve come to the realization that my game is broken again, this time it freezes up whenever I need to do something in buy mode/CAS/town mode and I have to force quit it, and since 60% of gameplay involves changing the color of various bookshelves and toilets on the lot, it’s not going very well for my legacies at the moment.  I don’t know if it was a recent patch or a funny CC download, despite the fact that it was acting fine before since the last time either of that has happened… so I don’t know.